There are so many things hidden from you, from me. 

Her smiling face; behind it hides more pain and grief that you can imagine, her dad died when she was young and life never remained the same. 

His brooding eyes; behind it hides lots of resentment against parents who forced him to study engineering when he’d rather go into linguistics, he’s falling in his grades now and all they can do is highlight how much of a failure he is. 

His tense jaw; behind it hides his self-control, right about to snap. His female colleague is a sequel to his wife’s nagging at home and he’s under so much pressure, to get the job done, to pay school fees for his toddler at home and his younger brother, provide for his family. So much pressure and he’s about to snap. 

Her sour demeanour; behind it hides lots of sadness. Nothing is going well at home, her parents are always yelling at her, at one another, they never get along these days. Nothing is working out. 

His playful and careless act and swagger; behind it hides bitterness, against his mother, she left him and his dad when he was barely a baby, his dad decided to go into a relationship with the beer bottle afterwards. He has to behave like he’s unaffected, like he doesn’t care about anything and everything, not because he actually doesn’t, but because he cares way too much. 

There are so many things hidden from me, hidden from you. Don’t act like you know, because you don’t. You just don’t. 

These hidden things are hidden for a reason, everyone has a sad story to tell, and yours isn’t the worst. 

So in this month of love, be compassionate and kind. Show love and understanding, because you just don’t know what the next person is going through. 


Lovely thoughts for lovely people. 


Next post: Valentine’s Day 


🍔 Cheeseburger


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