EXP #1

EXP #1.14

“That sounds awesome!” I beamed.

I was finally going to be rid of the Slave Master, I am never stealing anything in my life ever again. 

“Mama, please rethink this thing, tomorrow is Monday. At least give it a week” Vwaire said in a very soft voice holding Aunty Juliana’s hand. 
Aunty Juliana shook her head sternly “It’s your money not mine, let your sister get her life back on track with her share even if you don’t need yours” 

Vwaire dropped Aunty Juliana’s hand and watched as the older lady stood up and went into the house, she sighed loudly when Aunty Juliana was out of the room and stood up without so much as a second glance at me or Bruno. 

“Wow” I said instantly pissed off by Vwaire’s attitude. Me and that girl have no thing at all in common once you get past our physical appearance. 


The next day was Monday, one more day left till the Slave Master’s deadline, I couldn’t help but remember.

Vwaire borrowed me a formal dress to wear to the lawyers office, although it was after herself and Aunty Juliana finished a big fight in her room. 

We first went to the hospital to pick up the DNA test results. All though the result seemed pretty obvious, I couldn’t help but shake with nervousness as I opened the envelope. What if I’m not actually related in this people? What if it was all a huge mistake and misunderstanding?
Doubts began to flood my mind as I brought the result out, palms wet and shaky, I managed to hold the DNA result and  decipher what it said. I heaved a huge sigh of relief when the DNA result showed that I was indeed related to Aunty Juliana and Vwaire. 

After the hospital we went to the Law Firm where Aunty Juliana’s lawyer worked. I filled lots of forms in the lawyer’s office and signed a couple of papers, alongside Vwaire and Aunty Juliana 

“That’s all madam” the lawyer said facing Aunty Juliana “You have successfully divided your shares into two and transferred them to your nieces. Congratulations” the man said the last word as he extended his hand first to Vwaire who shook it politely, then to me, I shook him trying my best to hold on to the smile that was threatening to break out on my face soon.

“Thank you, Mr Bello” Aunty Juliana said, also shaking his hand.

“My pleasure madam”

After the firm, Aunty Juliana decided that I needed to see the shipping company and asked her driver to take us there. Vwaire was uncharacteristically calm and quite during the drive. 

As soon as we got to the shipping company, someone approached Aunty Juliana to talk to her about whatever, leaving me to wander about with Vwaire. 

“So…” I nearly jumped when I heard Vwaire’s  voice next to me. 

“So?” I asked.

“What are you going to do with your shares?” Vwaire asked conversationally.

I eyed her suspiciously “What do you think?” I finally answered “I’m going to sell it to the highest bidder and use the money to settle my debt and get my life in order” I smiled to myself “It’s been a long time coming”

Vwaire shook her head.

“Don’t sell it” Vwaire’s voice came out a couple of minutes later as we aimlessly walked.

“What?” I had to ask. 

“Don’t sell the shares. Don’t sell your birth right. This company is not just a good investment, it’s practically our family heirloom. Do you know the amount of people that have been trying to get these shares off Aunty Juliana since all these years? Lots of people have been trying to get a hold of our shares so as to control Judisque-Allan. Do you know there are some goods we don’t deal in because of Aunty Juliana’s grip on the company? There are some people in this country who would like to get hold of Judisque-Allan and use it for shady business, but no one has a grip on the company as much as Aunty Juliana does, if you sell you won’t just take away our power in the company, but you will also make an avenue for whosoever to get access to the company and not everyone has good intentions, and it will not end well for any of us. Please don’t sell” 

Vwaire’s words hit me and reminded me of the story of the prodigal son, I’d just received my inheritance and I was ready to sell it just like that.

I bit my bottom lower lip, steeling myself for the alternative decision.


I am sleeptyping. If you noticed anything to indicate that, I am so sorry. I’m so swamped in work these days and Thursday’s doesn’t seem to be a good day to post EXP #1

I’ll edit and rewrite this in the morning or later, just had to put something down before the day went. 

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🍔 Cheeseburger 


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