It was project week and as expected we were all working on our various projects; according to subject all class members were split into groups of varying numbers.

For our Science project we were assigned to make and package soaps, earlier in the day the Science teacher had taken it upon herself to make all the soaps needed so all that was left was for the designated groups to package the soaps. 

I’d been working on other projects all day and I was yet to go to the lab to check out my project or how my other group members were faring, since I’d last been there in the morning. 

“Rere, you have not done anything concerning our Science yet, if I now asteric your name to signify that you didn’t participate people will start saying that I’m wicked” Wagbo, my Science group leader said. 

“I know, I know, I plan on going there soon” I answered

She smiled at me “Be quick then, let’s go together”

I cleared up my work in the next moment and Wagbo and I made our way to the Science lab in companionable silence.

The population in the lab had dwindled significantly since my time there in the morning. At that point it was like all the SS2 students were in the lab; there was no sitting space, little breathing space and everywhere was cramped; I left immediately after I saw my group members working on the slab that we’d been assigned to. At the moment, there were only a handful of people within the lab, some projects had already been completed and lay about on the various slabs assigned to the various groups. These guys had really taken soap packaging to the next level, some went all out and designed the soap cartons so beautifully, different harmonious colours, skilled penmanship and artistic prowess was full on display.

“Wow” I breathed as myself and Wagbo made our way around the lab checking out people’s work. 

“Best not to touch anything” Wagbo said as I reached my hand out just to pick up a beautiful piece that caught my eye. I took her advice and withdrew my limb, some of our mates were like hungry vultures sometimes with the way they would mercilessly pick at and on people who offended them or their friends whether knowingly or unknowingly. 

Wagbo began to laugh just at that point, I turned to face her with a very curious look, she only laughed harder as she pointed to a slab a little way from where we stood. My shortsightedness impaired me from seeing it clearly, but even from a distance I burst out laughing also. It looked like a 3 year old had done the work; awkwardly mixed colours and the like.

“Abeg, which group work be this?” Wagbo said instantly switching to pidgin when we got to where the horrible soap case lay. 

“I saw Jemima handling it a little while ago, I don’t know her group sha” Bembem answered looking up from the soon-to-be soap case she was currently cutting out of cardboard on the next slab. Zizi looked up at us from beside Bembem, she didn’t like Wagbo much and eyed her warily before turning to me “Isn’t Jemima in your group?”

I froze instantly turning to look at Wagbo whose face fell as soon as realisation dawned on her. 

The 3 year old mess; it was our science project! 

“Ooh! Who sent Jemima on errand now? What kind of rubbish is this? She’s going to have a earful from me today!” Wagbo started towards the door.

“Wagbo wait” I held her forearm before she could get away, she turned to give me a look like what? 

“Jemima has been in this place since morning, she didn’t even leave to eat during break”


“So, what I’m saying is that you should cut her some slack and spare her”

“Spare her? Look at this rubbish, how are we supposed to turn it in tomorrow, or you forgot that’s when we are to submit the work abi. I don’t care if she spent the whole year making this, she did nonsense!”

Wagbo’s voice had barely risen during her outburst, but that didn’t keep mine from rising a few pitches higher than necessary, which was my no. 1 reaction to any form of confrontation no matter how small, I backed up a couple of steps so I could look her square in the face, I was right on the verge of pissed. 

“Shebi it was you who just threatened to asteric my name if I didn’t come and help out with the project work, Jemima has been here all-day she only just left last period, she worked her butt off for this project and you want to go eat her head off because it’s not nice? That’s just unfair, at least consider the effort she put into this work”

Wagbo picked the colour riot up from the table and thrust it in my face “Look at this” she said with her voice still cool although there was an obvious level of strain. “we can’t submit this, it’s so mediocre, we can’t drop this for our project, don’t you understand?”

“Fine” I snatched it from her hand “I’ll redo it”

The bell signifying the close of the school day was rung just then, Wagbo raised an eyebrow at me in a how-are-you-gonna-get-it-done-now look.

“I’ll take it home” I said instantly “I’ll take it home and redo it”

“Better do, and please don’t forget it at home, it’s due tomorrow” 


I sat at my table at home and began working on my project, cutting out the net of a cuboid from the cardboard, smiling to myself because of what I’d previously thought of as inconsequential primary school knowledge, by the time I was done, it was already pretty late and I had other projects and assignments to catch up on, so I hastily threw my soap case and the soap into a nylon bag and dumped it in my school bag. 


