Turns out the phone wasn’t with Niyi. 

“Have you called it?” she asked from where she sat on the floor in Ofure’s room as Ofure used a blade on the weave-on sewed to her head, I had just narrated the whole story to her and my heart was beating extra fast, I hadn’t gotten to the end of the Twyse video I was watching for Chrissake!

“No, it’s on vibration” I answered crestfallen. 

“Doesn’t matter nah, you can still call it and open your ears very well, even vibration has sound” Ofure said not taking her eyes off Niyi’s hair.

“Here, use my phone” said Niyi, stretching out the phone to me. I called my line and it started ringing, carefully I made my way to where all the madness had started- Debby’s room “Have you seen it?” Aimee and Amen asked as I entered the room.

“No, I’m calling it right now” I said as I did a quick scan of the room and stepped out. It didn’t seem to be there, I moved on to my room, soft music met my ears as I entered, but it was coming from Leah’s phone. 

“I’m calling my phone” I said as I strained my ears for any sign of vibration. 

Nothing. This was already frustrating. 

I went back to Niyi feeling depressed and returned her phone to her.

I didn’t feel like going back to my room, I went to my other neighbour’s room instead. I couldn’t function well without knowing where my phone was and I wasn’t ready to deal with any pessimism from Leah. I said a quick prayer to God for the speedy recovery of my phone as I entered Taiye’s room. 

“Taiye, I’m looking for my phone” I told my friend before plopping down on her bed. 

“Your phone? I saw it with somebody outside your room a few minutes ago” Mo said before Taiye could even reply, I immediately shot up from where I sat.

“Who?” I asked eagerly. 

Mo scratched her head “I can’t remember, was it… I dunno” 

“Hey Ire, this is where you are sef,can I borrow your rollers?” Jane asked poking her head into Taiye’s room. 

“No problem, it’s in my table drawer” I answered dismissively, my mind reeling at the new piece of information. 

“I think it was Niyi or Angelique that I saw with your phone, I just can’t remember who, it was one of them sha” Mo said as Jane left, her face scrunched up in her thinking pose “I’m not sure, I don’t know whether it was Niyi or Angelique, but… I dunno” 

“Thanks Ire” Jane said stepping back into the room with my bag of bending rollers “Ehehn, Ire come and send the pictures that we snapped in class to me” 

“I can’t find my phone” I said to her. 

“Ahahn, isn’t it on your table?” Jane asked. 

“No, I left it on the railing, and I can find it” I replied. 

“No. It’s on your table, I just saw it now” Jane insisted and without pausing walked out of Taiye’s room into mine. 

“Isn’t this the phone?” 

My heart stuttered, Jane had never looked more beautiful standing in the doorway to Taiye’s room, holding my phone in her hand. 

“My God! Where did you see it” 

“It was on your table nah” Jane replied. 

I took the phone from her and went back to my room. My last roommate- Chika was sitting on her bunk. 

“Hey Chika, when did you come in?” I asked. 

“I saw you when you went to Ofure’s room to meet Niyi”

“Oh” I answered “Leah my phone came back” 

“Did it travel before?” Chika asked.

“It’s been missing for about 15 minutes now, abeg who entered this room this evening?”

“Where did you find it?” Leah asked. 

“Jane found it on my table just now, please you guys who entered this room” I said. 

“Umm, Angelique entered to return the toilet key, but she didn’t get to your table, she only entered gave me the key and stepped out” Chika said.

“Are you sure it was only Angelique that entered?”

Angelique? But I’ve already asked her about it, something just doesn’t add up here, something fundamental is missing, I can feel it. Something smells fishy

“Yes nah, we’re the only ones in the room” Chika said. 

“Are you sure you know nothing about my phone’s disappearance?” I said looking her straight in the eye.




I tease people a lot and Chika has been a major recipient of my taunts since we became roommates. 

“First off, I’d like to call you a shidiot because I wasn’t even in the room when your phone got missing, and why will I even take your phone?”

I laughed at the shidiot comment “I dunno why you will take my phone, that’s why I’m asking to be sure, anyways I’m sorry, but one last thing. Now are you trying to say that before God and man, you know nothing about the disappearance of my phone”

“No, before God and man I  know nothing” Chika replied instantly. 

“Leah, before God and man you nothing about the disappearance and reappearance of my phone” I directed the statement at Chika’s bunkmate.

“What kind of useless question is this? Your phone was found, and instead of you to go and think of being careful you are disturbing me” Leah answered. 

“I’m sorry, but I’m doing this because I know you are a God fearing person and I have to be sure of the person that took my phone so that I can conclude my investigation, I will not make you swear because Jesus categorically told us not to, but before God and man you know nothing about the disappearance and reappearance  of my phone ”

“Leave me alone joor” Leah said turning away from me. 

“No I can’t, I need you to answer”

“But you have found the phone, for all its worth you carelessly forgot it on your table”

“Yes but–

*sniff sniff* the fishy smell. 

“Leah, what aren’t you telling me” I finally found the missing piece of the puzzle. 

“Ehn?” she asked feigning ignorance. 

“What do you know about the disappearance of my phone?” I asked again. 

“Let’s go and meet Niyi” Leah said standing up. 

“Leah… ”

Shebi you want to know what happened to your phone, let’s go and meet Niyi” 

Leah led us (Chika, Taiye, Jane and me) 4 rooms down from ours to Ofure’s room. 

“Niyi, Ire wants me to swear as to whether or not I took her phone” Leah said as we walked in. 

“C’mon, don’t be silly, I’ll never ask you to swear” I countered. “I just wanted you to assure me before God and man that you know nothing about the disappearance and reappearance of my phone and you couldn’t”

“It was me” Niyi said “you left it about carelessly on the railing, so I gave it to Leah to hold on to it”

“We wanted to punish you for your carelessness and teach you a lesson so as not to do that next time” Leah continued. 

So that’s why she was epitomising an Angel of Doom throughout and scaring me shitless

“That’s why I was playing music when you were calling it so that I will drown the sound of the vibration” Leah continued. 

I couldn’t even reply. I had been played and I watched with eyes wide open as I realised Who Dunnit.


I can barely keep my eyes open right now I just had to type this and finish it.  Who Dunnit Yay! Oh my God, I’m so sleepy right now. 

Happy New Week Guys. Please only engage in productive stuff and use your time wisely. Go in grace and favour. 

My next post will be due on Friday. 


🍔 Cheeseburger. 




  1. philip Tari says:

    Sorry wrong comment. I usually read the blog through my email and it wasn’t complete on my email. Now that I’ve read this I can say wow… Can’t wait for your next piece….

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