I watch the tufts of my hair as they fall to the ground, I laugh a little as Obiageli comes to mind.
Robo robo robo‘ she’d say if she were here because of the curly and kinky nature of my hair.

Iya Nura pauses with the comb atop my head and asks in Yoruba why I’m laughing, I reply her with nothing. She begins to plait my hair, all the while overseeing what her daughter is cooking in the general kitchen right behind us in her face-me-I-face-you apartment, supervising her twin sons as they go about their homeworks and maintaining a steady string of conversation with the woman in the closest apartment who talks from her room as they gossip about who wore it better at the latest Owambe in the neighbourhood.
The smell of goat faeces plagues my senses as little chicks stroll about filling my head and distracting me with their incessant clucking. I sigh inwardly, I finished reading Chimamanda’s Purple Hibiscus last night and as Iya Nura plaits my hair, I cant help but remember when Father Amadi took Kambili to get her hair done.

I’m a little like Kambili in a way, although I am not as bad as her, I have trouble expressing myself, but I can’t help imagine myself in her shoes.

I craned my neck as Mama Joe finished plaiting my hair, Father Amadi comes in at the right time and gives me that warm smile that I always find solace in, he holds out his hand to me and helps me up, instead of passing through the normal path home, we take the long road instead, a fly perches itself atop my head and Father Amadi swats it away, afterwhich he goes on to stroke my cheek ‘do you have to go?’ I ask.

He closes his eyes for a split second, reminding me of how much I love his lashes ‘I cannot leave the priesthood’ he answers instead.

‘but you can leave me? Us? This… this… what we have?’ the tears came unconsciously and I turned away from him as I swiped them away, clearly embarrassed at myself and my sudden outburst ‘you know what? Forget it’ I say after getting myself together and I turn back in the direction that leads home making sure not to look at him.

‘Kambili’ his voice reaches me at the same time his hand does my arm. I’m frozen in my place and he comes in front of me resting his other hand on my other arm, I’m losing my composure, the tears come again and I lean my forehead against his chest.

His first kiss terrifies me as much as it appeals to me. Just a simple peck on the middle of my head,he raises my head up and looks into my eyes before placing another on my forehead, by the time I look up at him again his eyes are on my lips and he bends towards —

“Eno, oya o!” Iya Nura’s voice jolts me into reality, she’s done with my hair, with an inward sigh I stand up from the small kitchen stool, thanking her in the process.


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EXP #1

EXP #1.18

“You walked out on me” the Slave Master said, standing in the doorway of my room. 
I sat up on the bed, and shrugged as I held his eyes “there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?”

He shook his head “I want to understand something”


“What happened on Friday night?”

“Now you ask, wait sef, don’t you already know everything?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” the Slave Master asked. 

“You showed up at my aunty’s place the next day, you also know about my shares, less than 24 hours after I acquired them, how do you not know the full details of what happened on Friday?” I asked. 

The Slave Master exhaled. 

I gave a sigh of my own before speaking “After you left me to see your mother, I bumped into my twin sister’s friend, Tinuade. Tinuade mistook me for my sister, Vwaire and took me to her house. Vwaire got home not long after we did and everything was all cleared up”

“That’s all?” he asked sceptically. 

“That’s all” I replied. 

“And you never knew anything about Vwa- your twin till Friday?”


“And she never knew about you either?”

“Nope, we were both in shock”

“What about your aunt?”

“Ah-ahn! Why are you asking all these questions?” I looked up at the Slave Master who had a hand to his face in deep thought. He looked at me with eyes that didn’t really look at me, as if he was thinking of a whole lot of other things that were beyond the confines of my room and even this conversation. 

“I’m just curious. They never knew about you till Friday and you’re already a member of the family with Judisque-Allan shares to prove it”

“Get over this shares already!” I exclaimed. 

“You never answered my question. Did your aunt know?” the Slave Master ignored my earlier outburst.

“She said she always had a feeling that I might have existed somewhere”

The Slave Master’s confused expression nearly made me laugh. I’d never ever seen him confused. Always cool, calm and composed; occasionally full of himself and arrogant; angry was another expression I was used to, even condescending, but never confused, so before he could speak I beat him to it “My parents are both dead now, my mother died giving birth to us, my dad was her lover and they ran away, according to my aunt my mum was expecting twins, but I was born first and my dad took me away, by the time my aunt got to the hospital, my dad had probably made off with me, she watched as my sister was born before my mum gave up the ghost”

The Slave Master nodded. 

I climbed up the stairs the next morning and knocked on the Slave Master’s door “Hello, are you in there?”

“I’m in here!” he called out from another room, I followed the sound till I found the room it came from. After I’d knocked twice, I turned the knob on the door, it opened up to an office. Black desk, one chair behind it which currently held the Slave Master and two chairs in front of it. Various office paraphernalia were arranged on the table, a bookshelf was at the side of a wall, I stepped in and looked down at the soft carpet beneath my feet as I felt it. I’d never been in this room. I looked around once again, the room wasn’t so big, it was like a home office. 

“Can I help you?” the Slave Master asked with an impassive expression on his face as he looked up from the laptop he was working on.   