“Where is our project” Wagbo asked as soon as I stepped into the classroom. I’d forgotten it in my bag all night long. 

I immediately brought it out, the cardboard was rumpled and had discoloured smudges in areas where the soap had touched it. 

“What is this?”

I shrugged 

“So we are to submit this? Look at it, it’s so substandard. How can we submit this as our project, it looks so … mediocre”

She obviously wanted to say more but decided to swallow it down and walked back to her seat with the project in hand. 

Mediocre: Having no peculiar or outstanding features; not extraordinary, special,exceptional, or great; of medium quality

I learnt 3 things that day:

1. A new word; mediocre

2. Wagbo was a perfectionist

3. Never to settle for mediocrity in my life ever again. 

Always let your work stand out for excellence and be the very best in whatsoever you are to venture into. 


This post is dedicated to Princess Ifedolapo Jinadu >you are such a great inspiration to me I love you<

I don’t even know what to type again. Oh yeah…  I can’t read anything again!!! I’m hung up on this awesome wattpad novel that is yet to be completed 😭 I need a new lease of life. 

Next post on Thursday. 


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I woke up today feeling very desperate, and my desperation led me to do a Google Search on myself. I used 3 key words to google myself up twice and at some point I got up to page 4 in my web browser and I was yet to find anything on myself.

This had me feeling small and insignificant and I realised, I am yet to do something that will shoot me up to the top of my search page list; I am yet to do something that will change the world. 

Yes, I have visions of what I will do to change the world when I get older, but how about now? How can I change the world now in my present capacity? 

I’m yet to have a good enough answer to share with you guys, but an act of kindness and love shown to me by my dad just this afternoon made me realise that changing the world is not about how much people you affect all the time, it has mostly to do with how much effect it has on each single individual involved. 

I don’t have all the answers, so I’m throwing the question out to you all. How can I change the world in my present capacity? 
How can you change the world in your present capacity? 
How can we all change the world in our present capacity? 

🍔 Cheeseburger 

EXP #1

EXP #1.95

Damiloju had to excuse himself at that point, Brino was close to asking a question on a subject he was not ready to touch, a subject he had not been able to touch for the past 6 years. 

“It’s like you don’t go out much, at least not as much as you used to when these people were close to you” she asked as Femi left after greeting them. He and Femi had known each other since secondary school, they’d been in the same class for 2 consecutive years and were pretty close, of course Damiloju had gradually cut off every one from his life after the unfortunate incident, but that didn’t stop Femi and the others from coming over to greet him. Some people were excited as they approached him, some approached him warily, but they were all mostly shocked to see him at a social gathering. 

“Not really” he answered her. 

“Why? Because it seems like you were very dedicated to all this once upon a time” she continued. 

“Life happened” he gave his answer in a tone which he hoped she’d realise he didn’t want to talk about it anymore. 

Now he had to excuse himself, knowing Brino she might just bring up another question concerning the subject whether knowingly or unknowingly. 

After excusing himself and leaving Brino’s side he went on to look for his mother. 

“Oh my god, Damiloju! You have got to be kidding me!” Jessica all but exclaimed and he couldn’t help himself from smiling at his childhood friend as she pulled him into a hug. 

“Jessie how are you?” he asked. 

“I’m fine o! Dami, that’s how you just abandoned us. You just dumped all your friends and cut yourself off from every thing” she said tilting her head upwards in a sad face.

His face fell also, his smile evaporated and he hardened his eyes. He didn’t reply. 

Jessica sighed “At least you came to this event. That’s a sure sign that you’re putting the past behind you”

Damiloju nodded thoughtfully “Maybe”

“So tell me, how have you been? Did you eventually get that Law degree?” Jessica said holding his arm. 

“Yes” he nodded “I was called to bar a year ago. What of you? Are you still into that… er…”

“I’m into management and consulting now” Jessica filled in for him “Where are you going?” she had to ask as Damiloju made his way around the restaurant with her 

“I’m looking for my mum” he said. 

