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EXP #1.21

Saturday came by in a blur and on the set day, Henshaw took me to a salon where I got my nails fixed and my hair and make-up done, my dress was brought along and so I pretty much dressed up at the salon. 

The event was to start by 7pm and I was currently sitted with the Slave Master at the back of one of his smaller cars, with Henshaw on the wheel as we made our way to the island in slow moving traffic. I drummed my fingers against the door of the car to occupy myself, I was feeling kind of nervous; I’d been to a good deal of parties time and again, but this type of party with its calibre of people, I would need to get used to it. I smoothed my hand out on the dream I was wearing, this gown was just so beautiful, I couldn’t get over it. I exhaled. 

God! I’m nervous! 

“Why are you fidgeting?” the Slave Master asked all of I sudden. 

I stilled myself, I didn’t know that I was fidgeting “Nothing, I’m fine”

“Don’t tell me you’re nervous?” he kept on in his usually dead voice. 

“Like you care” I snapped. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked. 

“Why is it so important to you that I get to know these people? Why do you care if people know me and already hate me because of my shares? How do you have access to all the information that you do?” I burst out unable to contain myself, my voice higher than I originally intended, my breathing was already laboured and I worked to control myself “Why is it so important to you that I go to this party?” I asked in a much calmer voice.

The Slave Master maintained his poker face, but he was obviously uncomfortable. 

I continued to stare at him waiting for an answer that would never come. He’s the Slave Master for that reason, he gives answers when you least expect it; unfortunately, I was expecting one. 

I was so confused. I’d been trying to piece all this together for the past week and it was driving me nuts. Yes, the dress and make-up and pampering was fun, but… why was all this so important to him? From the little I understood already, the Slave Master did not like public events or social gatherings. Why was he then so hellbent on getting me to be a guest at Nosa Osaretin’s party? 
I huffed as the silence prolonged, I was driving myself crazy. I blinked my eyes, trying to clear my mind then turned to look out my window, the traffic had not subsided and we inched our way along the road. There was nothing to look at that held interest to me so I turned back inside, the Slave Master was already staring by the time I turned to look at him. I expected him to turn away or at least for his gaze to waver. 

No such luck though. He held my gaze most unashamedly. 

“What?” I asked, getting tired of the staring contest. 

He turned away at this point. I groaned. 

“How much longer till we get there?” I asked tapping Henshaw

“Like 20-25 minutes” he answered. 

I groaned and leaned back against my chair closing my eyes.

“Brino” I opened my eyes and turned to face the Slave Master “we’re here” he said. 

Henshaw opened my door for me a few moments later. I stepped out feeling very self conscious, the Slave Master was by my side in no time. Linking his arm in mine he led me towards certain death. 

“Remember, I’m your boyfriend” he whispered in my ear. 

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. 

We got to double doors and people who resembled Henshaw in build and even dressing (with shades to go, and it’s night time.)

Who wears shades at night?!

Before they could speak, I held my phone out to show them my invitation. The one closest to me nodded and they let us in. Myself and the Slave Master made our way onto the hall, the MC was standing on an elevated platform in front cracking a joke or so, I felt the Slave Master stiffen in my arm as an usher in a cute black dress approached us

“Good evening” she greeted us with a smile. 

I replied her after which she asked whose guest I was and from where. 

“I’m Nosa’s guest, from Judisque-Allan” I replied.

The Slave Master was fidgeting next to me, he did a good job of downplaying it but I watched him tugged at his bow tie on his neck next to me in discomfort. 

“Follow me this way please, so I can sit you at a table” the usher said. 

“One second please” I answered, then turned to the Slave Master “Are you alright?”

He picked at his tie again “No”

I raised my eyebrow expecting a further explanation, remem what I said about the Slave Master and your expectations? 

“I have to excuse myself” he said finally, detaching his arm from mine and turned around. 

“Shall we?” the usher who had been awkwardly watching our little moment asked. 

“Yes we shall”


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Hmmn, let me tell you about Chidinma. 

It’s like Chidinma is high on crack this night. She has been disturbing everyone disturbable since she came in from her meal (myself inclusive) She’s been dragging legs and sitting on other people’s chairs, shouting, screaming and locking the door. According to Taiwo she’s been acting that way all evening.

She’s been giving people bad bele eyes, laughing loudly and behaving crazily. 

Talking about Wi-Fi passwords and begging me to give Taiwo pure water, it’s only a matter of time till we (the people she’s been disturbing) disturb her in equal measure. 

OMG! It’s like she just tried to harrass someone! And she’s still laughing crazily! She just tried to bath me on my bed and we ended up messing up the whole room. 


Oh Chidinma!

🍔 Cheeseburger. 



God forgive me for being judgemental.

I always thought you were a weirdo. Well… You are a weirdo. An okay weido, but my perception of you till today was unfair and didn’t do you justice.

But when you stepped into the hospital ward today bringing along with you life, companionship and a burst of fresh energy I couldn’t be more thankful.

You were so kind and loving and true and I got to see you, as in, to actually see you for the first time today and you are beautiful. You have a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul. I thank God for your life and bringing you my way at the perfect time.

Words cannot express fully my immense gratitude to you, neither can they express just how truly beautiful your heart and soul are.

So I’d just like to stop here before I start rambling.

DingDong! Thank you.




Oh baby!
Enjoy your childhood while you can, For society demands nothing yet from you, 
For the days are coming when you’ll be a man,
And they’ll task and burden you with a million and one things to do. 

Oh baby!
Enjoy your freedom while you still have it,
For the days are coming when you will be bound,
So learn only good and not bad habits,
That integrity may in you be found. 

Oh baby! 
The day is coming when you will be old, 
And you won’t have your baby excuse again, 
When you’ll have to do things without being told, 
Whether there be sun or there be rain

Oh baby! 
I love you to tiny bits and pieces I do, 
And these moments of your life I must savour, 
So live out your life, always remember I love you, 
Even when you begin to chase out your dreams with vigour. 


For my baby, Oluwajomiloju Abiola. You are so adorable, I love you. 

🍔 Cheeseburger.