Jesus! I didn’t post yesterday!
And I have a perfectly good explanation. My 1.5gb data subscription that was meant to take me throughout the whole month suddenly finished under the space of 2 weeks (on Friday) as I was trying to upload a video of our choir concert – which took place on Friday – on instagram (the concert was LIT on a whole other level by the way) 

And the concert was a vigil so I slept late and woke up late and I’m currently tight on cash and decided to load my phone using the ATM (the same one that came alive after me and my Sisters prayed over it) 

Anyways, I decided to use the ATM after prayer meeting ended by 7pm yesterday evening and my phone was credited like over 45 minutes later, then I bought my data and it also took a while for me to receive it. During which period my phone died and I went out to play, I came back in pretty late and forgot completely about my phone and blog till I saw that the time was 12 am and I realised: Jesus, I didn’t post yesterday! 

Since it’s still around 12, let’s consider this as Saturday’s post, I’ll still post later on today for Sunday. 

🍔 Cheeseburger. 


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