EXP #1

EXP #1

I remember the day I met him.

I shivered in fear where I was being held by heavily armed men. My feet were as the branches of a feeble tree in a storm, my heart was racing 5,055 kilometres per hour , and my breathing? It was as if my asthma was going to come back. And it did. 

I think that’s why he had mercy on me.

A couple of seconds into my attack, he walked into the stuffy, cramped, dimly lit holding room that was the boys quarters of his gigantic house.

“Sir” I heard one of the armed guys say, and I felt him pointing at me.

I crumpled to the floor and as I fell I got a glimpse of him, more than that, I looked into his eyes, and I could have sworn I saw compassion swirl in those cold unfeeling eyes for the fraction of a second we had eye contact.

“Get her into the car, to the nearest hospital. Now!” he ordered.


“You stole from me” he said after the doctors had declared me stable.

Those eyes. Cold, hard, lifeless. I shivered under the covers of the hospital bed, I tried to gulp but the spit got stuck somewhere in my throat and I began to choke. He stood there, unfazed as my eyes watered and I beat my chest.

“You stole from me” he repeated. My gulp was well executed this time and also very audible, I didn’t know what to say, and in those moments the not-so-well-bleached white hospital covers was the most fascinating thing in my universe, like seriously it had this huge washed-off brown blotch on it, and I could bet half my money it was either someone’s vomit or blood.

“Are you even listening?!”

I snapped back to reality instantly and looked up to see a livid young man before me. I gulped yet again.

“Your little juvenile escapade cost me alot, and you’re going to work for me till I get back the last kobo on all the money I spent on that car and your hospital bill, so I own you till your debt is done”

The way he said it, with so much authority, my brain couldn’t connect with my mouth to even utter a single word of protest.

“Do you understand?”

Blink, blink.

“Do. You. Understand?”

The connection sparked to life and I heard myself saying yes before I understood the import of what I was saying.

He gave me a smile then, one that sent jitters down to my toes and those cold eyes caused goosebumps to spring up on my arm.


Yes, this is a story, which I’m going to be updating every Friday. What do you think? It’s still the beginning so you ought to be a little bit confused sha. Somebody pray I get the inspiration and motivation to continue.

Click here for EXP #1.1

A.N.T.I.C.I.P.A.T.E my next post on Sunday.

🍔 Cheeseburger. 


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