“Aww, you’re still a momma ‘s boy” Jessica said playfully hitting his arm while he shrugged to her statement “Come, I think I saw her a while back sha” 

The pair didn’t go far, as his mother came into view a distance away from them, she stood elegant in a simple purple dinner gown as she engaged in conversation with some other women her age. 

“Thank you” Damiloju nodded to Jessica, when they got to the women he greeted them all and engaged in the necessary niceties before seeking audience with his mother, Jessica excused herself at that moment also. 

“You came” his mother said, beaming as she hugged him; he nodded his head also.

“Helen” Mrs Eweka said from behind them to his mother “oh, you’re busy”

“Never mind, what’s the matter?” Damiloju’s mother replied. 

“No Helen, I’ll meet you later, talk to your son” Mrs Eweka nodded her head at Damiloju and was about to leave before asking “where’s your date? That girl”

Damiloju bit back a small smile at the way Mrs Eweka said girl, as if it was a nasty word “oh she’s somewhere here, I left her a while back”

“I don’t know, but it’s like I’ve seen that girl before, somewhere” Damiloju shrugged “her face. Her face just seems so … striking, so familiar. Let me excuse you both now” Mrs Eweka finally said, realising she was about to start rambling. 

“So how’s your girlfriend?” Helen asked her son “why isn’t she with you?”

“She’s okay” Dami replied with a shrug. 

“Come to think of it, I saw this girl from your secondary school tonight”

“Who?” Damiloju asked, uninterested. 

“That Dare’s girlfriend” his mom said trying to remember her name as she put her palm to her head. 

“Vwaire?” Dami asked, suddenly very interested in what his mother had to say. 

“Yes that’s her name”

“But what’s she doing here?” the nervousness he was feeling seeped into his tone. 

“She said that the groom is her family friend or something, you should see her all grown up now. Come to think of it, she looks so much like your girlfriend; the resemblance is very striking, they could easily pass off for one another you know?”

“Hmmn” was all he had to say

“Yes, do you know? Maybe they could be related o!”

“Maybe” Dami said, thoroughly distracted at this point “Mum you know what? I’m quite tired. I think I should be on my way home now” he bent in and gave his mother a quick peck after which she hugged him and he took off. 

He had to find Brino and keep her away from Vwaire, the both of them could not meet. He got back to the place where he’d left her, Brino was no where in sight, he placed his hand on his forehead and gently began to massage his temple, where could she be? He turned around, hoping to find her among the throng of people within the building. Could she have gone outside? Was she trying to escape again? He’d already threatened to show her pepper if she dare escape, she didn’t have many places to go and he could easily find her in all of them. 

He decided to venture out of the restaurant nevertheless. 

“No! Don’t go!” he heard her voice before he could process anything else. 

He was already outside the restaurant. She stood facing the road with her back to him as she gestured towards a silver Toyota Venza that was nearly out of their line of sight as it sped off into the night. 
She stamped her foot in frustration as she groaned before turning around, she was dressed in a off-shoulder silver floor-lenght gown which did wonders for her figure, her hair was looking a little dishevelled as a lone tear of frustration rolled down her cheek, bringing her mascara along with it in a colour black down her face. She promptly froze when she saw him.


Vwaire stepped out of the restroom and began looking for her friend. Where was Tinuade for goodness sake? It was high time they went home and her aunt was very strict and hated her coming home late. She walked about the restaurant looking for her friend

“Have you seen Tinuade?” she asked the first familiar face she saw. 

“Yes, see her there at the entrance” the person replied and pointed.

“Thank you” she quickly replied and started going after the lady in the green gown who was currently holding someone by the arm and they were going to be out of her line of sight in a matter of seconds. 

By the time she made it outside, Tinuade and whoever was with her had made off in her car, she was too late to stop them and could only watch in frustration as the taillights blazed into the night. 

“No! Don’t go!” she cried out with her hands outstretched. She was tired and frustrated and Tinuade had gotten into her car with only God knows who and had left her stranded. She stamped her foot against the ground as violently as she could in those accursed heels as she tried to let go of her emotions, she had to get inside and think of another way to get home she turned back to the restaurant and froze on the spot. Damiloju Rotimi-Savage was standing right before her; talk about blast from the past.  

