It was project week and as expected we were all working on our various projects; according to subject all class members were split into groups of varying numbers.

For our Science project we were assigned to make and package soaps, earlier in the day the Science teacher had taken it upon herself to make all the soaps needed so all that was left was for the designated groups to package the soaps. 

I’d been working on other projects all day and I was yet to go to the lab to check out my project or how my other group members were faring, since I’d last been there in the morning. 

“Rere, you have not done anything concerning our Science yet, if I now asteric your name to signify that you didn’t participate people will start saying that I’m wicked” Wagbo, my Science group leader said. 

“I know, I know, I plan on going there soon” I answered

She smiled at me “Be quick then, let’s go together”

I cleared up my work in the next moment and Wagbo and I made our way to the Science lab in companionable silence.

The population in the lab had dwindled significantly since my time there in the morning. At that point it was like all the SS2 students were in the lab; there was no sitting space, little breathing space and everywhere was cramped; I left immediately after I saw my group members working on the slab that we’d been assigned to. At the moment, there were only a handful of people within the lab, some projects had already been completed and lay about on the various slabs assigned to the various groups. These guys had really taken soap packaging to the next level, some went all out and designed the soap cartons so beautifully, different harmonious colours, skilled penmanship and artistic prowess was full on display.

“Wow” I breathed as myself and Wagbo made our way around the lab checking out people’s work. 

“Best not to touch anything” Wagbo said as I reached my hand out just to pick up a beautiful piece that caught my eye. I took her advice and withdrew my limb, some of our mates were like hungry vultures sometimes with the way they would mercilessly pick at and on people who offended them or their friends whether knowingly or unknowingly. 

Wagbo began to laugh just at that point, I turned to face her with a very curious look, she only laughed harder as she pointed to a slab a little way from where we stood. My shortsightedness impaired me from seeing it clearly, but even from a distance I burst out laughing also. It looked like a 3 year old had done the work; awkwardly mixed colours and the like.

“Abeg, which group work be this?” Wagbo said instantly switching to pidgin when we got to where the horrible soap case lay. 

“I saw Jemima handling it a little while ago, I don’t know her group sha” Bembem answered looking up from the soon-to-be soap case she was currently cutting out of cardboard on the next slab. Zizi looked up at us from beside Bembem, she didn’t like Wagbo much and eyed her warily before turning to me “Isn’t Jemima in your group?”

I froze instantly turning to look at Wagbo whose face fell as soon as realisation dawned on her. 

The 3 year old mess; it was our science project! 

“Ooh! Who sent Jemima on errand now? What kind of rubbish is this? She’s going to have a earful from me today!” Wagbo started towards the door.

“Wagbo wait” I held her forearm before she could get away, she turned to give me a look like what? 

“Jemima has been in this place since morning, she didn’t even leave to eat during break”


“So, what I’m saying is that you should cut her some slack and spare her”

“Spare her? Look at this rubbish, how are we supposed to turn it in tomorrow, or you forgot that’s when we are to submit the work abi. I don’t care if she spent the whole year making this, she did nonsense!”

Wagbo’s voice had barely risen during her outburst, but that didn’t keep mine from rising a few pitches higher than necessary, which was my no. 1 reaction to any form of confrontation no matter how small, I backed up a couple of steps so I could look her square in the face, I was right on the verge of pissed. 

“Shebi it was you who just threatened to asteric my name if I didn’t come and help out with the project work, Jemima has been here all-day she only just left last period, she worked her butt off for this project and you want to go eat her head off because it’s not nice? That’s just unfair, at least consider the effort she put into this work”

Wagbo picked the colour riot up from the table and thrust it in my face “Look at this” she said with her voice still cool although there was an obvious level of strain. “we can’t submit this, it’s so mediocre, we can’t drop this for our project, don’t you understand?”

“Fine” I snatched it from her hand “I’ll redo it”

The bell signifying the close of the school day was rung just then, Wagbo raised an eyebrow at me in a how-are-you-gonna-get-it-done-now look.

“I’ll take it home” I said instantly “I’ll take it home and redo it”

“Better do, and please don’t forget it at home, it’s due tomorrow” 


I sat at my table at home and began working on my project, cutting out the net of a cuboid from the cardboard, smiling to myself because of what I’d previously thought of as inconsequential primary school knowledge, by the time I was done, it was already pretty late and I had other projects and assignments to catch up on, so I hastily threw my soap case and the soap into a nylon bag and dumped it in my school bag. 


“Where is our project” Wagbo asked as soon as I stepped into the classroom. I’d forgotten it in my bag all night long. 

I immediately brought it out, the cardboard was rumpled and had discoloured smudges in areas where the soap had touched it. 

“What is this?”

I shrugged 

“So we are to submit this? Look at it, it’s so substandard. How can we submit this as our project, it looks so … mediocre”

She obviously wanted to say more but decided to swallow it down and walked back to her seat with the project in hand. 

Mediocre: Having no peculiar or outstanding features; not extraordinary, special,exceptional, or great; of medium quality

I learnt 3 things that day:

1. A new word; mediocre

2. Wagbo was a perfectionist

3. Never to settle for mediocrity in my life ever again. 

Always let your work stand out for excellence and be the very best in whatsoever you are to venture into. 


This post is dedicated to Princess Ifedolapo Jinadu >you are such a great inspiration to me I love you<

I don’t even know what to type again. Oh yeah…  I can’t read anything again!!! I’m hung up on this awesome wattpad novel that is yet to be completed 😭 I need a new lease of life. 

Next post on Thursday. 


🍔 Cheeseburger


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  1. Gods Kid says:

    Loool Mure!!!! I remember the story now😂😂😂😂 chai I was kind of mean o…chai. I’m happy you still saw something good in me tho. Thank you very much for this post. I love you very much

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