Beads of perspiration rolled down my forehead. Huge rolls of wetness travelled down from the nape of my neck tickling my back.
I looked up; heads bent with pens dancing over the booklets on their desks, my mates wrote onto their examination scripts.

Maria, you can do this.

I told myself, and looked down at the question paper all over again

Question 1. Elucidate critically the balance of power system.

I knew this question, I’d read the topic over and again, I’d even read it on my way to the examination hall!

Think Maria, think. You know this

I pressed the index and middle fingers of both hands against my temple, I was beginning to have a headache.

“1 hour left” an invigilator called out from only God knows where.

Oh God!

 I began to panic, I wouldn’t be able to write enough in less than an hour’s time, suddenly fear held my chest in an icy grip and began to squeeze. I couldn’t breathe well. Soon enough my breath started coming in short gasps.

Oh God, no! Please not now.

I thought to myself as I realised what was happening.

My heart was hammering against my chest, my head was banging against my skull, my breathing became more laboured by the minute, my eyes were spinning with patches of white dancing at the edges of my vision, I also realised sadly that I was drenched all-over with perspiration. 

The last thought that passed through my mind as I slid off my desk onto the cool marble floor wasn’t even the telephone call I’d received right before I came into the examination hall, which had caused me to be a nervous wreck. No, it was the fact that I’d not just had a panic attack in school, but I’d also managed successfully to pass out too.

Look on the bright side,  a voice in my subconscious said, you’ll be allowed to re-sit the paper this way.


A/N: Hey guys! Its been awhile, this idea just struck me and I decided to share. What do you think about it? Im open to ideas, comments, suggestions and criticism. If/when next I am to update this particular piece, I’ll name the article Random #1.1, so look out for it! If you don’t see it that means I’ve probably put this idea in the recycle bin in my head.

So lemme educate you guys on my style of posting stuff so that you don’t get lost. Any random idea that I get and feel like sharing with you guys will have the heading: Random, so my next random idea will be Random 2 and the one after that Random 3, it could be a poem that I haven’t got a title for yet or a prose, in the event that Im to continue the random prose idea the continuations will be named -using Random 1 for instance, other continuations will be Random 1.1, Random 1.2, Random 1.3 etc. The thing about random ideas is that they have low possibility of continuation. If I’m to share a story that doesn’t have a title yet, the heading is gonna be #EXP 1, other continuations of that story will be #EXP 1.1, #EXP 1.2 and so on. #EXP stories are stories that I plan on updating often.

Hope you’re not too confused, thanks for giving me your time.

🍔 Cheeseburger out.


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