EXP #1

EXP #1.7

I stood numb and dumb as the Slave Master’s mother rushed forward to hug me. 

“Aren’t you going to introduce us?” the woman said after she let me go

The Slave Master gave me a look which basically meant I shouldn’t ruin his mum’s happiness “Mum, this is Brino” then turning to me he said “Brino, meet my mum”

“Brino? What kind of name is that?” the Slave Master’s mother asked. 

“Manebrino, Brino is the shortened version, it’s an Urhobo name”

Turning to her son she beamed “I like her, and she seems a whole lot better than that Bewaji girl”

“Mum, enough” the Slave Master said to his mother. 

“Why don’t we all step in” the Slave Master’s father said from behind. 

“Yes please” I muttered, right before we all went into the house.  

So the Slave Master’s parents decided to pay him an impromptu visit, using the saying of Muhammad and the mountain as they explained why they came around. We all ate dinner together and the Slave Master’s father commended my cooking, after which we all sat together in the living room to gist, and God knows, there had never been anything in my life weirder than playing mushy mushy with the Slave Master. Keeping eye contact for over 15 seconds, smiling at one another, squeezing hands– oh jeez, I didn’t get myself

“So D.J when next should we expect you to come by the house”

Trust Nigerian mothers to blackmail their children into doing their wishes.

“D.J?” I asked aloud.

“Yes, short form for Damiloju” his mum answered.

I eyes quickly flew to the Slave Master who gave me a warning look before saying “Just like Manebrino is shortened to Brino, Damiloju is to D.J” his voice came out smooth and cool and the look I got afterwards clearly meant I should keep my thoughts -and words- to myself.

“Damiloju” I tested the name on my lips with a smirk as he continued to stare me down.


“How did you know my name?” I said the Slave Master as soon as his parents’ car drove out of the building 


“How did you know my name? You never for once asked for it, how did you know?”

The Slave Master -Damiloju, gave me a blank look “I was told” he said finally. 

“By who?” I persisted, I’d tried, and succeeded to hide my shock when he’d introduced me to his mother, but I couldn’t help but find out how he knew my name. 

“You were in custody weren’t you? Before I bailed you out, what name did you put on all the things they had you write?”

I racked my brain “Esther” I said finally “my official name is Esther, I wrote Esther when the FIRS–”

“I see what you’re trying to do” the Slave Master/Damiloju cut me off before I could finish speaking “you’re trying to stall because I was about to punish you for running away before my parents came around”
Switching back to his usual menacing self that I was used to, he stepped up towards me, jaw clenched. 

“Try rubbish like that with me ever again and you’ll regret it”

With that he stalked off inside, leaving me standing on my own totally nonplussed. 


Heyo guys, sorry it’s coming in late. 

Next post tomorrow 


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🍔 Cheeseburger 


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