On days like this, rainy days. I just sit at my desk, pen in hand staring at the piece of paper before me. 

I’ve always hated rain, but he loved it. 

I can remember his laugh the first time we danced in the rain. His face aglow and alive, no one would ever have been able to guess that he’d been near his death the past month. But he was a fighter, he fought. He fought hard and fought well.

On days like this, I remember how we met. It was a very sunny day, my favourite kind of day. He lay on my favourite park bench soaking in the sun, as I approached, my shadow blocked his flow of sunlight causing him to look up at me. 

“I used to dislike sunny days” he said as soon as our eyes met “But I’d take it a million times over than be confined”

I didn’t understand his words and barely managed a polite smile and a nod and he sat up for me to join him on the bench. 

“Kit Kat or Twix” he asked as I sat up. 

I really don’t remember how, but we started talking that day. 


He’d been diagnosed with leukemia 6 months back, bed ridden for 2 out of those months. 

I didn’t understand the medical jibberish involved with his condition, but he had 80-20 chance of survival, the odds were in his favour. He was going to scale through. 

On the day of the deciding surgerical operation that would tell whether he lived or died, he called me aside. 

“In case I don’t make it write to me” he said with all seriousness. 

I looked at him like he was crazy, obviously he was for thinking that he wouldn’t make it. 

“Don’t talk nonsense, they’re going to wheel you out of there and you’ll be all fixed up, it’s normal for you to be scared, don’t worry, you’ll get better” I answered as I took his hand with what I hoped was a reassuring smile on my face, I was scared for him, very scared, but I also had to be strong for him. 

“Seriously write to me” he said, gripping my hand tightly then added as an afterthought “on rainy days. I love rainy days”

He was wheeled into the theatre room a couple of minutes later.

Now I’m stuck here on rainy days staring blankly at a sheet of paper. 

Rainy days are the worst. 


New post. 

Have a nice week ahead guys! 

A.N.T.I.C.I.P.A.T.E my next post on Friday. 

🍔 Cheeseburger 


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