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EXP #1.16

“Are you sure about this?” Aunty Juliana asked for the umpteenth time that afternoon. 

“Yes aunty” I answered rubbing my temple.

“Mama, calm down or you’re gonna give her a headache” Vwaire said, from where she sat across me on the dining table. 

“Let me go freshen up, I’ll be leaving in an hour’s time” I said and excused myself before Aunty Juliana could try to change my mind, either that or she would start another round of her incessant worrying. I sighed as I closed my room door, I was here for just 3 days and it already felt like home. I was instantly accepted, and although Vwaire wasn’t the most accomodating person in the universe, there was still that invisible bond that bound us. I didn’t want to go back to the Slave Master, not because he was a condescending, menacing bully, but because I was finally in a place where I didn’t struggle to fit in, I was finally in a place I could easily and readily call home and I was not ready to leave. 

I packed my things, my very few things into a small bag Aunty Juliana had given me earlier and made my way downstairs.

“I’m set” I said entering the living room where Tinuade, Vwaire and Aunty Juliana were sitted “See you guys whenever”

The three women stood up and walked me to the gate “Have a safe journey” Tinuade said to me as she clapped my shoulder.

“Stay safe” Vwaire told me, gripping my arm.

“Oh Brino” Aunty Juliana said, she was already glassy eyed.

“You guys, I’m not dying!” I had to exclaim, the sombre mood was already choking me “Nothing bad is going to happen stop acting like this”

“I’m sorry” Aunty Juliana managed wiping her eyes “But we only just found you and we have to be separated from you so soon, it’s painful. I need you to promise me something. Promise me that you’ll come back home to your family”

“I promise” I said.

Vwaire then shocked me by giving me a hug “No matter what, we are family, blood, never ever forget that, and don’t ever forget you have a place here”

“Sure, I won’t” I coughed, these people were getting too mushy for my liking “I’ll be on my way now” 

“God be with you” Aunty Juliana said one last time before I left the house.


It was relatively easy getting to the Slave Master’s house since I have a very good sense of direction, I already knew my way since the first time Henshaw had brought me back here from the market when I was trying to find out where I was, so as to sneak out and see Bruno.

I pounded the gate instantly “It’s me. Let me in” I said as the gateman opened the little flap on the pedestrian gate to check who it was.

“Oga is not around and he said I should not open the gate for anybody when he’s not around” the gateman said from within.

I slumped my shoulders in frustration and gave an exasperated sigh before making myself comfortable, leaning on the gate. The sky began to turn gray in a matter of minutes, I pounded the gate once again “Open up, it’s about to start raining”

“I can’t! You know the way Oga used to do. Small time he will vex and sack me, I take God beg you, abeg, manage for there” the gateman said from within the house and I could emphatise, the poor man knew how crazy his boss could get and was not ready to take chances with his means of livelihood and I couldn’t blame him. 

Unfortunately, the rain began to fall, straight atop my head without any mercy. I stood in the rain as the sky got darker and I shivered within my clothes. I had no umbrella or anything to shield me from the downpour and I was already soaked to my bones by the time his car drove up to the gate, I had been standing there for over 15 minutes. I grit my teeth as the car honked, the gate was opened and I made my way in behind the car and ran up to the porch where the downpour was greatly reduced. 

“Oh my goodness, I hope you didn’t stand too long in the rain” the Slave Master said with feigned concern as he strolled up to his front door, umbrella in hand as he inserted the key into the keyhole.

I couldn’t reply, but ran into the house as fast as I could to get my inhaler, I had brought it along when I’d packed my stuff from my mother’s house, I could feel an asthma attack coming and I was not ready to die. Thank God the Slave Master came back at the time that he did and not any later.  

By the time I was done, I turned around to find him leaning against my room doorway “Fortunately, you didn’t die”

“Like you care” I replied, finally able to breathe perfectly. 

“Of course I care” the Slave Master replied “Why will I not be concerned about the welfare of the latest shareholder in the Judisque-Allan shipping company, who just happens to be working for me and living under my roof because she destroyed my car and doesn’t have the money to pay me back?” 

“That doesn’t even make any sense at all” I said going out of the room, with him following behind me, turning on the lights as I went. 

“Does it?” 

