Hi there! 

No, I wasn’t run over by a bus or anything, I just didn’t post 2 consecutive times because… well life got in the way and all. Lame excuse I know, I’m sorry. 

But I’m going to be going on a blog holiday for the most part of June. 

Gasp! Why?! 

Well, I’ve got exams this month and I have to face my school work. 

I might post sporadically though, maybe once a week. Just don’t hold your breath. 

My most sincere apologies

👑 the King’s Beloved (Àyànfé)

Words On Marble


“Tch, I say she’s low-key sleeping with him” 

“Bewaji!” Chi-Chi chided. 

“What? What other logical explanation can you come up with as to why the lecturer is always buttering up to Fiona in class?” Bewaji asked.

“I don’t know? Maybe she’s actually a good student” Odion said as she popped a bubblegum. 

“Tah! That’s bull. She must be sleeping with him. Dr. Tomade is not the kind of person to listen to a student’s opinion after he’s had his say, much less agree with them. She must be sleeping with him, if not that then he’s on her parole” Bewaji said with a shrug. 

“Bewaji can you actually hear yourself, what kind of scrabble sense are you using?” Odion asked. 

“Abeg, you girls calm down” Chi-Chi said. “Odion, try not to be to brash with your words and you, Bewaji, calm down before you speak. You could just be defaming Fiona for no reason and you know the walls have ears. You don’t know who will hear your speculations and turn it into the next best rumour. You had better be careful about the kind of things you say about people. 

“And for your information, Fiona’s father is a professor in that course and is also one of Dr. Tomade’s supervisors for his research work” Chi-Chi informed. 

“Oh, my bad” Bewaji deflated. 

Think twice about what you say about people before you say it, if you don’t know the whole truth you might just be tarnishing the person’s image for no good reason at all.  

Ephesians 4:29 KJV

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

Welcome to the month of June. 

👑 the King’s Beloved (Àyànfé)

EXP #2

Sneak Peek. 

Frances rushed into the hospital ward in the nick of time. 

“What’s going on? What’s happening here?” she asked frantically. 

“Ma’am we’re going to have to step out” a nurse she recognised said to her. 

“Why? What’s going on? What’s wrong with my baby?”

“Ma’am, please leave” a medical personnel came and gently shoved her out of the room. 

She began to pace. Up and down. Up and down. She ran her hand through her already tangled weave-on. Over and over and over again. She exhaled as she paused leaning her back against the wall. 

Eddie must not die. Eddie must not die. He was all she had left. Her parents had kicked her out once they found out she was pregnant with him and his father… She’d rather not go into that story. 

Tears streamed down her face as she bit down on her lower lip, deep in thought. 

God! She cried in her heart. Do something, do anything. Eddie must not die! 


Sneak peek… This is just a lil’ something that’s been on my mind for a bit now and I just felt like sharing. It’s going to be EXP #2 if I decide to write again after EXP #1

It’s the end of the month! 

May has been F-U-N, it was awesome posting everyday and you were awesome following me for as much as you could. Happy New June in advance! 

My updating schedule is now on Thursday’s, Friday’s (EXP #1) and Sunday’s. 

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👑 the King’s Beloved (Àyànfé)



Oh I want to go with you to paradise, 

To dwell in your presence day and night, 

I want to walk by your side on the streets of gold, 

And drink from the fountain of living water,

To dine with you and eat of the bread of life, 

And go stargazing, watch you name them one by one.

Till they are finally replaced by the sun. 

👑 the King’s Beloved (Àyànfé)



If you placed the stars in the sky and still know them all by name, 

How come you still remember mine?

If you make out time to hear everyone on Earth as they call out to you, 

How come you even recognise my voice? 

If all the hairs on my head were tongues, 

I still wouldn’t praise you enough, 

You are beyond measure, 

No one can ever be compared to you, oh my King. 

Your greatness is undisputable,

Your power undeniable,

You alone are unquestionable,

And your ways are unsearchable. 

Yes, this is hero worship. 

👑 the King’s Beloved (Àyànfé)


The King’s Beloved (Àyànfé) 

Handsomely robed in splendour,

Clothed in beauty and enthroned in majesty,

He is the King, 

He is my King.

Yes, this is hero worship.

He’s so strong; mighty men shake at the sight of him,

He’s so powerful and influential; he is the King of all Kings,

He’s so filthy rich; he owns all the cattle on the hills. 

And he loves me! 



I’m back! 

He loves me!!!

I can’t even get my mind around it sometimes.

No matter how much I get used to it I can never really be used to it. 

Little insignificant me. 

Sometimes I wonder who am I, that he is mindful of me, 

That he cares about me,

That he has my name engraved in the palm of his hand, 

He says that I’m the apple of his eye


He’s so awesome! 

Cue dreamy sigh. 

I love my King and he loves me more.

This kind of love takes some getting used to. 

👑 the Kings Beloved (Àyànfé)