So let’s press pause on the holidays, and the festivities, and the presents, and the food and drinks and parties, let’s pause everything. And let’s think hard and think deep. 

Let us think: 

  • What is the point? 
  • What is the point of all this celebration? 
  • What is the point of the festivities?
  • What is the point of presents?  
  • What is the point of Christmas? 

Have you thought about that? If not give yourself a moment to do so. 

So the whole story boils down to a father, I mean, The Father, who looked down on us pitiful humans wallowing in our sins without any means of redemption or reconciliation and decided to send his only son, as in, his one and only son, the only heir to his kingdom, his only begotten son. And what was the son sent to do? 
The son came down to earth and the whole point of his staying on earth was to be crucified on the cross bearing the sins of the whole world, so that we would be redeemed and reconciled with the father. He came to live so that he could die, so as to give us life. 

And didn’t stop at giving us life. No. He reconciled us with his father, thereby allowing us to also become sons- children of the father; and the best part for me, remember how I said that the son being his father’s only child was the only heir? Well, since his death made us children of God, that by extension made us joint heirs with the son, meaning we now had a right to and an inheritance in his father’s Kingdom. 

Why will anyone go through all these, exactly? 

  • Why would a father care for humans who kept on offending him, to the point that he’d send down his son to die, so that they may be reconciled? 
  • Why would the son willingly come down and die for people, who kept on offending his father? 
  • Why would the son come and die for an offence he didn’t even partake in? 

It all boils down to one four letter word. 



Because of the love the father- God, has for mankind, he sent his son- Jesus to die for us, so that we may be redeemed unto him. And that was the greatest display of love. Ever! So the whole point of the story I just told was love. God loves us. 

God loves you. If you doubt that look around you, he has given you yet another Christmas to celebrate here on earth. 

So what is the point of Christmas? 

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the Saviour of the world, the Saviour that loved us so much he came to die for us. So the point of Christmas is basically love. 

So let’s not forget: he is the reason for the season and let’s take time out to show love today like never before. Show love to a stranger, your neighbour, your sister, whoever! Just don’t let the point of Christmas be wasted on you. 




🍔 Cheeseburger 



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