my renaissance


I don’t want to be an average person,
I don’t want to be too predictable,
I’ll leave an air of mystery around me,
And pick at your tail feathers,
While you pick your brain,
As you try to figure me out.

I don’t want to be an average friend,
Who just laughs with you,
Neither do I want to only play, jest and cry,
I don’t just want good times,
I want to imprint on you, so the world will see.

I want to be emblazened on your heart,
To stamp myself on you so you never recover,
From the rare phenomenon that is me,
I want to leave you better than I met you,
I don’t want to be just a friend,
I want to impact your life for good.

Talking about impact, I don’t just want to make impact on the world,
Neither do I want to make optimum impact,
No, I want to be a head-on collision,
To take up the world by storm,
I want to be a revolution,
A shining beacon of change.

I don’t want to be the kind of person you simply get over,
I want everyone to be hung up over me when I’m gone,
You can forget my face, forget my name, even forget me,
But I don’t ever want you to forget the things I did.
Thats the kind of person I want to be,
That’s my kind of person.


Jesus Christ walked this earth and he was no ordinary person. He was unique, he was a story teller, very worded, a little sarcasm, a lot of parables. And I’ve been reading all about his lifetime for the past month. He was no ordinary person. He was so extraordinary, 2017 years after his death he’s still relevant.

Now, that’s the kind of person I want to be.

Who do you want to be?

EXP #1 coming in tomorrow, can I get a whoop!


👑 Àyànfé

my renaissance


If you had a twin,
If nature ever photocopied you,
And set your doppelganger before me,
I’d still know it wasn’t you,
Because he won’t wear your scars like you do.

I never liked them much, your scars,
But you wore them with such happiness, such pride,
They grew on me,
As I fell in love with you,
I fell in love with your scars. 

These don’t deface me, you’d say,
They define me.
These scars tell that there’s more to me than meets the eye,
They all tell a story,
A story that is instrumental to my person,
Sure, I’d be more beautiful without them,
But the experience gotten from them has made me beautiful on the inside.

No, your scars are not beautiful,
But you make them beautiful,
And you are beautiful,
No one can ever wear your scars better than you.

So if you ever had a twin,
If nature ever photocopied you,
Whoever would never be as beautiful as you are,
Because he wouldn’t have your scars.


To everyone one out there with scars; both physical and emotional. 

Psalm 139:14 KJV- I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Next post: Tomorrow. 


my renaissance


“You’ve changed” she said to him. 

“It was bound to happen eventually” he replied with a shrug. 

“No, as in, seriously, you’ve changed”

He gave a nervous laugh “What can I say? It’s the Lord’s doing”

“Don’t do that!” she exclaimed slapping his shoulder. 

“What?” he asked playfully with a smile. 

“Nna! You sent Ini away” 

Nna’s smile faded and he sighed turning away from his twin sister. 

“Call him and tell him you were joking”

Nna’s expression hardened “I will do no such thing” he said shaking his head. 

“Ini has been your friend since forever”

“Ini hasn’t always been a good friend” Nna reminded her. 

“Nobody is perfect” 

“Don’t you understand?”

“I don’t! Make me understand! What did Aunty Obiageli do to you in her house that will make you tell your childhood friend never to associate with you again” 

“Aunty Obiageli didn’t do anything to me, I chose to be like this”

“Why?” Nne asked her brother. He was like a complete stranger, she didn’t understand her twin again. 

“I got to realise while staying with Aunty Oby, that the way I’ve been living my life” he shook his head “Nne I’ve not been living right and I want that to change, I got to realise in Aunty Oby’s house that Jesus can help me change, he is the change I need”

“No problem, change Ini too now!” Nne exclaimed. 

“You don’t think I’ve tried? You think it was easy for me to tell my best friend that I’m done with him? Nne, Ini doesn’t want to change and it won’t be possible for me to change and still be friends with him!”

“So you’re done with him and your guys, just like that?”

“You can’t follow God and still follow the crowd” Nna pressed his lips in a firm line and turned towards the house, he’d left the tap running in the kitchen. 


I’m baaaack! Who missed me? True cheese; you can’t follow God and still follow the crowd, I learnt from experience. It doesn’t have to be as drastic as Nna’s, but you will have to cut off friends who dull your fire for God if you truly want to walk with and work for God. 

Anyways, welcome to July everyone! Hope you had a ball in June. 
So I’m on Summer break. Yay! And I sincerely don’t know how my posting schedule is going to be. I’m getting tired of EXP #1 and I’m going to be focusing on re-arranging and completing it before the end of the month.

I would love to post everyday if I could, but I’m not always connected to the internet. But don’t worry too much, my next post will be on Monday. 


👑 the Kings Beloved (Àyànfé)

my renaissance, poetry


Oh I want to go with you to paradise, 

To dwell in your presence day and night, 

I want to walk by your side on the streets of gold, 

And drink from the fountain of living water,

To dine with you and eat of the bread of life, 

And go stargazing, watch you name them one by one.

Till they are finally replaced by the sun. 

👑 the King’s Beloved (Àyànfé)

my renaissance, poetry


If you placed the stars in the sky and still know them all by name, 

How come you still remember mine?

If you make out time to hear everyone on Earth as they call out to you, 

How come you even recognise my voice? 

If all the hairs on my head were tongues, 

I still wouldn’t praise you enough, 

You are beyond measure, 

No one can ever be compared to you, oh my King. 

Your greatness is undisputable,

Your power undeniable,

You alone are unquestionable,

And your ways are unsearchable. 

Yes, this is hero worship. 

👑 the King’s Beloved (Àyànfé)

my renaissance, poetry

The King’s Beloved (Àyànfé) 

Handsomely robed in splendour,

Clothed in beauty and enthroned in majesty,

He is the King, 

He is my King.

Yes, this is hero worship.

He’s so strong; mighty men shake at the sight of him,

He’s so powerful and influential; he is the King of all Kings,

He’s so filthy rich; he owns all the cattle on the hills. 

And he loves me! 



I’m back! 

He loves me!!!

I can’t even get my mind around it sometimes.

No matter how much I get used to it I can never really be used to it. 

Little insignificant me. 

Sometimes I wonder who am I, that he is mindful of me, 

That he cares about me,

That he has my name engraved in the palm of his hand, 

He says that I’m the apple of his eye


He’s so awesome! 

Cue dreamy sigh. 

I love my King and he loves me more.

This kind of love takes some getting used to. 

👑 the Kings Beloved (Àyànfé)