EXP #1

EXP #1.13

Ding dong!

We all turned at the sound of the doorbell before Aunty Juliana could say anything else.

“Who is it? The door’s open!” Aunty Juliana yelled as no one made to open the door. 

Vwaire and I were having a kind of staring contest going on. I couldn’t believe she’d just said that. She’d practically thrown me out to the wolves without second-guessing her decision. From my peripheral vision I could see Tinuade looking back and forth between the both of us.

Vwaire broke off eye contact first as a foreign presence stepped into the living room, I turned to look at whoever, following her lead. 



We said in unison. 

“Am I seeing double?” Bruno said looking back and forth between Vwaire and I. 

“What are you doing here?” 

“You guys know each other?”

Bruno and Tinuade asked simultaneously. 

Aunty Juliana sighed and before anyone could say anything said “Brino, please explain. What is going on now?”

“This is Bruno” I said simply.

“Bruno? The guy you were just talking about? Like just now?” Tinuade asked and I nodded. 

“What is he doing here?” Vwaire asked, eyeing him. 

“I don’t know” I replied. 

“Gentleman what are you doing here?” Aunty Juliana asked. 

Bruno coughed, scratching his forehead, a nervous habit. 

“I’m from ON&T”

“What is that?” Vwaire asked. 

“It’s an IT company, we deal with computers: hardware, software, database, network and internet connection, the shipping company is one of our clients and they sent me here because your internet is having problems?” Bruno said the last part as a question, still scratching his forehead.   

“Oh yes! The Wi-Fi, it’s been having issues for over a week now!” Tinuade exclaimed jumping up off her seat “You’re here to fix it right?”

Bruno nodded. 

“Aunty, I can take him to the library right?”

Aunty Juliana nodded rubbing her temple, Tinuade strode out of the living room, beckoning on Bruno to follow her. 

“I’m coming also” I said to no one in particular as I made to follow them. 

The library was a pretty spacious, considering the fact that it was a mini-library, it had a very soft green carpet and bookshelves lined the walls with chairs and cushions at the edge, there was a study table, upon which sat a PC, behind the study table was a huge sliding door which led off to a balcony, from which one could see the back of the compound. 

Upon entry Bruno requested the Wi-Fi router from Tinuade, after securing the password, he brought out his laptop, from the bag he’d brought along and began to work. Tinuade left a few moments later, probably feeling useless. 

“Care to explain or I have to beg it out of you?” Bruno said, not looking up from his work. 

I smiled and went up to where he sat and gave him an awkward hug, due to his sitting posture. 

“I missed you” I sighed. 

“And I’m curious. What happened after that savage took you away that day at the mall?”

I exhaled audibly “Nothing really, we just went back to his house and he was very pissed sha

Bruno looked up at me for the first time. 

“I’m not lying, seriously.”

“So what are you doing here? Are you a twin? Who was that babe downstairs? Did your Slave Master sell you here? Why are you staying with these people? How long have you been here for?”

“Bruno!” I had to exclaim as he was about to flood me with a deluge of questions “Calm down. Let’s take this one at a time”

“Okay, sorry. What are you doing here?”

I answered, telling him all about how the Slave Master took me to the engagement party where Tinuade kidnapped me just yesterday and how Vwaire, my doppelganger had stormed in making sense of a very confusing situation.

“So lemme get this straight. You guys are twins. How come none of you ever knew? How come your mum didn’t –”

“She’s not my mum” I interrupted and went on to tell him about Aunty Juliana and narrated the story she’d told me this morning.

“So you should receive the DNA test result tomorrow abi?”

“Yes” I nodded. 

“What have you not told me yet?”

“I’ve told you everything” I lied. 

“No you’ve not. It’s obvious in your demeanour, what have you left unsaid?”

I shifted uncomfortably “The Slave Master came for me this morning” then I proceeded to tell him the rest of the story. 

“What? How did he know that you are here?” 

“I don’t know, but that guy must have some serious connections to have found me o!”

Bruno shook his head, his brain probably moving in different directions as fast as the speed of light “That doesn’t make any sense. He found you in less than 12 hours and you were taken at night” Bruno before continuing “it doesn’t add up. He found you too soon”

“Do you think he planned it then?” I asked following Bruno’s line of thought. 

“I don’t know, maybe he really does have strong connections” there was strong doubt in Bruno’s words. 

“So your IT company sent you here” I said after a lapse of silence. 

“Hmm-hmn” he affirmed with a nod.

“Wait, why doesn’t your aunt just pay up your debt for you?” Bruno asked all of a sudden. 

“What do you mean?” I asked “I don’t think they’re all that well to do anyways”

Bruno gave me a are-you-kidding-right-now face. 

“What?” I asked. 

“Your aunt is like the highest stakeholder in the shipping company?”

“What shipping company?” 

“You know of the Judisque-Allan shipping company right?”

“Yes nah, they are like the No. 1 company for shipping goods into and out of the country” I answered immediately, I don’t like looking stupid and Bruno was giving me a face as if I was behaving stupid. 

“Yes, your aunt is the highest stakeholder in the company, she owns like 55% of their shares, she’s on the Board of Trustees, she’s on the Board of Directors and she’s very well respected among the staff”

“Wow” I breathed, realising just for much money my aunt had access to. 

“I’m done here” Bruno said a few minutes later “the Wi-Fi is all fixed up”

I nodded and followed Bruno as he made his way out of the library my mind still reeling over the new information I’d just received. 

Aunty Juliana and Vwaire were seated on the settee in deep conversation when we stepped into the living room.

“Oh, you’re done?” Aunty Juliana asked as she caught sight of us, earning her a nod from Bruno. 

I was burning within me and couldn’t help myself from blurting out “Exactly how much do you make from the shipping company per year?”

“Excuse me?” Vwaire answered. 

“How much do you make from the shipping company per annum” I repeated. 

“How is that any of your business?” Vwaire answered “Just because your boyfriend must have informed you about our–”

“Vwaire! Stop it!” Aunty Juliana exclaimed. 

“That’s what we were just talking about before you both came in” Aunty Juliana said clamly before turning to face Bruno “I believe you must have acquainted her on our position in the shipping company” without waiting for his reply she turned back to me “my sister, Juliet was friends with the son of the owner of the shipping company, they were about to go bankrupt and needed all the financial support they could get. Juliet pumped all of her savings into the shipping company, a stupid risk I advised her not to take, but it worked out. The company was ressurected and Juliet became it’s highest shareholder, after her demise, since I was her next-of-kin I inherited her shares, but they actually belong to you, to both of you since you’re both her children, so I’ll contact my lawyer next Monday and have him split the shares between the both of you, then you can do whatever you like with it. How does that sound?”


Who else loves the Jafiya twins as much as I do, they are so perfect for Brino and Vwaire. Okay, I’m tired now, I’ve been writing this post for about 2 days now and I wanted to make it extra long. 

God bless all the Urhobo people in my life who made me realise that I was spelling Vwaire wrongly, some people even spell it as Vwaihe. 

Sooooooooooo, I found another book in wattpad, it’s actually a sequel to this awesome book I read about 2 years ago it’s titled Begin Again and I am like 😍😍😍 because the main characters finally got back together (they broke up at the end of the first book and I thought the writer was as sadistic as Veronica Roth at that point in time. Fine! They’re both not all that sadistic, just a little too realistic for my liking) 

I talk too much. 

Next post tomorrow. 


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🍔 Cheeseburger.  


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