EXP #1

EXP #1.19

“Have you seen this?” the Slave Master asked as he came down that evening, holding a magazine in his hand. 

He’d been in his office all day with occasional visitors dressed in suits carrying books and suitcases, going in and out. I’d just busied myself around the house and only stepped in twice after the first time, first to give him his already cold breakfast and second to ask what he’d have for dinner. 

“Your dinner is getting cold” I answered, gesturing towards the dinning room.

“Look at this” the Slave Master said before thrusting the magazine into my hand, I scanned the article he pointed at then looked back at him.

“How does this have any thing to do with me?” I asked. 

The article was concerning some elite who was going to be celebrating his 50th birthday during the weekend. 

“Look at the name” the Slave Master said impatiently as if he was waiting for me to suddenly be concerned about some random rich person in a magazine. 

“Nosa Osaretin” I said and looked back at him still confused.

The Slave Master groaned due to obvious disappointment before finally saying “Nosa Osaretin is on the Board of Directors in Judisque-Allan”

“So? How is this any of my business?” I asked. 

The Slave Master groaned again, this time due to exasperation “This party is going to be filled up with everybody who is somebody in the society and it’s going to be a great opportunity for you to meet all the movers and shakers in Judisque-Allan”

“Why must I know them? They have their lives, I have mine”  

The Slave Master slapped his palm against his forehead in sheer frustration at this point. 

“What?!” I asked totally confused at this point “It’s not a must I get to know them na!”

“It’s like you don’t understand”

“Make me understand”

“You have already made enemies even beyond Judisque-Allan just because you are one half of the highest share holders in the company. This party gives you the best opportunity to network and make friends and informally introduce yourself to society. See it as your coming out party, it is the perfect opportunity.”

I shrugged “Okay”

“Do you have an invite?” the Slave Master asked. 

“No. Do you?”

“Of course not” the Slave Master answered as if he’d be the last person with an invite to such an event. 

“Why?” I asked, at my question, his expression cleared and all guards were put back up “Oh, I remember, you’re antisocial”

I gave me a sort of curious expression at that point “Call your sister and ask for an invite. I’m sure she’ll have one”

“I don’t have Vwaire’s number”

The Slave Master looked at me for like a second before turning on his heel and heading back upstairs. He came back less than a minute later with a piece of paper in his hand which he stretched out to me. 

“What’s this?” I asked. 

He didn’t answer, his hand was still outstretched, I collected the piece of paper and he immediately turned to the dinning room. 

On the piece of paper boldly written out was a phone number with the name Vwaire under it. 

What does this guy not know exactly? I thought to myself as I dialled the number.

“Hello?” Vwaire spoke

“Hey Vwaire, it’s Brino, how are you?” I replied. 

“I’m okay, I’m even meant to be asking you. How is your Slave Master? Hope he’s not harassing you?”

“He’s… he’s just there jare, but no, I’m perfectly fine”

“That’s nice to hear”

“Yeah, I called to find out if you’re going for Nosa Osaretin’s birthday party this Saturday”

“Yes, me and Tinuade are planning to go. Why?”

“Well, since he’s a big person at the company I guessed lots of others would be present also and I’d like to get an opportunity to meet as many people as possible that are involved with the shipping company”

“I see”

“So could you please get me an invite?” I asked

“No problem, I’ll tell Aunty, it should be sent to your mail before the end of tomorrow”

“Okay, thank you” I said, right after which I hung up. 


I’m having a nasty headache RN. But I just had to post. 

So my huge announcement is that I’m going to be celebrating one year as a blogger before this month runs out. So in honour of my blog anniversary, I’m going to be posting every day. Yep, that’s right one post per day.

So feel free to hit the link every day and expect something new; subscribe with your email to get daily notifications; and if you like anything you read here, feel free to the link with your friends.





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