My Philosophy 

I am a modern day philosopher. Fact. 

Just like those of old, I think about problems of life and ask certain questions and I find answers and propound theories for myself, of course not all questions can be answered. I’m fine with that, I commit it to God then move on to the next one. 

I believe that you have the answer to every single question you have ever asked in this life within you. You are the answer to your questions, the solution to your problems, all you need do is consult God and ask him to guide you to those answers and you will see them as bright as day, as clear as crystal. 

I have never thought as much about life and all the other things involving it as I have in the past year, I believe exposure does that to you. Exposure makes you see the world as it truly is and in your struggle to understand life and find your place you begin to, whether consciously or unconsciously philosophise. My own form of exposure was when I went to the university, and sometimes when the pressure and everything else became too much I’d wish I was a child again. I have a philosophy about childhood too. 

Ah, childhood!

A land with no worries, no pressure, no stress, pure bliss. And what exactly makes childhood bliss?


It was the time you did not know, if you did know, then you did not understand, even if you understood, it was only to some extent. 

I can’t ever be a child again, I can’t ever be as ignorant as I was back then. 

Do I even want to be ignorant all over again? 

Knowledge is power, they most commonly say. I want to be powerful. But absolute power corrupts absolutely, power corrupts, power kills. Knowledge is power. Knowledge corrupts. Knowledge kills. 

Sometimes you know and know and know too much, it becomes a burden. Sometimes knowledge kills hope, it kills dreams. Because you are so smart and wise and learned, you know how whatever will most likely play out and soon you are bereft of hope, or any assurance that it will work out. 

Should we then not get knowledge to save ourselves from all these? Should we remain in ignorance? 

No. The Bible says in all your gettings, get understanding. I believe understanding is needed to balance the equation and make knowledge profitable; wisdom also, the Bible tells us to apply our hearts to wisdom. 

Wisdom. Knowledge. Understanding. 

They all go hand in hand. 


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