I learnt from a TV show that most teenagers and youths face the problem of identity as they develop, and there is, in fact, a study of this struggle in modern day psychology. I heaved a sigh of relief when I found this out. 

So there is nothing wrong with me!

Sometimes, I just get confused over the most untrivial things because I am not sure as to whether it is a true reflection of myself or not. 

At some point in my life, I was totally confused on how to sign my name in informal letters or texts. I couldn’t put my full name-Oluwamurewa, it’s just too long and I only spell my name out like that for formal purposes, so I was stuck with either Murray (my secondary school pseudonym), Murewa or Mure (further shortened versions of my name) and believe you me, I could spend over 10 minutes staring at my phone screen after haven typed my text, pondering which form of my name was best to adopt. 

The problem of identity takes various forms in various people, but one thing I’ve learnt from a very great Friend of mine is to first get it right with God, then get it right with my conscience. 

Do you and be proud of it! 


Hi there guys, I promised and delivered! I’m so proud of myself, I’m going to be updating my blog every Friday and Sunday, so feel free to hit the link this Sunday and expect something new. 

I’ve realised its kind of hard to comment on WordPress posts when using browsers sometimes, it’s usually best to use the app, so if you’ve ever had trouble commenting on any of my posts, my apologies. I’d really love to hear from my readers, so if anyone wants to contact me you can send me messages by email (newmure@yahoo.com)

Adios muchachos (is that correct Spanish? *shrugs* Dunno) 

🍔 Cheeseburger out. 



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