Oh baby!
Enjoy your childhood while you can, For society demands nothing yet from you, 
For the days are coming when you’ll be a man,
And they’ll task and burden you with a million and one things to do. 

Oh baby!
Enjoy your freedom while you still have it,
For the days are coming when you will be bound,
So learn only good and not bad habits,
That integrity may in you be found. 

Oh baby! 
The day is coming when you will be old, 
And you won’t have your baby excuse again, 
When you’ll have to do things without being told, 
Whether there be sun or there be rain

Oh baby! 
I love you to tiny bits and pieces I do, 
And these moments of your life I must savour, 
So live out your life, always remember I love you, 
Even when you begin to chase out your dreams with vigour. 


For my baby, Oluwajomiloju Abiola. You are so adorable, I love you. 

🍔 Cheeseburger.