EXP #1

EXP #1.4

Ikosi-Isheri Local Government Area.

The bold sign called out to me from where it sat boldly next to an overhead bridge, I initially had my doubts, but it was all clear as we made our way back to the house from Mile 12, I also took time to notice some landmarks as we moved along.

“Bruno” I said into the phone, as soon as Henshaw left house after we’d brought in all the foodstuff we’d bought “I’m in Magodo”

“How did you find out, are you sure?”

“Yes, I had to go to the market today, so he let me out”

“So when can we meet up?” he asked eagerly

“Umm, there’s a mall nearby, if we meet there, I could easily get myself lost in the throng of people and leave the driver”

“I will find it, how will you leave that house again and when?”


“Tomorrow? You’re sure?”

“Yes, tomorrow, see you soon”


“You didn’t give me enough money for the market yesterday” I said to the Slave Master as he ate breakfast the next morning.

“As long as you were able to get the necessary things” he said with a shrug, then continued with his meal.

“I have to buy some stuff”

“You already bought stuff”

“Umm, I forgot to get some… erm… feminine stuff”

He promptly choked on his food, and gulped down his glass of water as his eyes watered, I rolled my eyes as he looked up me when he was done, which in turn earned me a frown.

“I’ll send Henshaw to you later this afternoon”


Breaking free of Henshaw was a whole lot harder than I’d expected. I’d always had doubts, but I was finally convinced that professional bodyguards exist in Nigeria.

When I’d told him we were going to the mall, he seemed sceptical but drove me over anyways, upon arrival, it had been next to impossible to shake him off. He gave me a considerable amount of space, but not enough to allow me escape easily, I constantly increased my walking speed and delved into crowds and rounded corners spontaneously, but when I stylishly found a way to look behind me, he was still there.

It was only by a stroke of luck I managed to successfully escape from him, when I saw he was distracted with his phone on a call, I ran as fast as I could into the nearest corner and ducked into the second store I saw. Fortunately for me it was a clothing store with changing rooms available, I immediately ran to the first changing room I found and spent exactly 5 minutes before leaving. Once outside, Henshaw was nowhere to be seen, I immediately took my phone out of my pocket “Bruno, I’ve lost him” I said as soon as he picked “where are you?”

“No, stay right where you are, I don’t want you running into whoever again, tell me where you are” he said.

I disclosed my location to him and went back and into the store. So as not to attract the attention of the salespersons, I began to look around, making a mental note to come back when I got some good cash, I paused as I saw a rack of skirts and took time to admire them. I felt a pair of hands take hold of my arm from behind.


I’d hate myself if I were you also. First, she posts late, as in very late. Then, she goes on to end the piece like this. 


I’m so sorry guys, my apologies, next post tomorrow, I’ll also probably post late. 

Still A.N.T.I.C.I.P.A.T.E

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