I saw this picture and was like: oh God! So true. I’ve read about many people who started writing and only their family members or very close friends knew and they didn’t let more people know because they were scared of external criticisms or they were scared of being judged, or being told they weren’t good enough, or they were too shy to show people what they could do. There are some writers who have enough self-confidence and can show off their works to anybody at any time. There are so many different stories of different writers or would-be writers that I’ve been oppurtune to see, to read and to understand. So I also want to share my story.

I’ve always had a passion for stories and story telling. In fact, you can’t ask me a question and expect me to give you a straight answer, I have to tell you the story, that’s just me. I vividly remember my last year of primary school when myself and my seat-partners made up this story of humans with the ability to turn to animals and titled it Transformation-Ex, it was so cool at the time and we wanted to put our awesome idea on paper; the project was never fully executed, we started and stopped many times till we just forgot it, but if you ever ask for my earliest memory as a writer, that’s it.                                                    

I started secondary school and there came a time when I got myself a book and put any story-worthy idea in it, one day I left my book about carelessly and someone picked it up and read it, then the person came to me and asked: “Did you write this? All by yourself?” I answered yes. “Wow, it’s really nice” she said. Her reaction to what she just read had other people asking to read it also, probably so they could pass off judgement on it too or maybe just to see what was so nice about it; you never really know with human beings.

I wrote many drafts and manuscripts after that I never really told anyone about, I just wrote for me, not for anyone else.

I see my write-ups as a piece of me, a part of my soul and being, and the reason why I never gave my work to anyone was simply because it was too private. I can’t sit with you or watch you as you read or analyse or assess anything I’ve done, it makes me feel naked, it’s like you have been given an all-access ticket into my being, and you are seeing me in my most raw form. This sometimes makes it difficult for me to share my art with others.

I believe that what makes a write-up- or any piece of art- excellent is the place its coming from. Pieces of work that come straight from the heart, pure and undiluted are usually the best. So each time I write I give off a piece of me, a part of my soul, I let you in to my being, and give you a chance to see things from my point of view and that, for me is to be stripped bare.

A/N: BAM! I did it again. 

So this piece was a little more close to my soul than most, and I don’t really have anything to write in my author’s note today, asides a piece of advice for you beautiful people out there which is that you endeavour to find your God-given talent and use it.

✌ Peace Yo!

🍔 Cheeseburger out.