How about I make my whole post today an author’s note to you guys. 

So I originally wanted to post this. 

Before which I  wanted to post this, I actually completed the post but I couldn’t just make myself put it down, it was too personal. 

So how about I just make today’s post an author’s note? 

So I’d just like to say the hugest of thanks to all my readers. You guys are awesome. To those that give me feedback, I just adore you; then my fellow blogger readers, I am itching to put your names down but I’m scared of forgetting anyone, but y’all know yourselves sha. 

To all EXP #1 readers (Pamela I just have to give you the award for person that disturbs me the most concerning that thing mehn). I can imagine once I send her the link to this post the first thing she’ll send back is something along the lines of  ‘is it EXP??’ and when I say it’s not she will now start complaining.  

I love being a blogger and having a blog, it’s an awesome way to share my art with people, and I just want to thank everyone who bothers to even check my work.

To all my followers (again I itch to mention some names) you guys are one in a million really. 

Okay enough with all the mush, this is an author’s note not a sappy blog post. So I started using wattpad again and I found this book yesterday, I’m already in chapter 31 and I haven’t been able to put it down, it’s titled ‘She’s With Me’ and it’s aweeeeeesomeee like… I can’t put it down easily I’m hooked.

And it’s like my last post on EXP #1 was a cliffhanger or at least, the closest I’ve ever gotten to one *evil chin rub while twirling moustache with a sinister smile*



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