Eyes open I arise, 
The chirping of birds, 
The soothing coolness of dew, 
A wonderful day anew,  
A perfect sky – colour blue.

This blue sky with it brings, 
Chances to do many things, 
To be a better me than I was yesterday, 
To help people in any and every way, 
Wow! The prospects of a brand new day. 

A gift from heaven, 
From day one till seven,
A vast expanse of blue,
Tinged with shades of white hue, 
Beautiful, wonderful, divine. 

Although the sky isn’t always blue,
Night-time black, 
Stormy grey, 
Rumbling with thunder and dismay, 
Or mist which blocks out the light of day.

So, for every not-so-blue sky, 
When sad and I cry, 
For every time I wonder why, 
I should see the ocean above, 
Shine bright with light, with love.

For all the times I wonder why, 
I am opportune to see a brand new sky, 
The dark-black nights, 
That fill me with fright, 
Or dull cement grey, 
When I am all but gay.

All I have to say is thanks, 
Thank you,
For each day anew, 
For the skies, not always blue, 
For all the things you help me do, 
Till the moon comes to say hello. 
Thank you for the dark, orange and purple and blue. 

For every blue sky, I’m saying thank you.

🍔 Cheeseburger.


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