EXP #1, novella

EXP #1.15

I exhaled audibly, closing my eyes and tighten my fists where I stood. 

“I don’t want to go back to him” it wasn’t meant to come out as a wail but it did. 

“Did he ever hurt you? Or…” Vwaire trailed off. 

I shook my head, he only ever threatened to hurt me, he’d never actually done it, but I knew that he could of he ever wanted to.

“Look, now that aunty Juliana has transferred the shares to us, you’ll be getting the returns of the shares from now on so you can use that to be paying your Slave Master off in instalments”

I looked up “Why did you call him that?” I asked. 

“What? Slave Master?” Vwaire asked, I nodded. 

“That’s what you always call him na

“Oh really?”

“As I was saying, you can agree with your Slave Master and pay him in instalments, so you don’t have to be his permanent slave for life”

“Hey girls” Aunty Juliana called from behind us. 

“Mama” Vwaire said excitedly “I convinced Brino not to sell her shares”

“Really? But what about that boy, Demola’s son” Aunty Juliana asked referring to the Slave Master. 

“I’ll have to go and continue working for him till I save enough money to clear my debt” I answered. 

“Brino are you sure about this?” Aunty Juliana asked with concern. 

I nodded. 

“Why don’t we head home then? You can go back to his house tomorrow morning” Aunty Juliana said.


Hey there guys, sorry this is super short, but I already lost track of the plot account so I’ll have to read EXP #1 from the beginning to reacquaint myself with it and it’s already late, asides that I’m super tired. Please bear with me, i’m so sorry and I’ll make it up to you by posting EXP #1.16 on Saturday. 


Next post on Friday. 


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>>EXP #1.16

🍔 Cheeseburger 


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