So today marks 2017 years since the greatest display of love also morphed into the greatest miracle ever! 

Today is the Memorial Day of why my faith makes sense. You see every man can die, every man should die and every man will die. Jesus died. 

But not every man who does wakes up from the dead, I mean a couple of others in history got that privilege; the son of the Shunamite woman, Jairus’ daughter, Lazarus, even my uncle (he was medically pronounced dead and he came back to life some hours later) 

But what makes Jesus’ ressurection so spectacular is that no one woke him up (like all the aforementioned) no medical aid was given to his ressurection. It was as if he took a 3-day nap and he woke up all by himself after his body had been pronounced dead. And till date, no single living soul has been able to achieve that feat! 

So you see, my Jesus is spectacular. The fact that he is the only soul to ever have single handedly risen from the dead is a solid proof of my faith in him. 

So thank you Jesus for dying for my sins and coming back from the dead. Your sacrifice is not wasted on me. 

Dear reader, I hope it’s not wasted on you too. 

🍔 Cheeseburger.  


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