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EXP #1.22

I took my seat at a table that already had a few people sitted and looked around nervously for the Slave Master. I took a sip of the drink that was set before me as I tried to blend in. 

“Hey I’m Jacqueline, I’ve not seen your face before. You’re new at Judisque-Allan?”

“Hmmn” I muttered with a slight nod through the glass cup between my lips “Kinda” I said as I set my cup down. 

“Okay, what’s your name?” Jacqueline asked. 

“Brino” I replied curtly. 

“So where do you work? HR? Because I barely know anyone in HR and I pretty much know everyone at Judisque-Allen”

“How is that? Are you a receptionist?” I asked. How could she know almost everybody in a whole company. 

“No I’m a secretary and I’ve worked for various people in various divisions” she replied. 

“Various divisions apart from HR, right?”

“Yes” she replied. 

“So where are you working now?” I asked, truly curious. 

“The Logistics Division” she replied. 

I nodded. 

“So where are you working?” Jacqueline asked. 

“Oh, me?” I replied self consciously “I’m a shareholder, not a staff”

Jacqueline nodded.

“Oh Brino!” 

I recognised Tinuade’s voice before turning to her. She approached me from behind with Vwaire in tow. 

“How long have you been here?” Vwaire asked, bending to whisper in my ear. 

“A couple of minutes now, maybe 10”

“Come on and sit with us at our table” Vwaire offered. 

I bit my lip, she hates rejection, I know that much “I’m sorry, I can’t, the Slave Master had to step out before we could be seated and I wouldn’t want him looking for me”

“Oh, you mean he’s here?” Vwaire said standing straight and looking around. 

I nodded “He should be back any second now”

“Then just come sit with us and keep an eye out for him” Tinuade suggested 

“The last time we were separated at an event, you kidnapped me. I would love to avoid any of such this time around”

“Okay” Tinuade deflated and Vwaire led her back to their seat.

I shifted in my seat as they left, keeping my eyes on the entrance. I understood the fact that he was antisocial, but the Slave Master had been gone too long, I didn’t even have his phone number to check on him. 

I sighed and turned back to my table as small chops came along and caught Jacqueline staring me, I managed a small smile in her direction as I stabbed a spring roll with my toothpick and led it to my mouth.

“You and Miss Odafe” Jacqueline began. 

“Who?” I asked. 

“Miss Vwaire Odafe”

“Oh, Vwaire” I said, acknowledging her confused expression “We are twins” I clarified. 

“Wow! You both look too much alike, I was just staring at both of you like an idiot when she came”

I smiled unsure of what to say. 

“So how come, you’re not active in the company?” Jacqueline asked. 

“What makes you think that?” I asked trying to steer her off track. 

“I told you, I’ve worked almost everywhere in Judisque-Allan, I know all the share holders by name and face and I never knew of any Brino Odafe”

I smiled like nothing was amiss “I’m actually Brino Enohor and I was away from my family for a while that’s why they never bothered to include me as a shareholder in the company”

Jacqueline looked like she was caught up between minding her own business and asking more questions, the Slave Master made up her mind for her as he took a seat next to me looking very ill.

“Are you alright?” I asked out of concern, I had never seen him like this before, he looked pale and awful and he was sweating unusually, despite the AC and the cool night time air outside.   

“Fine” he deadpanned. 

“Here have some puff puff, it makes everything better” I said, shifting my small chops plate to him, he looked at me like I was crazy before shocking me by putting one in his mouth. 

“How did you find me?” I asked. 

“The usher” he gave another clipped reply piquing my concern.

The party dragged on with the Slave Master going in and out, I was so concerned about him, I barely took note of what was going on around me. I tried to follow him once as he stood up to leave but he gave me one of his signature cold stares, I stayed glued to my seat. 

By the time the party was rounding up he was no where to be seen.

Vwaire came by my seat with Tinuade as it was time to mingle.

“Where is he?” Tinuade beat her to it. 

“He had to step out” I replied looking over at the entrance, he’d been gone for a long while now.

“Come on” Vwaire said “There are some people I’d like you to meet. Don’t talk to much and be polite”

We started of with the celebrant himself – Nosa Osaretin, walking up to the hight table where he was standing with his wife as he greeted his guests. Nosa Osaretin was a slim, light skinned man, with black and grey hair in a low cut atop his head, a matching beard coloured his upper lips and chin, he was not tall, 5’9 would be a bit much for his height, his black eyes crinkled most obviously as he smiled at one of his guests, his wife stood graciously beside him in a sapphire blue dinner gown which flowed to the ground, her complexion reminded me of dark chocolate, she was a black Amazonian goddess next to her husband, she couldn’t be up to 6 ft, but she probably stood that tall in her heels.

