It’s a year already. I am just speechless.

I always wanted to have a blog back in secondary school, but it was just a tall dream. I soon forgot about the dream when I entered uni, but a friend, my best-est-est friend in the whole wide world kept on pushing me to open a blog and I kept on stalling. Until today last year, I saw the WordPress app on a friend’s phone and I opened a blog.

I’d like to say that it has not been easy, although it’s also been fun. Blogging is so many things to me but I’ll just use 2 sentences: Blogging is work. Blogging is a calling.

Seriously, when I decided to get serious about my blog in October 2016, I realised how truly stressful blogging is. With the time-table and struggling to beat deadlines, juggling my life in between and don’t even get me started on when Writer’s Block hits. Blogging is work, and it is stressful.

But I also believe that its a calling. I believe blogging is a calling in the sense that, if you are called to it, no matter what, you will stay faithful and commited to it.
Even when there is electric power outage and your battery is low by 10:45pm (or worsestill, the battery is dead) and you’re yet to put up your blog post for the day; or when you’re broke and you don’t have data to post, or when you suddenly realise that it’s your posting day by 11:45pm without a draft at the ready, or when your Stats for blog views are at an all time low and you’re feeling discouraged, and let’s not mention Writer’s Block again (oops, I just did. Too bad). 
You in all these instances being me though.
But the thing is despite all these, if blogging is your calling, you’ll find a way to deliver one way or another.

If there is anything I’ve learnt from owning a blog it’s that when there is a will; there is a way.

So my darling readers, my one advice for you on my Blog Anniversary Day (I’m not sure that’s a thing though) is that you find your calling, find that thing within which your passion lies, it could also be writing, maybe not on a blog like me, maybe on Wattpad or Snapchat or Facebook, it could be cooking, or painting or taking care of people. Whatever it is, find your calling and go after it.

One of the reasons I also opened a blog was to leave a legacy behind just in case I fall dead tomorrow. I have something that will be used to remember me by. So what is your legacy? What will be your legacy? How will people remember you ever walked this earth?

Find your passion, find your calling and invest into it. And let that be your legacy.

🍔 Cheeseburger.

One year and still going strong.



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