“You didn’t come down for breakfast, the pancakes are already cold”

“Just bring them up, I’m busy” he replied. 

“You’re not going to work today?” 

“You can see I’m busy” he deadpanned. 

“Alright then, I’ll bring your breakfast up”


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>>EXP #1.19

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“So tell me, what else is there to be heard?”

“Tell me what you left unsaid,

All the imaginations of my head, 

Brought to life with dread. 

A life of truth, you never led, 

So it was on your phone that I read, 

All the lies you told your beloved,

As you convinced her that I never existed.”


I’ve been posting short poetry of late. I think I’m going through a E+W phase (P.S that’s short for http://www.eyespluswords.com)

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I’m trying to remember the first time I met you,

Trying to recall what prompted us to speak to each other,

I’m trying to recall the feelings and emotions,

And I compare it to what I feel for you right now.

I never saw myself being your friend, 

I never ever expected to fall in love, 

Above all, I never expected to fall out of love. 

Right now I’m just going through the emotions.

Trying to remember it all.   

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So today marks 2017 years since the greatest display of love also morphed into the greatest miracle ever! 

Today is the Memorial Day of why my faith makes sense. You see every man can die, every man should die and every man will die. Jesus died. 

But not every man who does wakes up from the dead, I mean a couple of others in history got that privilege; the son of the Shunamite woman, Jairus’ daughter, Lazarus, even my uncle (he was medically pronounced dead and he came back to life some hours later) 

But what makes Jesus’ ressurection so spectacular is that no one woke him up (like all the aforementioned) no medical aid was given to his ressurection. It was as if he took a 3-day nap and he woke up all by himself after his body had been pronounced dead. And till date, no single living soul has been able to achieve that feat! 

So you see, my Jesus is spectacular. The fact that he is the only soul to ever have single handedly risen from the dead is a solid proof of my faith in him. 

So thank you Jesus for dying for my sins and coming back from the dead. Your sacrifice is not wasted on me. 

Dear reader, I hope it’s not wasted on you too. 

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EXP #1

EXP #1.17

​Clap clap.

“Are you kidding me?” I said as soon as I got downstairs.

The Slave Master raised an eyebrow in response to my outburst.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“My dinner isn’t going to cook itself in case you didn’t realize and I’m hungry” he answered.

I could not even bring myself to give a reply; I focused on my breathing to stop my vision from turning red “You expect me to cook for you?” I managed a few moments later.

Damiloju shrugged “Why not? I’m hungry”

‘Calm Brino, calm’ I said to myself, still working on my breathing “You locked me out of the house, you left me in the rain to die! And I barely got time to warm myself up just now and you still expect me to cook dinner for you?”

“Either you cook dinner or it cooks itself, and I don’t see dinner cooking itself anytime soon” the Slave Master replied sarcastically.

It took all my willpower not to lunge at the Slave Master where he sat and give him a piece of my fist, all I could do was to groan out my frustration, after which I kicked the setee right next to me and every other thing in my path on my way to the kitchen.


“Why don’t you have dinner with me?” the Slave Master suggested as he sat down to have his meal.

“I’m not hungry” I replied.

“I insist”

“That won’t make me hungry” I deadpanned.

“Sit with me as I have dinner then”

“I’d rather not”

“Brino” the Slave Master said looking straight into my eyes, I stared right back at him with what I hoped was defiance “Sit” he said with his usual air of authority that could not be defied.

I reluctantly sat down “What now?”

“Do you always have to be so stubborn?”

“Do you expect me to answer that question?”

The Slave Master sighed “Just 3 days”

“What is just 3 days?” I asked.

The Slave Master looked up at me like he was going to say something, then bent towards his food and took another bite, ignoring my question.

“You were away from me for just 3 days” he finally said minutes later “now look at you, outspoken and bold, you’ve gotten your tongue and you can talk to me as you please now, so money really does that”

I groaned “How did you even know about my shares in Judisque-Allan?”

The Slave Master shrugged and continued eating “How about I make you a deal, you sell your shares to me and you’re free to leave my house. I’ll forgive your debt”

I laughed “Those shares are worth a whole lot more than the price of 6 Honda Pilots combined and you know that. But don’t worry; I’m going to be paying you in installments. Whatever returns I get from my shares, I’ll wire it straight to you till I give you back your last kobo”

“So you’re not selling then?” the Slave Master asked.

“Of course not, now if you’ll excuse me” I stood up “I’m very sure you’ve spoken on what you wanted to talk about, and since my shares are off the table, I’d like to go to bed. Good night” I turned on my heel and went up to my bedroom.

Happy Easter guys!

I’m not a promise and fail. Hurray (Although I didn’t promise)

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>>EXP #1.18

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Good Friday 

So today is the day 2017 years ago that dear Jesus was crucified, not because he did anything wrong, but because you -and I- were too far gone in our sins (despite the fact that we weren’t even born)

So I’m just here to say thank you to Jesus for dying for my sins, thank you for your sacrifice on the cross, thank you for redemption, thank you that I can cry Abba Father, thank you because I’m God’s work in progress, thank you because I know that all things are working out for my good. 

Romans 5:7-8 KJV

For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die. [8] But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Happy Easter guys. 

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