EXP #1, novella

EXP #1.20

The invitation to Nosa Osaretin’s birthday party came in during breakfast the next morning and I promptly informed the Slave Master who came back that evening with a bag from a well known boutique in town. 

“Go check if it suits you” was all he said as he flung the bag in my direction when he stepped into the house. 
It was a red floor-length dinner gown with a silvery lace bodice, alongside silver heels and jewelry. I breathed Wow at the sight of  the bag’s content. 
“Wow! I love this dress” I practically yelled as I burst into the living room, to show myself off to the Slave Master in my new attire. 
“Good” he replied, his straight line lips curving up just a little bit.
I twirled once in my gown, then decided to give it another try. 
“I think it would be nice if you take the gown off now” the Slave Master said in a firm tone. 
“I know, I know” I replied with a smile “I just love it” I breathed. 
“Point noted. Go pull it off” the Slave Master deadpanned.
I sighed at the tone of his voice and turned to the stairs “Thank you” I turned towards him before ascending “Thank you very much. I’m really grateful”
The Slave Master gave a curt nod and I went back to my room.
I’m in so much pains now. My eyes hurt. 

Next post tomorrow. 


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