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EXP #1.9

“How do you not know how to walk in heels?” the Slave Master exclaimed, clearly frustrated with me at this point, it was the day of the event his mother had invited us for and I couldn’t walk in my shoes. 

I shrugged before telling him “I stopped wearing them when I was 13”

“Well, you have to learn, right here and now, you’re not going to embarrass me at this event”

His condescending tone made my sight turn red instantly as anger boiled within me “Then go without me for crying out loud!” I yelled.

He gave me one if his classic straight face looks which caused the anger to shrivel up within me as fast as it came. 

“This is not the time for shouting” he finally said in a calm tone “we have to think of a solution, aren’t there YouTube videos for this kind of thing?” 

I could practically see the light bulb going off over his head at the end of that statement. 
Four YouTube videos later we made our way out of the house, the engagement ceremony had long since ended, but the celebrants were also throwing a dinner party at one of the fanciest restaurants in town.

“Oh God, I don’t think I can balance well in this shoes” I whisper-exclaimed as we stepped out of the car at the restaurant.

“Take hold of my hand” the Slave Master said and linked his arm in mine as we made our way in. Apparently the restaurant had been shut down tonight solely for the purpose of this dinner. 

We arrived pretty late as the dinner was over meaning it was now time to socialise and get drunk. The Slave Master took a drink off the tray of a waiter passing by and I followed suit, I took a sip of my drink. It had a throat-burning sensation which immediately made me forget what it had actually tasted like.

“Oh my word, Dami is it really you?” a woman in a floor length silver sequinned gown materialised in front of us and was beaming at the Slave Master, who I observed was smiling back at her. 

OMG! The Slave Master even knew how to smile! I was shocked. 

“Yes it is” the Slave Master replied turning on his polite manners and charming airs. 

“Wow it has been so long! And the years have done you well also” she said taking him in and obviously checking him out. 

This woman looked like she was in her fifties, but was trying to look like a young forties lady tonight. I couldn’t take this sober, I took a huge gulp of my drink. 

“Thank you Mrs Eweka, and might I add, you look rather radiant in this dress tonight”

At that point the drink I was downing made a wrong turn down my throat promptly causing me to choke; apparently flattery was everywhere on the menu tonight and no one had even bothered to inform me. 

Both the Slave Master and the woman he was talking to looked in my direction when I began to choke. By the time I recovered myself he had a distasteful and disapproving look on his face, while the woman sneered at me rather contemptuously. 

“Who is this?” she directed the question to the Slave Master as if he’d brought in a stray dog, as she regarded me idly. 

“This is my plus one, Brino”

“I’m his girlfriend” I said to Mrs Eweka with a smile and proceeded to wrap my free hand around his arm and leaned my head against it, the Slave Master stiffened at my sudden breach of his personal space, but didn’t do anything further than that, we had to keep up appearances. 

This gesture further made the dear old lady’s sneer to increase greatly “Have I met you before?” she asked me, her eyes zeroed on my face probably trying to remember where she had probably seen me.

“No, I don’t think so” I replied, smile still in place with a slight shrug. 

She huffed and nodded at my answer before turning her attention back to the Slave Master “Dami, it’s so lovely to see you again. When was the last time you heard from Ofure by the way?”

“Ummm” the Slave Master muttered as he scratched his head “it’s been a very long time”

“She’s all grown up now, in her second year of uni, come by the house sometime to see her, it will make her day” and with that Mrs Eweka excused herself and left us. 

“Wow” was the only thing I could mutter when she left “did you see what she just did? I could be your wife for crying out loud”

The Slave Master gave the unexpected response. He laughed! “You introduced yourself as my girlfriend, remember?”

“Doesn’t matter. That was so rude of her, selling her daughter’s market under my nose when she knows I’m your girlfriend. Are all high-society women like that?”

The Slave Master gave a low chuckle this time around, shocking me further “They are mostly unpredictable, just brace yourself. But what was actually rude was you choking on your drink when I complimented her”

I pounded my fist against my chest in a mock gesture as if I was about to start choking again “Please don’t make me gag at the memory, you guys were already flirting with each other and my drink didn’t want to go into my stomach again”

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“What’s wrong with you guys flirting? Well, apart from the fact that she’s like two times your age” I shrugged like it was nothing at all “it’s all good”

We met and greeted a handful more of people who were all very familiar with the Slave Master, or at least they probably used to be and they were all equally shocked at his presence. 

“It’s like you don’t go out much, at least not as much as you used to when these people were close to you” I said as someone, probably the Slave Master’s secondary schoolmate left after greeting us both. 

“Not really”

“Why? Because it seems like you were very dedicated to all this once upon a time” 

“Life happened” the Slave Master answered curtly and I knew that was the most I could get out of him about the matter this night “Excuse me for a second” the Slave Master said to me a couple of moments later and left to do only God-knows-what. 

My wine glass was empty and I needed a refill, I aimlessly walked about looking for a waiter, as I did I couldn’t help but notice as various people huddled themselves into groups of three’s, four’s and five’s all pretty cordial with one another as they talked, laughed, mingled and took selfies.

“There you are, I’ve been looking for you all night, it’s time to go” I looked up to see the source of the voice was looking straight at me, she was dressed in a sea green alter neck gown which touched the floor, with a slit by the side to show off her slim and curvy legs, I eyed her droopy pearl earrings enviously before I realised she was looking at me expectantly probably waiting for an answer. 

“What?” I managed to ask. 

“Where were you anyway and why did you change your dress?” she asked again. 

“Sorry?” I said the word as a question meaning I wanted her to explain due to my lack of understanding. 

“Come on, let’s get going, you know the traffic to your house is awful at this time of day and your aunt is going to scream our ear drums off tonight”

I blinked “Do I know you?”

“Vwaire, stop playing dumb with me I’ve told you it’s very annoying. Now let’s get going” the lady said then proceeded to take hold of my arm and dragged me off to the restaurant’s exit.

I made a feeble attempt at protesting, but immediately thought better of it so as not to draw attention and embarrass myself. Soon enough the night time air hit our faces as we stepped outside. 

“I’ve told the driver that we’re on our way, so he should be here right about… now”

“A-ha, there he is” the lady said and pointed to a silver Toyota Venza that just parked right across the street. 

“Come on, let’s go” she said and dragged me towards the car. 

“Wait, wait” I started to say, but we were at the car in a matter of seconds. She threw open the door and bustled me in after which she came in and shut the door. 
The car came to life immediately after and vroomed off to only God knows where. 


Cos Thursdays are for EXP #1

Heyo guys, I’ve been struggling with the plot account of this story for the longest time and I can’t afford to mess it up because I’m posting it on the internet, so I decided to speed things up instead. 

Next post on Sunday.


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