Vwaire and I waited for our turn till he looked in our direction “Uncle Nosa” Vwaire said “Happy birthday. Congrats” she hugged him at this point, Nosa Osaretin, or Uncle Nosa held Vwaire and spoke in a booming voice that did not match his size “Vwaire, my baby. You’re a big girl now, what of your aunt?”

“She’s a bit ill, I left her at home” Vwaire replied. 

“Madam, doesn’t even fancy events like this” Uncle Nosa began looking up from where he held Vwaire, he stopped short when he saw me and blinked. 

“Good evening sir” I said with a small smile and a mini courtesy, bending my knees a bit. 

Uncle Nosa held Vwaire away from himself and began to look between the both of us, I looked up at his wife who looked just as confused, but still elegant and gracious in her confusion. 

“Uncle this is my sister” Vwaire said. 

“Sister?” Uncle Nosa asked “From where?”

“She lived with our father till he died, while I lived with Aunty Juliana”

Uncle Nosa nodded, he probably had an understanding of Aunty Juliana’s private life, to whatsoever extent that may be. 

“Ohhh, she is the one that Madam split the shares for”

Vwaire nodded. 

“Young lady nice to meet you. How do you do?” Uncle Nosa said as he extended a hand to me. 

I shook it and replied in a small voice. 

“Very nice to meet you” he said once again shaking my hand vigorously.

“Yes sir” I said with a nod. 

“Uncle, we have to get going now, you know the way my Aunt gets if I stay out too late” Vwaire said, trying to bail me out. 

“Of course” Uncle Nosa said with a laugh diverting his gaze from me “Do have a nice evening, the both of you”

“Likewise” Vwaire replied, leading me by the arm as we made of to see other people. 

I was introduced to the Managing Director and other major stakeholders in Judisque-Allan. Vwaire took me about as we socialised and mingled.

“Where is Tinuade?” I asked suddenly realising her absence, Vwaire shrugged beside me and turned, probably looking around for her friend, I looked up in that moment and instantly found the Slave Master in my line of sight, he saw me less than a heartbeat later, shifted his gaze to Vwaire whose arm was linked in mine, and did the most unexpected thing. 

As he caught my eye he looked as though he was coming to meet me, but looking over at Vwaire whose face was turned away from him, his expression morphed into something I couldn’t quite decipher in the 2 seconds I saw it and the Slave Master turned on his heels, a complete 180 degrees, instantly changing course away from Vwaire and I. I watched him totally nonplussed and unconsciously called out to him, stretching out my hand in the process and catching Vwaire’s attention. In a matter of seconds, his long strides had him caught up in the throng of people around, so I could barely make him out. 

“What?” Vwaire asked looking at me. 

I couldn’t even reply, I detached my arm from hers and went after him. 

What just happened? 

Why did he turn away from myself and my sister? 

Where was he going to? 


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👑 Àyànfé 

my renaissance


I don’t want to be an average person, 
I don’t want to be too predictable, 
I’ll leave an air of mystery around me, 
And pick at your tail feathers, 
While you pick your brain, 
As you try to figure me out. 

I don’t want to be an average friend,
Who just laughs with you, 
Neither do I want to only play, jest and cry, 
I don’t just want good times, 
I want to imprint on you, so the world will see. 

I want to be emblazened on your heart,
To stamp myself on you so you never recover,
From the rare phenomenon that is me,
I want to leave you better than I met you, 
I don’t want to be just a friend, 
I want to impact your life for good. 

Talking about impact, I don’t just want to make impact on the world, 
Neither do I want to make optimum impact, 
No, I want to be a head-on collision, 
To take up the world by storm, 
I want to be a revolution, 
A shining beacon of change. 

I don’t want to be the kind of person you simply get over, 
I want everyone to be hung up over me when I’m gone, 
You can forget my face, forget my name, even forget me, 
But I don’t ever want you to forget the things I did.
Thats the kind of person I want to be,
That’s my kind of person. 


Jesus Christ walked this earth and he was no ordinary person. He was unique, he was a story teller, very worded, a little sarcasm, a lot of parables. And I’ve been reading all about his lifetime for the past month. He was no ordinary person. He was so extraordinary, 2017 years after his death he’s still relevant. 

Now, that’s the kind of person I want to be. 

Who do you want to be?

EXP #1 coming in tomorrow, can I get a whoop! 


👑 Àyànfé 

my renaissance


If you had a twin,
If nature ever photocopied you,
And set your doppelganger before me,
I’d still know it wasn’t you,
Because he won’t wear your scars like you do.

I never liked them much, your scars,
But you wore them with such happiness, such pride,
They grew on me,
As I fell in love with you,
I fell in love with your scars. 