“What are you doing here? I thought I told you I never wanted to see you again in my life?” she questioned.

“Vwaire, it’s been 6 years now” he began. 

“Shut up!” she screamed “I can’t handle this right now” she said to herself “I need to get home”


An hour later, Vwaire was seated at the back of a taxi cab, as it navigated it’s way around Yaba to where her house was located. 

“Number 19 abi?” the taxi driver said breaking her out of her thoughts, she looked around they were already on her street. 

“Yes” she answered the driver. They were at her house in a matter of seconds, Vwaire paid the cabbie, stepped out and began pounding the gate. 

Gbam. Gbam. Gbam. 

“Who dey for there?” the gateman called out from within

“Come on, open this gate before I change my mind” Vwaire yelled. 

“Madam Vwaire, na you be that?” the  gateman inquired. 

“Who else will it be. Open the gate jo!” 

The gate was opened just then and Vwaire stormed into the compound.

“Tinuade what the hell?” Vwaire said as she threw the door open, Tinuade had apparently stepped into the house a few moments ago as she was still dressed in her party clothes and was being grilled by Aunty Juliana. 

“Vwaire?” Tinuade beheld her eyes wide with shock.

“Who else would it be? Why did you leave me stranded at the party?”

“I swear, I didn’t know it wasn’t you and she has been saying it since, I didn’t understand”

“What rubbish are you saying?”

“Vwaire calm down” Aunty Juliana said causing Vwaire to take her eyes off Tinuade

“Mama, how do you expect me to calm down? Tinuade took my car away and left me stranded at a party, at night. How am I supposed to be calm?”

Aunty Juliana stepped up to where her niece stood and put her hands on her shoulder.

“Sweetheart calm down, Tinuade did not know that she left you stranded”

“Mama, what are you saying? Stop justifying her wrongdoings” Vwaire began. 

“Vwaire!” Aunty Juliana said shaking her. 

“Mama what?”

“Look” Aunty Juliana said and spun her niece around to see the third person in the room. 

Vwaire’s mouth hung open in shock. 


Phew, this is the longest post I’ve ever had to type. I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, I’ve been working on this post all day!

So I decided to change the Point Of View (POV) just this once and make you guys see how the evening went for some other key characters. If you’re confused wait till the next post. So sorry for leaving you guys hanging. 

EXP #1 will be posted next Thursday.

My next post will be tomorrow. 


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How about I make my whole post today an author’s note to you guys. 

So I originally wanted to post this. 

Before which I  wanted to post this, I actually completed the post but I couldn’t just make myself put it down, it was too personal. 

So how about I just make today’s post an author’s note? 

So I’d just like to say the hugest of thanks to all my readers. You guys are awesome. To those that give me feedback, I just adore you; then my fellow blogger readers, I am itching to put your names down but I’m scared of forgetting anyone, but y’all know yourselves sha. 

To all EXP #1 readers (Pamela I just have to give you the award for person that disturbs me the most concerning that thing mehn). I can imagine once I send her the link to this post the first thing she’ll send back is something along the lines of  ‘is it EXP??’ and when I say it’s not she will now start complaining.  

I love being a blogger and having a blog, it’s an awesome way to share my art with people, and I just want to thank everyone who bothers to even check my work.

To all my followers (again I itch to mention some names) you guys are one in a million really. 

Okay enough with all the mush, this is an author’s note not a sappy blog post. So I started using wattpad again and I found this book yesterday, I’m already in chapter 31 and I haven’t been able to put it down, it’s titled ‘She’s With Me’ and it’s aweeeeeesomeee like… I can’t put it down easily I’m hooked.

And it’s like my last post on EXP #1 was a cliffhanger or at least, the closest I’ve ever gotten to one *evil chin rub while twirling moustache with a sinister smile*


EXP #1

EXP #1.9

“How do you not know how to walk in heels?” the Slave Master exclaimed, clearly frustrated with me at this point, it was the day of the event his mother had invited us for and I couldn’t walk in my shoes. 

I shrugged before telling him “I stopped wearing them when I was 13”

“Well, you have to learn, right here and now, you’re not going to embarrass me at this event”

His condescending tone made my sight turn red instantly as anger boiled within me “Then go without me for crying out loud!” I yelled.

