EXP #1

EXP #1.6

“I’m sorry if I got you into trouble” I said to Henshaw as we made our way through the mall, back to our car.

Henshaw shrugged moments later in response “I’ll advise you to be more concerned about yourself though”

I looked up at him as if to ask why as he continued “I had a feeling you were going to pull up a stunt like that and I called the boss, he got people stationed around every possible exit as soon as you got away from me, and he’s not very happy right now”

I gulped, as fear began to creep his way up my spine. Henshaw led me to the car and we drove back to the house with the Slave Master and his other bodyguards in a car behind us.

We made it to the house and as soon as we alighted, the Slave Master’s car came in

“Take her to the boy’s quarters” his steel voice pierced the otherwise silent, and quite solemn atmosphere, as soon as he got out of his own car “Tie her there, she doesn’t get food or water till I say so, and God help you” he looked straight into my eyes as he walked up to me and held my face roughly with his hand “You’ll try to run away from me another time”

He began to say something else but was interrupted by the sound of all car horn.

“And who is that?” he asked, his tone laced with anger.

The gateman immediately scurried off his chair and began to open the gate. A silver Land Cruiser Prado drove in and the Slave Master dropped his hand off my face after his desperate attempt to crush my cheek bones, he faced the car turning his back me in the process, I could barely hear the profanities he muttered under his breath as the unknown car parked right on front of the house.

I simply watched as an elegant lady dressed in a simple blue gown which complimented her caramel coloured skin stepped out of the car, her gaze immediately landing on him.

“My baby” she said with a smile and her arms opened wide for a hug, five seconds later, the Slave Master reluctantly began to move forward towards her, she also walked up to him, her heels kon-kon sound as she closed the distance and held the Slave Master in a warm embrace, after which she proceeded to imprint her red lipstick multiple times on his face.

I heard a booming laugh come from the side of the car just as the Slave Master began to protest, I immediately turned my attention to its source and beheld a huge and greying man, probably in his 60’s who was dressed in buba and sokoto and simple palm slippers

After detangling himself from the woman’s grip, at least to an extent, the Slave Master looked up at the man “Old man” he said, as a form of greeting.

A smile on his face after his bout of mirth the old man replied “Is that the way you were taught to greet your father?”

“I should ask you” the Slave Master began sarcastically “you taught me nothing but how to make money”

The old man gave him an exasperated look, and the Slave Master walked up to him”Good to see you son”

“Dad” the Slave Master said and gave his father a hug.

“And who is this?” the woman, his mother said looking at me “she’s not one of your staff is she?”

All eyes instantly turned to me and I became very self-conscious and uneasy.

“Mom, come on”

“D.J who is she? Are you finally dating again? Is this your girlfriend?”

I looked up at that point, the Slave Master looked like he was about to say something to dispute what she’d just said, but something in the way his mother was looking at him made him stop, and say to both our shock

“Yes mom, this is my girlfriend”


Pardon every typo. Next post tomorrow. 


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