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EXP #1.5

My heart rate lurched forward as I felt those strong hands grip my arms. How on earth did Henshaw find me?

I turned around in resignation, no point fighting anymore at this point.

“Boo” he said as I laid eyes on him, it was Bruno!

I put my hand over my mouth as gasped, then threw my arms around him as he pulled me into a fierce hug.

“I’ve missed you” he whispered into my ear


“Are you mad ni? How do you go off and live with a man you don’t even know? He could be a ritualist, or a human trafficker or… one of all these bad people that plague Nigeria today sha!” Bruno all but screamed at me, we were sitted at the back of an eatery, he’d bought me ice-cream which I contentedly licked off my spoon as he nagged like a Nigerian woman.

“Bruno, calm down I had no choice–” I began, before he cut me off saying

“What do you mean you had no choice? Why will you go off and live in the same house with an unknown man, I hope he hasn’t” Bruno consciously looked me the eye and reduced the volume at which he was speaking “I hope he didn’t try anything with you o?”

I shook my head no “I have my own room and he never let’s me into his”

Bruno nodded “Good, but I don’t like this one bit, at all, at all I don’t like it” he emphasised “Wait… I don’t understand”

“How will you understand when you won’t even let me explain?” I asked sarcastically.

Oya, explain o”

“Two weeks ago, I was at a party and I bumped into one of my old friends”

Bruno audibly groaned. I used to move with a bunch of street rascals: thugs, thieves and what-not. Whenever or wherever my old friends were mentioned or involved nothing good ever came from it.

“One thing led to another and I was dared to steal a car. Don’t interrupt, just listen” I warned as Bruno opened his mouth to speak “stupid I know, but you know me, I never back out of a dare. We went to the car park and they told me to choose whichever car I wanted, unfortunately for me, there was a Honda Pilot in the lot, and you know that’s my dream car. There was no one in sight and I successfully broke into it and we decided to go on a joyride.

“I planned to return it back the next day, I swear, I took the car home with me and slept very late, I woke up late in the afternoon and once I remembered the car I rushed out and drove off, as I was driving, I swear it’s like the witches from my mother’s house were following me that day o, that’s how one trailer at my side started driving nonsense next to me, at some point, it remained small ehn, it would have hit me, in a bid to get away from it, I swerved to the next lane without thinking, I don’t even understand where that boy came from sef, there was a boy crossing the road on the lane I just swerved to, I was about to hit him, I swear, it was God that just saved me, I swerved violently to what I thought was the next lane, but there was no lane there, I hit the road block and before I knew anything the car was out of my control, until I crashed into a nearby tree, that was when the car stopped.

“Unfortunately for me again, FRSC people were stationed very close to where I crashed the car, when they got there they saw that I wasn’t harmed or anything, it was the other side of the car that was mostly affected, then they started asking questions I couldn’t answer about the car, they asked for the vehicle’s documents, but I didnt have anything on me, not even my licence.

“One of the officers now scanned the plate number on their database and said that the vehicle had been reported missing that very morning, they took me into custody and from what I was hearing up and down, the car belonged to a very influential man and I was going to rot in prison for a substantial amount of time. So I was shocked when they let me out of my cell and let me go, they said that the owner of the car had asked that they release me, as I stepped out, some guys in suits and shades had me follow them into their car, we drove to one mansion like that where they bundled me inside this small boy’s quarters part of the building, I was so scared and nervous at the same time, I had an asthma attack, something that I thought I’d already outgrown o! As the attack started that was when the guy came in, he now told them to bundle me to the hospital, where I was later stabilised.

“When he told me, the amount of money that he’d paid for my hospital bill alone, I knew I couldn’t pay, he knew that too, he then told me the amount that was needed to get the car fixed and knew I couldn’t afford to pay so he told me I was going to be like his personal property and I was going to work for him till he got back his last kobo”

“Wow” Bruno exhaled when I was done with my tale “you are so stupid” he finally said after a long period of silence “very, very stupid”

“No need to tell me”

“C’mon, let’s get going, maybe your bodyguard got tired of looking for you and went home” Bruno said, I shook my head in doubt and looked at my watch, we’d been here for about 35 minutes.

We left the eatery, with our arms linked together and began strolling around the mall, window shopping as we looked into the glass walls. Bruno’s phone beeped causing us to pause as he brought it out of his pocket to check whatever out.

“Ahem” someone coughed in front of us, I looked up and my heart lurched forward as I beheld the Slave Master himself, I gasped as my eyes widened considerably in shock and I became dizzy.

“What’s going on?” Bruno asked looking back and forth between us.

“Let’s get going” the Slave Master said to me breaking the silence moments later, as I failed to speak.

“Going to where? Who are you? She’s not going anywhere with you!” Bruno all but yelled, stepping in front of me, as he put his hand in mine and tried to use his body as a human shield, blocking my view of the Slave Master.

“Who is he?” Bruno turned his neck to look at me as he asked. “Is this the bodyguard?” he tried again.

I shook my head no, in that moment the Slave Master sidestepped so I could see his face again, I looked up at him as soon as he was in my line of vision.

“Is this… ” Bruno almost seemed scared to say it. Almost. “Is this him?”

I gave a faint nod, Bruno then turned to look at him, as in look at him, and I did same also.

The Slave Master was dressed in a grey suit, red and blue striped tie, blue shirt and black leather shoes, I looked at his face, he didn’t look any older than 25, his jaw stood out tense, his lips pressed together, and his eyes were currently on me, I immediately regretted looking at him and averted my gaze.

“Let’s go” he said again with his usual air of authority.

I let go of Bruno’s hand and started off to meet him, Bruno clenched his teeth, the way he usually did when provoked and stepped up to the Slave Master till they were toe-to-toe.

“And who the hell do you think you are?!” Bruno spat, he stood half a head shorter as the Slave Master looked down at him, said man then shifted his gaze to meet mine, he jerked his head to the side before saying “Henshaw is waiting for you”

I looked in the direction he’d indicated, and true to his word Henshaw stood there beholding us from afar, I looked back at the Slave Master who was currently having a heated staring contest with Bruno “Bruno, let it go” I said to him, then quickly planted a peck on his cheek before running off to meet Henshaw.


Yassssss!!! So it’s 12:11am by my time and I have to type this before going to bed, I’ll probably wake up and edit it before posting, but I got the job done is all that matters. So, I hope this piece clears alot of confusion and puts the whole story into perspective for alot of you. Comments!!! I need your comments please!

I also made this piece longer than usual because… I don’t know how to say this… I’m not updating EXP #1.6 till Thursday, January 12 2017, that’s in 2 weeks time, so don’t expect to hear from me next Thursday. 

That aside, we’ve got 2 days till the end of the year, how has the year 2016 been for you guys, hope y’all have started penning down your New Year’s resolutions.

Next post tomorrow, A.N.T.I.C.I.P.A.T.E

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Seasons Greetings 🎄

🍔 Cheeseburger. 


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