He gave me one if his classic straight face looks which caused the anger to shrivel up within me as fast as it came. 

“This is not the time for shouting” he finally said in a calm tone “we have to think of a solution, aren’t there YouTube videos for this kind of thing?” 

I could practically see the light bulb going off over his head at the end of that statement. 
Four YouTube videos later we made our way out of the house, the engagement ceremony had long since ended, but the celebrants were also throwing a dinner party at one of the fanciest restaurants in town.

“Oh God, I don’t think I can balance well in this shoes” I whisper-exclaimed as we stepped out of the car at the restaurant.

“Take hold of my hand” the Slave Master said and linked his arm in mine as we made our way in. Apparently the restaurant had been shut down tonight solely for the purpose of this dinner. 

We arrived pretty late as the dinner was over meaning it was now time to socialise and get drunk. The Slave Master took a drink off the tray of a waiter passing by and I followed suit, I took a sip of my drink. It had a throat-burning sensation which immediately made me forget what it had actually tasted like.

“Oh my word, Dami is it really you?” a woman in a floor length silver sequinned gown materialised in front of us and was beaming at the Slave Master, who I observed was smiling back at her. 

OMG! The Slave Master even knew how to smile! I was shocked. 

“Yes it is” the Slave Master replied turning on his polite manners and charming airs. 

“Wow it has been so long! And the years have done you well also” she said taking him in and obviously checking him out. 

This woman looked like she was in her fifties, but was trying to look like a young forties lady tonight. I couldn’t take this sober, I took a huge gulp of my drink. 

“Thank you Mrs Eweka, and might I add, you look rather radiant in this dress tonight”

At that point the drink I was downing made a wrong turn down my throat promptly causing me to choke; apparently flattery was everywhere on the menu tonight and no one had even bothered to inform me. 

Both the Slave Master and the woman he was talking to looked in my direction when I began to choke. By the time I recovered myself he had a distasteful and disapproving look on his face, while the woman sneered at me rather contemptuously. 

“Who is this?” she directed the question to the Slave Master as if he’d brought in a stray dog, as she regarded me idly. 

“This is my plus one, Brino”

“I’m his girlfriend” I said to Mrs Eweka with a smile and proceeded to wrap my free hand around his arm and leaned my head against it, the Slave Master stiffened at my sudden breach of his personal space, but didn’t do anything further than that, we had to keep up appearances. 

This gesture further made the dear old lady’s sneer to increase greatly “Have I met you before?” she asked me, her eyes zeroed on my face probably trying to remember where she had probably seen me.

“No, I don’t think so” I replied, smile still in place with a slight shrug. 

She huffed and nodded at my answer before turning her attention back to the Slave Master “Dami, it’s so lovely to see you again. When was the last time you heard from Ofure by the way?”

“Ummm” the Slave Master muttered as he scratched his head “it’s been a very long time”

“She’s all grown up now, in her second year of uni, come by the house sometime to see her, it will make her day” and with that Mrs Eweka excused herself and left us. 

“Wow” was the only thing I could mutter when she left “did you see what she just did? I could be your wife for crying out loud”

The Slave Master gave the unexpected response. He laughed! “You introduced yourself as my girlfriend, remember?”

“Doesn’t matter. That was so rude of her, selling her daughter’s market under my nose when she knows I’m your girlfriend. Are all high-society women like that?”

The Slave Master gave a low chuckle this time around, shocking me further “They are mostly unpredictable, just brace yourself. But what was actually rude was you choking on your drink when I complimented her”

I pounded my fist against my chest in a mock gesture as if I was about to start choking again “Please don’t make me gag at the memory, you guys were already flirting with each other and my drink didn’t want to go into my stomach again”

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“What’s wrong with you guys flirting? Well, apart from the fact that she’s like two times your age” I shrugged like it was nothing at all “it’s all good”

We met and greeted a handful more of people who were all very familiar with the Slave Master, or at least they probably used to be and they were all equally shocked at his presence. 

“It’s like you don’t go out much, at least not as much as you used to when these people were close to you” I said as someone, probably the Slave Master’s secondary schoolmate left after greeting us both. 

“Not really”

“Why? Because it seems like you were very dedicated to all this once upon a time” 

“Life happened” the Slave Master answered curtly and I knew that was the most I could get out of him about the matter this night “Excuse me for a second” the Slave Master said to me a couple of moments later and left to do only God-knows-what. 

