I woke up today feeling very desperate, and my desperation led me to do a Google Search on myself. I used 3 key words to google myself up twice and at some point I got up to page 4 in my web browser and I was yet to find anything on myself.

This had me feeling small and insignificant and I realised, I am yet to do something that will shoot me up to the top of my search page list; I am yet to do something that will change the world. 

Yes, I have visions of what I will do to change the world when I get older, but how about now? How can I change the world now in my present capacity? 

I’m yet to have a good enough answer to share with you guys, but an act of kindness and love shown to me by my dad just this afternoon made me realise that changing the world is not about how much people you affect all the time, it has mostly to do with how much effect it has on each single individual involved. 

I don’t have all the answers, so I’m throwing the question out to you all. How can I change the world in my present capacity? 
How can you change the world in your present capacity? 
How can we all change the world in our present capacity? 

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5 thoughts on “Musings… 

  1. Gods Kid says:

    It’s beautiful to do something significant In life,but it’s more important that you don’t forget how important you are in God’s eye… you’re transmitting God’s love through the gift he has given you, you don’t have to search too wide, because you’re written on his palm. #TheatttentionisonJesus

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  2. Debby says:

    Your perspective of change sounds like large scale …like doing something that will make u become recognized by alot of people. That’s cool but I think ,
    First, influence(reach out to) your immediate environment with what God has given you.Make good use of ur talent or passion e.g music, public speaking(M.C e.t.c )…I hv observed recently that A man’s gift paves a way for Him.
    Most popular people who affect their world just find their niche and do what they hv passion for.
    Secondly, Senior Pastor of Elevation Church said HATE IS THE GREATEST FORCE THAT CAN MAKE YOU CHANGE SOMETHING.
    Well, maybe not all the time but yeah! He’s correct! Find what you hate so much and will like to correct.People that hate ill treatment of the masses end up becoming activists,God hated sin and our distance from Him, so,sent Jesus.
    I can’t say it all but this is my perspective dearie.

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