The day we stopped talking, it was as if the core of my universe had been ripped apart. My days were longer and drab. Nights were lonely and cold. I missed every single thing about you. From the way you scrunch your face up when you’re about to tease me, to all those crazy nicknames you randomly give me on a whim, also all those times you get stupid and pat my overly-pimpled forehead because you know I don’t like it. 

The fact that me and you had a disconnect affected me a whole lot more than I would ever have thought imaginable. I missed all those days when we’d randomly bump into one another and start doing whatever. I missed the stupid tone your voice always gets when you’re about to give a sarcastic remark, I missed you Leo. 

I cried and prayed that we’d get back together and go back to how we were before, God really does answer prayers. That’s why when you smiled at me this night showcasing those two slight dimples on your chubby bearded cheeks, I couldn’t help but remember how much I missed your smile when we fell apart. Seeing you, seeing your smile this evening, it just put my world back right-side up. 


S/O to all those beautiful friends who make the world go round!

Have a beautiful week ahead guys!

Next post on Thursday. 


🍔 Cheeseburger.


3 thoughts on “RIGHT-SIDE UP

  1. Gods Kid says:

    Mure I remember the days you told me you couldn’t write things… Like this. Lol now it’s me that can’t write things like this. It’s beautiful to read them on your platform.

    Liked by 1 person

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