I grimaced as yet another snore escaped from his mouth directly into my ear, I closed my eyes asking for the grace to bear this torture. I felt moisture on my shoulder and turned. 

Oh God! He’s drooling on me!!! 

I tried to reposition myself, but there was no shaking this guy off. We’d been on the bus for about 5 hours now, Ibadan was still 2 hours away, I didn’t even realise when the man sitted next to me fell asleep, well until he began using my shoulder as a pillow and singing snooze tunes straight into my ears.

I tried sleeping, but this guy’s snores were hard core! I couldn’t close my eyes for a straight minute. 

Finally after what seemed like eternity, we arrived at the motor park. We were in Ibadan, safe and sound, I shifted my shoulder and tapped the guy next to me. It had been a really long and stressful trip, and I didn’t know what he had been through before boarding the bus so I couldn’t attack him or complain or anything. 

The man stirred next to me, straightened his head and looked at himself, he turned and looked at me, I managed a sheepish smile, he turned away looking ahead, then scratched his eyes, after which he rubbed his mouth, which he realised was moist causing him to clean it with the back of his shirtsleeve. He eyed my shoulder, which already had a wet patch, clearing his throat, he stood up and stepped out of the bus. 

Wow! Rude much? 


No EXP #1 this night, I’m sorry. Please bear with me.

🍔 Cheeseburger. 


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