As poverty has the land in a choke-hold grip, 

People are jobless and broke, 

Youths are drop-outs,

Children are starving, 

While the big belly monsters relax on their plush couches in posh offices, enjoying their loot. 

Oh God save us. 

Save our land. 

Save our people. 

Oh God, save Nigeria. 


Have a nice week ahead guys. I’m so tired right now, so my Author’s note is pretty short. 

Next post is on Thursday for EXP #1.3


🍔 Cheeseburger out. 


2 thoughts on “MY PLEA

  1. Adegbile says:

    revolution is needed badly in Nigeria ..as at now the so called government is confused, law makers have all enriched themselves and what they do now is to in a caricature manner gallivant here and there with little idea of what to do to revive the economy ..honestly it’s already a shame to stand out as a citizen of this nation… the name of my country is now seen as a filthy rag dragged from one country to another.

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