I was never meant to fall for you, it just happened. Out of the blue and bam! I just can’t explain it. 

It doesn’t help much that you have family-zoned me (which is the worst sort of friendzone out there) and I’m just one more of all those numerous brothers you never got to have. It doesn’t help much that you’ve already been spoken for and you have someone in your life. It doesn’t help much that I have this complicated thing going on with some girl that I’m not really into anymore.
It helps a whole lot less, the fact that you know me inside and out and are very familiar with me and all my issues.

I’ve tried. God knows I have, to fight this growing attraction. I’ve tried, God knows I have, to make you see me in a different light. Just even for a second. I’ve tried, God knows I have to protect you in every way imaginable. And God knows I have tried to make you know how I truly feel for you, not with my words. No. But with my actions, with my speech, with everything I do around you. 

Unfortunately, if I ever tell you this you’ll laugh it off and think I’m joking. If you ever get past the fact that I’m not joking you will probably sit me down and make me analyse every single detail, every single emotion for you and try to ‘fix me up’ and then go on ahead to give me the trillion reasons (which I already have at the back of my head) why I can’t have you. 

So I’ll keep it all within me, bottle it all up, because the truth is I can’t. God knows I just can’t open up. 


Unrequited love is just the worst. 

TGIF, have a lovely weekend. 

Next post: Sunday.


🍔 Cheeseburger



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