“Dupe, I hope you’ve packed all your stuff” her older sister Lade asked her as she sat on her bed. 

“Yes Lade. Oh my God, I’m going to be recognised as an undergraduate from now on” Dupe gushed. 

Lade smiled then sat by her, Dupe leaned her head against her sister’s shoulder “I am so nervous, I don’t even know why”

“Fear of the unknown?” Lade asked. 

“Maybe, I dunno, like… what if I mess up or something happens and I become wayward or–”

Lade’s laughter cut her off “You have to remember, you and you alone are responsible for the fulfilment of your destiny, you are responsible for your actions, you either make or mar your life. And God, don’t forget God”

“I know, I know, but… ”

“But nothing o, Dupe. Always pray to God and he will direct you in all you do. And don’t also forget to plan your life, and have goals set”

“Ohhh, that goal setting thing, our secondary school teachers were always yapping about it, I never bothered myself with it and I always topped my class”

“Secondary school is different from university, they say if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Set your goals and make sure that they are S.M.A.R.T”

“How do I make my goals smart?”

“Not smart as in the word, it’s an acronym. Specific. Measurable. Accurate. Realistic and Time-Bound”

“Oh-kay, you mean that I should set specific goals and I should measure my progress regularly and with accuracy, I must make sure they are realistic and must be achieved within a specific time frame?”

“You garrit” Lade said with a smile as she stroked her younger sister’s hair “I usually set goals for the week and for the month, then when the time is up I assess myself. If I get everything done I usually treat myself to a snack, if not, I pray to God to help me improve”

“Hmmn, that’s cool, no wonder you’re such a genius. I’ll start to imitate your style,  don’t worry”

“Good, it’s late already, why don’t you go to bed. You have a long day ahead tomorrow”

Hey guys! It’s a new season, new session, new semester and goal setting is an important tool for success, and dont ever forget to pray. 

I’m back in school. Yay! Work, play and stress in an awesome combo. 

I’ll try my best to be updating on Sundays and Fridays from now on, let’s all wait and see. So feel free to hit the link of my blog and find something new this Friday. 


🍔 Cheeseburger out.


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