These don’t deface me, you’d say,
They define me.
These scars tell that there’s more to me than meets the eye,
They all tell a story,
A story that is instrumental to my person,
Sure, I’d be more beautiful without them,
But the experience gotten from them has made me beautiful on the inside.

No, your scars are not beautiful,
But you make them beautiful,
And you are beautiful,
No one can ever wear your scars better than you.

So if you ever had a twin,
If nature ever photocopied you,
Whoever would never be as beautiful as you are,
Because he wouldn’t have your scars.


To everyone one out there with scars; both physical and emotional. 

Psalm 139:14 KJV- I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Next post: Tomorrow. 


my renaissance


“You’ve changed” she said to him. 

“It was bound to happen eventually” he replied with a shrug. 

“No, as in, seriously, you’ve changed”

He gave a nervous laugh “What can I say? It’s the Lord’s doing”

“Don’t do that!” she exclaimed slapping his shoulder. 

“What?” he asked playfully with a smile. 

“Nna! You sent Ini away” 

Nna’s smile faded and he sighed turning away from his twin sister. 

“Call him and tell him you were joking”

Nna’s expression hardened “I will do no such thing” he said shaking his head. 

“Ini has been your friend since forever”

“Ini hasn’t always been a good friend” Nna reminded her. 

“Nobody is perfect” 

“Don’t you understand?”

“I don’t! Make me understand! What did Aunty Obiageli do to you in her house that will make you tell your childhood friend never to associate with you again” 

“Aunty Obiageli didn’t do anything to me, I chose to be like this”

“Why?” Nne asked her brother. He was like a complete stranger, she didn’t understand her twin again. 

“I got to realise while staying with Aunty Oby, that the way I’ve been living my life” he shook his head “Nne I’ve not been living right and I want that to change, I got to realise in Aunty Oby’s house that Jesus can help me change, he is the change I need”

“No problem, change Ini too now!” Nne exclaimed. 

“You don’t think I’ve tried? You think it was easy for me to tell my best friend that I’m done with him? Nne, Ini doesn’t want to change and it won’t be possible for me to change and still be friends with him!”

“So you’re done with him and your guys, just like that?”

“You can’t follow God and still follow the crowd” Nna pressed his lips in a firm line and turned towards the house, he’d left the tap running in the kitchen. 


I’m baaaack! Who missed me? True cheese; you can’t follow God and still follow the crowd, I learnt from experience. It doesn’t have to be as drastic as Nna’s, but you will have to cut off friends who dull your fire for God if you truly want to walk with and work for God. 

Anyways, welcome to July everyone! Hope you had a ball in June. 
So I’m on Summer break. Yay! And I sincerely don’t know how my posting schedule is going to be. I’m getting tired of EXP #1 and I’m going to be focusing on re-arranging and completing it before the end of the month.

I would love to post everyday if I could, but I’m not always connected to the internet. But don’t worry too much, my next post will be on Monday. 


👑 the Kings Beloved (Àyànfé)



Hi there! 

No, I wasn’t run over by a bus or anything, I just didn’t post 2 consecutive times because… well life got in the way and all. Lame excuse I know, I’m sorry. 

But I’m going to be going on a blog holiday for the most part of June. 

Gasp! Why?! 

Well, I’ve got exams this month and I have to face my school work. 

I might post sporadically though, maybe once a week. Just don’t hold your breath. 

My most sincere apologies

👑 the King’s Beloved (Àyànfé)

Words On Marble


“Tch, I say she’s low-key sleeping with him” 

“Bewaji!” Chi-Chi chided. 

“What? What other logical explanation can you come up with as to why the lecturer is always buttering up to Fiona in class?” Bewaji asked.

“I don’t know? Maybe she’s actually a good student” Odion said as she popped a bubblegum. 

“Tah! That’s bull. She must be sleeping with him. Dr. Tomade is not the kind of person to listen to a student’s opinion after he’s had his say, much less agree with them. She must be sleeping with him, if not that then he’s on her parole” Bewaji said with a shrug. 

“Bewaji can you actually hear yourself, what kind of scrabble sense are you using?” Odion asked. 

“Abeg, you girls calm down” Chi-Chi said. “Odion, try not to be to brash with your words and you, Bewaji, calm down before you speak. You could just be defaming Fiona for no reason and you know the walls have ears. You don’t know who will hear your speculations and turn it into the next best rumour. You had better be careful about the kind of things you say about people. 

“And for your information, Fiona’s father is a professor in that course and is also one of Dr. Tomade’s supervisors for his research work” Chi-Chi informed. 

“Oh, my bad” Bewaji deflated. 

Think twice about what you say about people before you say it, if you don’t know the whole truth you might just be tarnishing the person’s image for no good reason at all.  

Ephesians 4:29 KJV

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

Welcome to the month of June. 

👑 the King’s Beloved (Àyànfé)