My wine glass was empty and I needed a refill, I aimlessly walked about looking for a waiter, as I did I couldn’t help but notice as various people huddled themselves into groups of three’s, four’s and five’s all pretty cordial with one another as they talked, laughed, mingled and took selfies.

“There you are, I’ve been looking for you all night, it’s time to go” I looked up to see the source of the voice was looking straight at me, she was dressed in a sea green alter neck gown which touched the floor, with a slit by the side to show off her slim and curvy legs, I eyed her droopy pearl earrings enviously before I realised she was looking at me expectantly probably waiting for an answer. 

“What?” I managed to ask. 

“Where were you anyway and why did you change your dress?” she asked again. 

“Sorry?” I said the word as a question meaning I wanted her to explain due to my lack of understanding. 

“Come on, let’s get going, you know the traffic to your house is awful at this time of day and your aunt is going to scream our ear drums off tonight”

I blinked “Do I know you?”

“Vwaire, stop playing dumb with me I’ve told you it’s very annoying. Now let’s get going” the lady said then proceeded to take hold of my arm and dragged me off to the restaurant’s exit.

I made a feeble attempt at protesting, but immediately thought better of it so as not to draw attention and embarrass myself. Soon enough the night time air hit our faces as we stepped outside. 

“I’ve told the driver that we’re on our way, so he should be here right about… now”

“A-ha, there he is” the lady said and pointed to a silver Toyota Venza that just parked right across the street. 

“Come on, let’s go” she said and dragged me towards the car. 

“Wait, wait” I started to say, but we were at the car in a matter of seconds. She threw open the door and bustled me in after which she came in and shut the door. 
The car came to life immediately after and vroomed off to only God knows where. 


Cos Thursdays are for EXP #1

Heyo guys, I’ve been struggling with the plot account of this story for the longest time and I can’t afford to mess it up because I’m posting it on the internet, so I decided to speed things up instead. 

Next post on Sunday.


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>>EXP #1.95

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Sky still looks blue, 
Nothing seems new
Apart from the pain in my heart
Still wondering how you got me down
I don’t know how to tell this story.

We were both young and I was dumb, 
I let you in without thinking 
Heart in hand as usual and now I’m back to Square One

I feel so stupid for thinking that we’ll have a Happily Ever After
I feel so dumb for thinking that we’ll last a whole lot longer
I’ve realised that only the characters change, this story never does. 

So now I’m back to Square One 


This was actually a song I wrote some 2 years ago. 

And my heart got broken alongside my phone screen yesterday, so no mushy-mushy Val’s day post. Nope. I’m not even a Valentine’s Day lover sef😕

Anyways Happy Valentine’s everyone. Show some love💝

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There are so many things hidden from you, from me. 

Her smiling face; behind it hides more pain and grief that you can imagine, her dad died when she was young and life never remained the same. 

His brooding eyes; behind it hides lots of resentment against parents who forced him to study engineering when he’d rather go into linguistics, he’s falling in his grades now and all they can do is highlight how much of a failure he is. 

His tense jaw; behind it hides his self-control, right about to snap. His female colleague is a sequel to his wife’s nagging at home and he’s under so much pressure, to get the job done, to pay school fees for his toddler at home and his younger brother, provide for his family. So much pressure and he’s about to snap. 

Her sour demeanour; behind it hides lots of sadness. Nothing is going well at home, her parents are always yelling at her, at one another, they never get along these days. Nothing is working out. 

His playful and careless act and swagger; behind it hides bitterness, against his mother, she left him and his dad when he was barely a baby, his dad decided to go into a relationship with the beer bottle afterwards. He has to behave like he’s unaffected, like he doesn’t care about anything and everything, not because he actually doesn’t, but because he cares way too much. 

There are so many things hidden from me, hidden from you. Don’t act like you know, because you don’t. You just don’t. 

These hidden things are hidden for a reason, everyone has a sad story to tell, and yours isn’t the worst. 

So in this month of love, be compassionate and kind. Show love and understanding, because you just don’t know what the next person is going through. 


Lovely thoughts for lovely people. 


Next post: Valentine’s Day 


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