I look back and I think,
I realise then I blink.
You’ve been oh-so-wonderful,
You’ve been consistently faithful.
You’ve been good to me on and over again,
Notwithstanding all I’ve put you through, even the pain.
You’ve been there at my side in the darkest of nights,
You’ve given me hope, you’re my shining light,
The courage to press on no matter what,
Oh! am I that you’re my lot.

I look back and think,
I reflect and blink.
You’ve been faithful from ages past,
That is why your praises in my mouth will last,
You’ve proven yourself over and again,
Although from me you have nothing to gain.
In you, therefore, I will put my trust,
It’s no longer an option, but a must.

I will put my hope in you,
I put my faith in you,
I put my trust in you,
It’s the only thing I can do.

I’ll dance like I’ve got diamonds braided in my hair,
Cause I know:
God’s got me!