EXP #1

EXP #1.1

Clap clap.

That was my cue, I immediately jumped off the kitchen stool I was perched on and ran out to the living room.

“I need a glass of chilled wine” he said as I stood before him, not bothering to look up at me.

“It’s barely 12 o’clock in the afternoon don’t you–” the remaining words jumped back down my throat as he fixed me with a stare. Immediately I turned on my heels and went to get what he’d asked.

Henshaw had guided me as to how to attend to his boss yesterday evening when I’d arrived.

I didn’t even know his name, all I knew was that he was a rich person, who I’d mistakenly stolen from.

Okay so the theft act wasn’t a mistake, I’d consciously stolen, the mistake was that I stole from the wrong-est person imaginable.

After he had told me that I would begin a period of modern slavery with him, he’d had two of his men escort me home to get my clothes. My mum wasn’t even bothered, it was good riddance to bad rubbish for her anyways. After I got my stuff, I was taken to his house, and man! I wasn’t able to appreciate it’s beauty the first time I was brought here, what with my heart racing as I’d just been bailed out of detention by the person from which I’d stolen. I didn’t know my fate and being surrounded by heavily armed men didn’t help matters as I was taken into a small boys quarters kind of room, where I’d promptly had an asthma attack. All in the evening, of course.

Anyways, his house was… jaw-dropping to say the least, since my mouth was wide open the whole period we were outside till I nearly choked on a fly and snapped it shut. The house wasn’t even mansion-like, but it was very posh and well styled.

One storey building; Dutch hip roof, tinted brown glass windows to compliment the cream coloured building which also had red baked bricks built along with it around the edges of the building and in other parts also. There was a separate shade-like structure, that served as a garage which housed 3 dope cars, I wasn’t into cars or anything, but, you know a dope car when you see one. A water fountain was in the middle of the compound, with beautiful flower trees and manicured hedges surrounding the edges of the compound, which gave it this kind of sickly sweet flower and vegetation scent.

I went in through the front door which had a doorbell and a square shaped frosted glass panel through which whoever was inside could see those outside, while those on the outside could only make out a blurry outline of whoever was inside. The front door opened up to what I first thought was the living room, but actually was a mini parlour, it had a cream centre table with green coloured setees, and a mini fridge off to one side with a tray atop it which held glasses and a soft drink and wine opener. Next was the dinning room, the dining table was brown mahogany, I could recognise the wood because when we’d wanted to redecorate our own house sometime 7 years ago, my mum had been all: ‘mahogany or nothing!’ for our dining table. It was surrounded by matching dinning chairs, the wood was the same colour brown, with green cushions. Opening a door at the right side of the room led to the kitchen, which was well-stocked with state-of-the-art kitchenware and equipment, the kitchen had a backdoor, by which one could access it from the side of the house.

Back to the dinning room, a glass sliding door led to an indoor swimming pool, beyond which was the actual living room, from whence there was a fleet of stairs to access the upper part of the house which held 3 bedrooms and a study.

As soon as I’d gotten myself acquainted with my new surroundings, he’d called me to his study to establish some ‘Ground-Rules‘. 

I was forbidden to leave the house unescorted, and the consequence of such an action was left unsaid; I would be serving in an housemaid capacity, till he deemed it fit to relieve me of my servitude; I would also serve in other capacities, should the need arise; I was forbidden to enter his room and study uninvited, and I was not to seduce him, if I liked myself.

He never made eye contact as he told me the rules, all he did was look down at his table, or glance up occasionally as he twirled the pen in his hand, despite this I couldn’t help but feel kind of intimidated by his presence. When I was dismissed Henshaw, his bodyguard/chauffeur had told me of his eating style and habits and other things to aid me in being a good servant/slave to his boss.

“You can go now” he dismissed me when I was done pouring his glass of wine. With a nod, I turned on my heels and stepped out.

This wasn’t going to be easy.


<<EXP #1 

Yay! Update!!!  

TGIF guys. Well, that’s for those of you who feel today is Friday of course, for me it’s been Friday/Saturday since Wednesday because I barely had any classes. Yeah, Happy New Month!!! Welcome to the last month of the year. 

So I’m going to be updating this piece every Thursday now, instead of on Fridays. Because if I get some imaginative flow on a Friday, I won’t be able to run with it, because I have to post EXP #1. So, starting next week, I’ll be posting EXP #1 on Thursdays, and I’ll also update on Fridays and Sundays.

>>EXP #1.2


🍔 Cheeseburger. 


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