I turned around to face the Slave Master, we were in the living room at this point. 

“So you have connections everywhere and you’ve heard about my inheritance. So what?” I asked with arms crossed rubbing them with my palms as I spoke. 

“Nothing” the Slave Master replied with a shrug “I just wanted to remind you that you are now a very relevant person, so I should be concerned about your welfare”

“Whatever” I muttered and went to pick up my bag from where I’d discarded it. 


So I had to read all the previous EXP #1 posts before I could even type this, and I have to admit, I’m proud of myself. And it’s so beautiful how I’ve been writing this for close to 3 months and it’s about 3 weeks that has passed within the story.

Yes, so I promised and failed to post this on Saturday and I didn’t even post on Sunday either. My most sincere apologies, I came down with illness on Saturday and I was unable to get anything done throughout the weekend (I couldn’t even read for a test I had on Tuesday till that very morning!) I’m better now though, so I hope you guys forgive me and accept my apology. 

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You are a really good chef you know. Your ability to cook up lies, serve it on a platter of gold and feed it all to me never ceases to amaze me. As in, I’m always left in awe each time I am fed one of your famous lies. Of course I pretend to gobble it down right in front of you, but let’s be honest now. I don’t like your cooking. 

I know I should have told you before, but it makes me sick to my stomach and beyond, it gives me headache, chest pain and worst of all heartache and heartbreak. 

I’ve tried to justify your lies over and again but at this point, I’m tired. How can you just sit down and feed me lies? Don’t you ever get tired of cooking? Don’t you ever feel bad or remorseful? You have insulted me and my intelligence long enough, so I’m coming out to tell you that I’m done. 

Yes, I pretend to eat your lies when you’re there, but that’s a lie on my path. Since 2 can play at this game, I always make sure to gobble down antacid before you come with your poison. 

So at this point all I ask is that you stop. I know the truth okay? I knew you were going to lie as usual so I made my findings long before you came with your lies. I sincerely don’t know how you justify these many lies, I don’t know how you still have the nerve to talk to me and relate with me when you always make a fool of me in your head. I don’t know how you can live with yourself after make a fool of such an intelligent person. Only God knows how many other lies that you have told me and I have actually taken without antacid. 


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EXP #1, novella

EXP #1.15

I exhaled audibly, closing my eyes and tighten my fists where I stood. 

“I don’t want to go back to him” it wasn’t meant to come out as a wail but it did. 

“Did he ever hurt you? Or…” Vwaire trailed off. 

I shook my head, he only ever threatened to hurt me, he’d never actually done it, but I knew that he could of he ever wanted to.

“Look, now that aunty Juliana has transferred the shares to us, you’ll be getting the returns of the shares from now on so you can use that to be paying your Slave Master off in instalments”

I looked up “Why did you call him that?” I asked. 

“What? Slave Master?” Vwaire asked, I nodded. 

“That’s what you always call him na

“Oh really?”

“As I was saying, you can agree with your Slave Master and pay him in instalments, so you don’t have to be his permanent slave for life”

“Hey girls” Aunty Juliana called from behind us. 

“Mama” Vwaire said excitedly “I convinced Brino not to sell her shares”

“Really? But what about that boy, Demola’s son” Aunty Juliana asked referring to the Slave Master. 

“I’ll have to go and continue working for him till I save enough money to clear my debt” I answered. 

“Brino are you sure about this?” Aunty Juliana asked with concern. 

I nodded. 

“Why don’t we head home then? You can go back to his house tomorrow morning” Aunty Juliana said.


Hey there guys, sorry this is super short, but I already lost track of the plot account so I’ll have to read EXP #1 from the beginning to reacquaint myself with it and it’s already late, asides that I’m super tired. Please bear with me, i’m so sorry and I’ll make it up to you by posting EXP #1.16 on Saturday. 


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It hurts me so much that I was so blinded by my self righteousness, that my judgemental nature didn’t allow me to get to know you early enough. 

When I finally got to know you we had limited time, none of us knew. I fell in love with you and your naughty beautiful self, although such words never came out of my mouth, what came out instead were numerous threats to cause you physical harm, of course you always knew I didn’t mean you any harm. 

But it’s too late for us now, you’ve gone and all I can do is to try to hold onto what could have been and memories of our time together.


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