Atoke Oni,

Kutu mi owon,

The most beautiful thing in my universe -after myself of course. 

You really did suffer for me, the sickly Caesar.

I can’t begin to imagine your pains when you brought me forth, 

Or your fear, all those times you thought I would possibly die.

A woman of God, a woman of faith, a woman of virtue.

You have taught me so many things directly and indirectly,

At the time, I didn’t value your wisdom, 

But today, I reflect and I say ‘thank God for my mother’

Mother really does know best. 

One thing I’m always grateful for is the fact that you introduced me to my first love, who has captured and consumed my heart with his love.

You taught me that with Jesus in my life I’m good to go because he is more than enough. 

Of course you have taught me a whole lot of other things, I only cited the most important to me. 

Ye mi, ese o


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