EXP #1

EXP #1.10

“Vwaire what are you saying?” 

“My name is not Vwaire, I’m Brino” I said for what seemed like the millionth time that night. 

All throughout the ride to this place, I kept trying to tell the lady in the green dress that I wasn’t who she thought I was, she kept on calling me Vwaire. At some point she obviously got tired, saying something about me messing with her head and how she’s always told me she doesn’t like it, then she leaned her head against the car window and fell asleep.

What was going on exactly? Was the Slave Master trying to test me or what? Nothing made sense and I was thoroughly confused. 

We got to our destination, I was familiar enough with the environment to know that we were somewhere in Yaba, once in the gated compound that the car drove into, we stepped into the house.

“What time is it?” a lady in glasses who was currently seated on the single seat settee in what seemed like a mini parlour said as soon as we entered into the house, she was wearing regular pyjamas and had an elderly yet sophisticated look to herself. 

“Aunty, we’re so sorry, we lost track of time and there was heavy hold-up on the road” Green Dress said. 

“What time is it?” the woman repeated her question, standing up this time around.

Green Dress looked at her watch “10:02 ma”

“I wasn’t asking you, I was talking to Vwaire, Tinuade you are not my charge and you can flout my rules if you like, but Vwaire as long as you are under my roof what time did we agree you get home latest”

The lady moved closer and was looking straight at me, I didn’t know what she was talking about and held her stare. 

“Did you not hear me? Are you deaf all of a sudden? Answer my question!” 

I closed my eyes and pressed my fingers against my forehead, everything around me was so confusing, I didn’t even know how to explain my confusion at this point, I let out an exaggerated sigh. 

“I don’t understand what is going on here! I don’t know what is going on here! Who are you people?” I cried in sheer frustration “this lady here” I pointed at Green Dress “saw me at the party and forced me into her car and brought me here and I am so confused, I don’t understand any bit of anything you just said, I mean, I do understand your words, but I’ve never met any of you in my life and why are you all calling me Vwaire my name is Brino!”

“What are you saying? You think I’m joking? You think–”

The lady was interrupted by a heavy pounding on the gate outside and I shifted away from behind the door in time to avoid it hitting me when a flurry of silver clothing came in, she had her back to me and instantly pounced on Green Dress who now had a stunned expression on. 

“Tinuade what the hell” 

So that was her real name: Tinuade, I’d simply started calling her Green Dress in my head since I didn’t know her name. 

“Vwaire?” Tinuade said. 

Oh! So this was the Vwaire, thank God she finally showed up.

“Who else would it be? Why did you leave me stranded at the party?” Vwaire inquired, visibly angry. 

“I swear, I didn’t know it wasn’t you and she has been saying it since, I didn’t understand” Tinuade said darting her eyes towards me. 

“What rubbish are you saying?” Vwaire sounded very irritated at this point. 

“Vwaire calm down” the elderly lady who was probing me before Vwaire stepped in said, causing Vwaire to shift her attention to her. 

“Mama, how do you expect me to calm down? Tinuade took my car away and left me stranded at a party, at night. How am I supposed to be calm?”

The elderly lady walked up to where Vwaire stood and put her hands on her shoulder before saying “Sweetheart calm down, Tinuade did not know that she left you stranded”

“Mama, what are you saying? Stop justifying her wrongdoings” Vwaire began. 

“Vwaire!” the lady had to shake her to get her attention back.

“Aunty what?” 


At that point the lady turned Vwaire to face me where I stood and this night finally made a whole lot more sense. I finally understood why Tinuade and even her mother had mistaken me for her. 

It was like watching the Flash when a person meets another version of himself from a parallel universe, because standing right before me was my own doppelganger. 

I froze where I stood taking her in, it was like looking in a mirror, I couldn’t even point out any difference apart from our outfits and hairstyles. Vwaire was like a real-life photocopy of me, if I didn’t know any better I could have sworn she was my identical twin, but what were the odds of that?

I didn’t even notice that the place had turned deathly silent till Vwaire let out a long loud sob there and then and crumpled to the ground and began to cry. 

I could only stare at her transfixed even as she sobbed, my mind was currently in limbo and all I could do was simply watch as my doppelganger cried on the floor as I replayed the happenings of the night in my head, Tinuade had found me in the party when she was looking for Vwaire, unable to tell I wasn’t who she thought I was due to our resemblance she brought me to Vwaire’s home and even Vwaire’s mom didn’t know that it wasn’t her until she showed up. 

“I don’t even understand any of this, who are your parents” I finally said bringing myself back to the current situation, Vwaire’s mom was crouched next to her on the ground and her sobs had turned to sporadic sniffles. 

“My mum died giving birth to me, I never knew my dad” Vwaire managed to say looking up at me. 

“My dad is dead” I said instantly “he died about 6 or 7 years ago, and that was when I realised that my mother wasn’t actually my mum but my step-mum. I don’t know the full details but my dad maybe had an affair or something like that, but it was at that moment that my birth certificate finally made sense because instead of my supposed mother’s name- Fiona Enohor, in the place that was allowed for the child’s mother’s name was Juliet Odafe”

“That was my mother’s name” Vwaire said pointing at me, then she turned to face her mother, who was apparently not her mother, who’s eyes were currently on me, Vwaire tapped her to get her attention “That’s my mother’s name isn’t it?” and her mother nodded. 

“Wait so who are you?” I asked the mother-not-mother, this story is getting complicated. 

“I’m your aunt, Juliet, your mother, was my twin sister, she died during child birth”

“Let me guess the date” I said. 
“August 22, 1995” both Vwaire and I said at the same time then we looked at one another yet again. 

Vwaire’s aunt -our aunt- gave a very tired sigh at that point. 

“Why don’t we all go to bed, we’ll talk better in the morning, Brino come with me, let me setup the guest room for you”


Please pardon all typos I’ll edit in the morning. So sorry this post came in late, I had to be reminded twice that today is Thursday. I’m sure this piece puts the story into more perspective now.

I decided to use the Jafiya twins to portray Vware and Brino, because they are so beautiful 😍😍😍

Next post tomorrow, and don’t forget: Thursdays are for EXP #1


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