You have to understand I’ve always been scared.

I wasn’t scared to love. No, that’s easy. 

I was scared of love; of what it would do to me. 

I’d seen too many movies and read too many books and I understood the concept. 

Being in love was amazing, it made you ecstatic, put you on an all time high. 

But I also understand the concept of life, that every good thing must come to an end. 

So, I became scared.

I was scared of love, of what would happen to me whenever I got off that high that came along with it. 

I was scared of being broken, terrified of heart break.

So I decided not to love; it was the only way to ensure my protection. 

I put on locks and bolted the doors and cut off all roads leading to my heart. 

My heart became an impenetrable fortress. 

I was glad, my heart was secure. 

But I was insecure. 


To be continued… 

🍔 Cheeseburger. 


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