So let me tell you about my latest obsession. 

My latest obsession is a person, the craziest person I’ve met in awhile, probably the craziest person I know. 

Roncio or Corn. I prefer Corn. 

We connect on this whole other level. Ed Sheeran lovers who have about the same philosophy on the issue of company. We believe that there is nothing better than your own company; people are a welcome distraction, a side-attraction he said, but they’re still a distraction nonetheless. In the end it’s just you and yourself and your thoughts left. 

He also has a poetic soul, he sent me this piece of poetry and… sigh. He’s also as punny as a blue film. You see what I did there? If you think that was bad he’s way worse.


Me: Good night

Him: Bad pawn 


Me: Goan sleep 

Him: Get me a banana 🍌


He photo-bombed me one time and I asked if he did it on purpose, and he said “Yes, but it was a poor pose”

All these always lead me to ask the same question over and again “Where did I find you???”

So to the best friend who didn’t bother to let me know before we became best friends, I look forward to more witty banter, more sarcasm, more smart-ass remarks and more years of friendship. 


>I could have saved this for your birthday, but I ain’t gat no chill, besides your birthday doesn’t fall on one of my blogging days. So consider this an early birthday present<

That aside, I posted earlier today because Makybelle commented on my last post that I should, but I accidentally deleted the post, so I had to start all over again.

Anyways… Who smells Christmas around the corner??? Seasons Greetings everyone. 

Next post on Christmas day. 



🍔 Cheeseburger


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