Oya who took my phone” I said, entering Debby’s room.

“Isn’t it with you? Shebi you were using it to watch videos just now?” Amiee said looking up from whatever she was doing.

“Amen, are you sure its not with you?” I asked.



Ever since I caught and exposed her stealing Kelechi’s water on her way to the toilet 3 weeks ago, we’d been at loggerheads. Before I caught her, I was the no. 1 person who used to steal Kelechi’s water, having someone else steal from Kelechi on a day I wasn’t actually stealing her water was an added advantage I fully exploited that night. Amen had tried to get back at me, the next week when I entered her room, herself and Amiee had carried me out by my hands and legs, ever since then I made it my duty to antagonise her in any way possible.

“Ire, don’t disturb me, its not with me” she said looking up from her phone.

“But you were rinsing your hand when I went to the common room, how can it not be you?”

“Oooohhhh, you this girl you’ve come again. I didn’t take your phone, why don’t you ask Debby, she was using the phone with you”





Debby has been a major recipient of my pranks since the beginning of the semester and I’ve been teasing her an awful lot lately, she might want to get even by playing a prank of her own in return. 

“Debby are you with my phone?” she was in the next room gisting with Ngozi 

“No nah isn’t it with you?” Debby replied. 

“I dropped it on the railing when I was rinsing my hand and it’s not there any more” I replied. 

“Wait, it’s not like you left it in our room you even dropped it on the railing” Aimee said from her room window

“Yes, I dropped it when I went to throw my tangerine peels away” I answered re-entering her room “Did you take it?” 




Asides constantly disturbing her, there was a time at the beginning of the semester that I carried some clothes out of her wardrobe and put them in an empty wardrobe two rooms away from hers, this would be a very good way for her to get back at me. 

“No, I’ve not left the room at all” she replied. 

“Are you sure?” I asked, she rolled her eyes at me and picked a book off her table to read. 

Where could the phone be? Think Ire think. 

I stepped into my room “Leah, I can’t find my phone” I said to my roommate 

“What?! How come?”she exclaimed 

“I left it on the railing” I said

“Why? Are you sure they’ve not stolen it like this?”

My heart skipped a beat “God forbid, don’t say that”

“Okay, sorry but, it’s missing, what’s the guarantee that it will come back?” I scratched my eye as I always did when I got nervous “I dunno” I began not so sure of myself anymore. My laptop had been stolen last semester, it was just like this when it first got missing till I never set my eyes on it again.

I gulped audibly. Oh God, please have mercy. 

“It can’t be stolen” I said, and even I didn’t have much faith in my own words any more “It can’t be stolen, somebody is playing a prank”

“Wasn’t that what we said when Tunde’s phone got missing last year?” 

“Leah!” I exclaimed “stop it you’re scaring me here”

“I’m sorry, but you can never be too sure”

I pressed my fingers against the sides of my head, a cold feeling was developing in my chest and I didn’t like it at all. I closed my eyes and tried to think of the people that passed my room in those few minutes, even if the phone was stolen- which it wasn’t, it couldn’t have gone far. I remembered seeing Angelique and Niyi walking down the corridor.




Fortunately, I haven’t pranked Niyi before, at least not consciously, and I can’t think up a reason for her to have taken my phone. 

“Wait a sec, where is Niyi, she was walking down the corridor around that time” I asked Leah.

“Dunno, I heard her say she wanted to loosen her hair, so you think it’s with Niyi?”

“Yes, maybe she saw it and helped me keep it”


Leah’s Angel of Doom talk was most appreciably cut off as Angelique entered the room “Hey guys” she said. 

I heaved a sigh of relief “Angelique, I was about to come looking for you”

“What’s up?” she asked 




Angelique is one of the coolest people I know, as in she personifies the expression cool as a cucumber. Hmmn, maybe she was a cucumber in her past life *facepalm* what am I saying? I can’t think up and reason as to why Angelique would take my phone though. 

“I’m looking for my phone, did you by any chance help me see it as you were walking down the corridor?”

“No, I haven’t seen it, I even came here to ask for the key to the toilet” Angelique replied. 

I picked up the key and handed it to her “Niyi” I said “the phone must be with Niyi, she must have seen it and kept it for me, where is Niyi?”

“But, what if the phone isn’t with Niyi? What will you do then?” Leah who was always pointing out the bright side of every situation asked. 

“The phone must be with Niyi. Where is Niyi” I asked no one in particular as I stepped out of my room.

“Funminiyi!” I shouted as I stepped into the corridor “Niyi where are you?”


Dun! Dun!! Dun!!! 

Niyi better be with that phone sha.
Hey guys! How’s your weekend going? Mine is so stressful I want to cry. From meetings to notes and assignments and other stuff, I’m so tired, but I just had to post this ’cause I love you guys.

Next post tomorrow, don’t forget to A.N.T.I.C.I.P.A.T.E

🍔 Cheeseburger out. 



  1. philip Tari says:

    This piece had me smiling. Detective Ire on the case. She’d better find her phone. Anyways, I have a feeling this is going to have a funny ending. Can’t wait
    For the next update. Keep it up mure

    Liked by 1 person

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