Apparently people aren’t exactly apt to greeting or familiarising with other people especially when they’re dressed in orange overalls as they sweep the streets.

The first person I recognised and greeted merely managed a quick wave before running off to wherever. The next was a group of people from my secondary school, twins Osareme and Osaretin and their cousin Juliet. They were the wanna-be’s back then always following the cool girls up and down and giving them everybody’s gist, they were allowed to stick around and basically act as servant girls for them. Spiteful, hateful and hateable gossips, they could never keep their mouths shut or mind their own business. 

“I knew it, I told you it was her” Juliet said as I looked up when she called my name. They obviously hadn’t changed one bit in the 2 years we’d been apart for and didn’t want to believe that I was studying Geography in the university and I was rendering community service. As their car sped off I heard them squealing and laughing at my expense, probably thinking that I was a sanitation worker. 

The most painful experience that day was with one of my brother’s friends who I had a crush on. He was probably going home from work with a friend who was riding in the car with him, without thinking about it I waved him from where I was, temporarily forgetting my present state and circumstance. He didn’t even acknowledge me, he merely turned his face away and didn’t look in my direction again, and I was 101% sure that he’d seen me. 

We made eye contact for Chrissake! 

That experience had me feeling very awful, a different shade of embarrassed and a particularly bright hue of hurt. He didn’t greet me back because he was ashamed of me, he was ashamed of me because I was sweeping the streets. But there is more to me than a community service project. Why didn’t he greet back? It wasn’t like I was dressed indecently, I was only in orange overalls. A person is a person after all. 

My community service experience humbled me in more ways than I would ever have thought possible, it made me realise that there is a kind of stigma attached to people who do menial jobs like cleaners, gatemen, and the like. So ever since then I always take care to greet these people. Nobody should be belittled when trying to make a honest living that is morally acceptable. 

So let this be a lesson to one and to all; a person is a person no matter how small -Dr Seuss. 


So it’s a new week, positive vibes only, don’t let anyone bring you down and remember you are in charge of your own happiness. Walk in grace and favour. 

🍔 Cheeseburger 


My Philosophy 

I am a modern day philosopher. Fact. 

Just like those of old, I think about problems of life and ask certain questions and I find answers and propound theories for myself, of course not all questions can be answered. I’m fine with that, I commit it to God then move on to the next one. 

I believe that you have the answer to every single question you have ever asked in this life within you. You are the answer to your questions, the solution to your problems, all you need do is consult God and ask him to guide you to those answers and you will see them as bright as day, as clear as crystal. 

I have never thought as much about life and all the other things involving it as I have in the past year, I believe exposure does that to you. Exposure makes you see the world as it truly is and in your struggle to understand life and find your place you begin to, whether consciously or unconsciously philosophise. My own form of exposure was when I went to the university, and sometimes when the pressure and everything else became too much I’d wish I was a child again. I have a philosophy about childhood too. 

Ah, childhood!

A land with no worries, no pressure, no stress, pure bliss. And what exactly makes childhood bliss?


It was the time you did not know, if you did know, then you did not understand, even if you understood, it was only to some extent. 

I can’t ever be a child again, I can’t ever be as ignorant as I was back then. 

Do I even want to be ignorant all over again? 

Knowledge is power, they most commonly say. I want to be powerful. But absolute power corrupts absolutely, power corrupts, power kills. Knowledge is power. Knowledge corrupts. Knowledge kills. 

Sometimes you know and know and know too much, it becomes a burden. Sometimes knowledge kills hope, it kills dreams. Because you are so smart and wise and learned, you know how whatever will most likely play out and soon you are bereft of hope, or any assurance that it will work out. 

Should we then not get knowledge to save ourselves from all these? Should we remain in ignorance? 

No. The Bible says in all your gettings, get understanding. I believe understanding is needed to balance the equation and make knowledge profitable; wisdom also, the Bible tells us to apply our hearts to wisdom. 

Wisdom. Knowledge. Understanding. 

They all go hand in hand. 



As an African child, greeting people, especially elders is one of the very first things you learn at home, girls are taught to kneel down to greet elders, while boys are to prostrate, lying flat on the ground. Westernisation has, however, brought into the mix a new, more formal, and dare I say sophisticated style of greeting, involving a slight bend of the knees in what I call a semi-courtesy when girls are greeting elders, while boys, instead of lying flat, merely bend their heads as a sign of respect. When greeting friends or acquaintances, a smile, wave or even a mere nod of the head, with or without the ‘Hello’and ‘Hi’ is all it takes. 

I’m pretty heavy on greetings most times, as long as your face looks familiar and you’re well dressed, I don’t mind greeting you, and I appreciate being greeted also, if you greet me, it’s imperative I greet you back. God knows I dislike it when people don’t greet me back, in fact dislike is too weak a word to describe the feeling. I mean, why will someone go through the pains of looking at you, actually seeing you, acknowledging you and do you the greatest honour by greeting you, and you won’t greet back?! That’s totally unacceptable. 

A day I will never forget was on my community service day, my lecturer for Environmental Studies made it compulsory that we all render community service in the area, in fact he made the community service our CA, so ‘no community service; no CA for you’ he’d said.

My form of community service was to sweep the streets for a whole day, from 6am to 6pm. Someone had managed to get LAWMA involved so I was going to be wearing orange overalls on that day. 

Oh, joy! 

