And that’s how my life turned to a mystery novel today. No jokes.

I’d found out that Trump had won the election about 7 hours ago when I was on my way to my 10 o’clock class. I was currently on my bed looking at various Instagram posts humorously foretelling the future of Blacks residing in America. I then saw Tywse’s post on his page, I’d started following him the previous day and I went to his page to continue watching his videos from where I’d stopped. 

At some point I couldn’t take the laughter by myself, someone had to watch the videos with me, Twyse is just too funny. I went to the next room and called Debby to watch the videos with me, we stood in the doorway as we watched the videos on my phone. Amiee, Debby’s roommate then brought a plate of chips and ketchup to us and told us to scoop. When we were done with the chips I excused myself to wash my hands, I went to my room, carried a bowl of water then went outside, dropping my phone on the railing, I rinsed my hand. I went back in to drop the bowl but saw the tangerine I’d bought earlier in the day, I picked it up, took another bowl of water and went out to rinse it, my hand was now wet and I didn’t want to pick up my phone with it, I peeled my tangerine and went over to the common room to dispose of it.

“I want tangerine” Tosin said as she saw my hands. I cut a bit and gave to her.

“Ire, me nko?” Mimi asked, I walked further into the common room to where she was sitted and gave it to her, I popped what was left of the tangerine into my mouth and spat out the seeds into the bin, then I went back to my room, I turned to pick my phone up from where I’d dropped it. Alas! It wasn’t there. Someone was playing a cruel joke. It was missing.

And I was going to find out who dunnit.


Hey guys, TGIF like whaaaat? So I decided to write a mystery for once and I’ll break it into 3 parts so I’ll be updating throughout the weekend as in Friday, Saturday and Sunday, because it’s Who Dunnit weekend. Yay!!! God knows I love me a good mystery.

So my next post is coming in tomorrow. 


🍔 Cheeseburger out.



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