On said day I took my broom and dust pan and began sweeping down the Ojota road, which was my designated area. God knows, those LAWMA people are trying. It was so annoying! One second you’ve cleared the sand and the rubbish and in the next some random idiot throws a Gala wrapper or whatnot right where you just swept.

‘Somebody tell me what happened to ‘Keep Lagos Clean?!’ 

The dust, sand and heat made me cough and sneeze, and in next to no time my throat was parched to say the least; my eyes were watering and my mouth tasted like sand and felt like sandpaper, I probably sweated enough to fill a GeePee tank that day, the orange overalls stuck to my bare skin in places which weren’t covered by the old clothes I’d worn underneath. 

But that wasn’t the worst of it. Not at all.


Is it just me or does this feel like a cliff hanger :p if it does though, I’ll update part 2 next Sunday. 

So, it’s a new week. Don’t forget to set your goals and walk into every day with a positive mindset hoping for the best. So my next post is this Friday. 


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I learnt from a TV show that most teenagers and youths face the problem of identity as they develop, and there is, in fact, a study of this struggle in modern day psychology. I heaved a sigh of relief when I found this out. 

So there is nothing wrong with me!

Sometimes, I just get confused over the most untrivial things because I am not sure as to whether it is a true reflection of myself or not. 

At some point in my life, I was totally confused on how to sign my name in informal letters or texts. I couldn’t put my full name-Oluwamurewa, it’s just too long and I only spell my name out like that for formal purposes, so I was stuck with either Murray (my secondary school pseudonym), Murewa or Mure (further shortened versions of my name) and believe you me, I could spend over 10 minutes staring at my phone screen after haven typed my text, pondering which form of my name was best to adopt. 

The problem of identity takes various forms in various people, but one thing I’ve learnt from a very great Friend of mine is to first get it right with God, then get it right with my conscience. 

Do you and be proud of it! 


Hi there guys, I promised and delivered! I’m so proud of myself, I’m going to be updating my blog every Friday and Sunday, so feel free to hit the link this Sunday and expect something new. 

I’ve realised its kind of hard to comment on WordPress posts when using browsers sometimes, it’s usually best to use the app, so if you’ve ever had trouble commenting on any of my posts, my apologies. I’d really love to hear from my readers, so if anyone wants to contact me you can send me messages by email (newmure@yahoo.com)

Adios muchachos (is that correct Spanish? *shrugs* Dunno) 

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“Dupe, I hope you’ve packed all your stuff” her older sister Lade asked her as she sat on her bed. 

“Yes Lade. Oh my God, I’m going to be recognised as an undergraduate from now on” Dupe gushed. 

Lade smiled then sat by her, Dupe leaned her head against her sister’s shoulder “I am so nervous, I don’t even know why”

“Fear of the unknown?” Lade asked. 

“Maybe, I dunno, like… what if I mess up or something happens and I become wayward or–”

Lade’s laughter cut her off “You have to remember, you and you alone are responsible for the fulfilment of your destiny, you are responsible for your actions, you either make or mar your life. And God, don’t forget God”

“I know, I know, but… ”

“But nothing o, Dupe. Always pray to God and he will direct you in all you do. And don’t also forget to plan your life, and have goals set”

“Ohhh, that goal setting thing, our secondary school teachers were always yapping about it, I never bothered myself with it and I always topped my class”

“Secondary school is different from university, they say if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Set your goals and make sure that they are S.M.A.R.T”

“How do I make my goals smart?”

“Not smart as in the word, it’s an acronym. Specific. Measurable. Accurate. Realistic and Time-Bound”

“Oh-kay, you mean that I should set specific goals and I should measure my progress regularly and with accuracy, I must make sure they are realistic and must be achieved within a specific time frame?”

“You garrit” Lade said with a smile as she stroked her younger sister’s hair “I usually set goals for the week and for the month, then when the time is up I assess myself. If I get everything done I usually treat myself to a snack, if not, I pray to God to help me improve”

“Hmmn, that’s cool, no wonder you’re such a genius. I’ll start to imitate your style,  don’t worry”

“Good, it’s late already, why don’t you go to bed. You have a long day ahead tomorrow”

Hey guys! It’s a new season, new session, new semester and goal setting is an important tool for success, and dont ever forget to pray. 

I’m back in school. Yay! Work, play and stress in an awesome combo. 

I’ll try my best to be updating on Sundays and Fridays from now on, let’s all wait and see. So feel free to hit the link of my blog and find something new this Friday. 


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When it seems,  

Like the world is falling apart at its seams, 

And there is no where to go, 

No where to turn,

No where to run, 

Nothing left to do. 

When it seems,  

Like all the light rays and beams, 
In your life have been put out,

Groping around in the dark, 

You can’t see cause it’s pitch black, 

And there’s no one to help you out. 

When it seems,

Like all your achievements and dreams, 

Have come to naught, 

In vain are all those times you walked the walk, 

Or talked the talk, 

And now with gloom and despair you are fraught. 

So, my friend, when it seems, 

Like the world is falling apart at its seams, 

Brace up. Man up. Show up, 

And cling to every last bit of hope,

Because: we’re not Agents of Nothing… 

We’re Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D .


The post SEAMS first appeared on Murewa


Hi people, I’m back!!! I just love poetry, it just has this thing that soothes the inner recesses of my soul. Sigh. 

I’m so sorry for going AWOL,  I’m going to try to be more consistent with my blog from now on. That aside… Arrow is back!!!!  Happy dance anyone? I have waited for months. Yay! Okay I’m done with my author’s note for today. 

Bye ya.

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