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EXP #1.24

Ding Dong!

I looked up from the table I was currently dusting at the clock. It was Monday morning and the Slave Master had left for work over an hour ago. Maybe he had left something behind and sent Henshaw back for it, I thought to myself as I made towards the door. 

Ding dong! 

The bell rang again. 

“I’m coming, I’m coming” I yelled as I made past the dinning room into the mini parlour and threw open the door. 

“What are you doing here?” I asked without thinking.

Bruno cleared his throat and used his eyes to signal me. I blinked and looked up to see one of the Slave Master’s many body guards behind him. 

“What are you guys doing here? I thought no one comes in till the Sla–Damiloju is back?” I did a double-take, and directed my question to the bodyguard. 

“Good morning, I’m from ON&T, I’m here to install the internet” Bruno said, acting as if we were strangers. 

“The Boss said that someone was coming from the Tech Company to install the Wi-Fi today” the Bodyguard affirmed. 

“Well, he never told me anything” I replied, then eyed Bruno “I’ll call him and tell him, just go do what you have to do” 

At that point, I opened the door to let them in “Where will the Wi-Fi be installed?”

“The Boss said to set it up in his office” the Bodyguard replied and ushered Bruno upstairs.

I was pretty confused. How did Bruno get here? Why was Bruno here? I was 100% sure it wasn’t just for the Wi-Fi installation, maybe that was why he called for the Slave Master’s name over the weekend. 

I sighed having no answer to these questions as I was about to carry on with what I’d previously been doing, I heard my phone beep and went over to pick it up. 

Text Message from Bruno:

Yo, help me get this guy away from here for like 5 mins please. It’s important. 

I reread the message in bewilderment. What exactly was Bruno up to? The Slave Master was not one to be trifled with, but Bruno wanted time alone in a room that I’d been forbidden from entering from Day One, what exactly was the Slave Master so secretive about that was in that room? 

I sighed and began thinking of a good excuse to get the Bodyguard out. If he was anything like Henshaw he wouldn’t be easily tricked. 

After thinking for a while I came up with a plan. A took a deep breath and sighed  right after what I let out a ear piercing scream. Then I sprawled myself on the ground and began gasping. The Bodyguard arrived in a matter of seconds and I continued my act, pretending to gasp for breath as I lay on the floor. 

“What’s wrong? What’s happening?” he asked alarmed at my present condition. 

“In-ha-ler” I forced the words out as I continued my fake asthma attack.

“In-ha-ler. My-room” I tried again and pointed up the stairs to where my room was located. 

“Inhaler?” he asked his palms shaking as he held me in my pitiful state. I nodded. 

“Are you asthmatic?” He asked. 

I nodded frantically, pointing at the stairs again. I needed him to leave soon or else I’d actually trigger a real attack.

“Room-draw-er” I barely coughed out. This thing was getting real “Hurry” I squeaked as the Bodyguard raced up to my room, to search for my inhaler. I tried to stabilise my breathing at that point, but I was too far gone. I’d just triggered a real asthma attack. 

When I was first diagnosed, the doctors had told me panic and anxiety were normal symptoms of asthma and if I was ever to experience an attack without my inhaler I should try my best to calm myself down. I tried one of the calming exercises I’d been taught, I was too nervous to execute it properly, my breathing was becoming more difficult by the second and my chest hurt terribly all of a sudden. Why did I have to fake an attack, I thought to myself as I held myself up on my knees, I was to weak to stand so I crawled up to the foot of the stairs wheezing louder as I dragged myself. I was going to kill myself, I just lay still and tried once again to calm myself. 
Where was that Bodyguard?! 

My vision began to blur and black dots spotted my vision, a sure sign my oxygen was very low and I was going to pass out in a–

I felt a firm hand press something between my lips. 

One puff. 

Two puffs. 

By the third puff, my airways had cleared and I pushed the inhaler away as I the embraced fresh oxygen flowing into my lungs, I blinked my eyes open to see Bruno.

“What are you doing here?” I asked. 

If he was here, that meant he had not been doing whatever he was meant to be doing while I had my attack. I had just tried to kill myself in vain! 

“I found your inhaler” he said with a small smile. 

I sat up and saw the Bodyguard on the step behind where I lay. 

“Just go” I said to Bruno as I forced myself on my feet and wobbled back to the living room. 

What a waste.


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EXP #1

EXP #1.23

I ran out after the Slave Master, I was thoroughly confused. What just happened in there? 

The way he’d suddenly registered Vwaire’s presence and turned around, what was that about? 

I heard a car horn and looked up, Henshaw was looking at me through the passenger side window. 

“Get in” he said in a voice that left no room for argument. 

I immediately obliged and got out my phone to text Vwaire of my departure. 

“What was that about?” I asked looking up from my phone once my message was sent.

The Slave Master had his arm leaned against the door of the car and he sat deep in thought. 

“Answer me” I yelled startling him. 

“What was that about?” I asked again. 

He faced me with a hard stare “I have no idea what you are talking about”

“What? We both know what I’m talking about, don’t even play dumb here!”

The Slave Master didn’t waver in his gaze and stared at me long and hard. I stared back, not breaking eye contact. Then he turned away from me to look out the window. 

I groaned knowing that I’d hit a brick wall with him again. This man was just impenetrable and impossible and… I could think of a gazillion other adjectives to describe him, but there was no point. 

As soon as we got to the house I stormed out of the car right up to my room and worked on calming myself down.

I looked up as my phone started ringing from my purse on my bed where I’d discarded it. I rushed to get it “Hello” 

“Brino” Bruno said

“Yeah it’s me, what’s up?”

“I’m fine. What’s the name of your Slave Master?”

“Why do you need it?”

“Brino answer me”

“Damiloju erm… er… I can’t remember his surname”

“Think Brino, think”

“Erm… Why is this even important!” I finally said after I came up short. 

“I need it for something” Bruno said cryptically. 

“Erm, it’s a compound name, um… I know his father is into oil sha and his name is Damola or so” 

“Don’t worry, I’ll find it out. Thanks for your help” he said

“So will you actually tell me what this is about?” I asked. 

“Not yet” he replied. “I’ll get back to you later. Don’t worry”

“Alright” I sighed as he hung up. 


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EXP #1

EXP #1.22

I took my seat at a table that already had a few people sitted and looked around nervously for the Slave Master. I took a sip of the drink that was set before me as I tried to blend in. 

“Hey I’m Jacqueline, I’ve not seen your face before. You’re new at Judisque-Allan?”

“Hmmn” I muttered with a slight nod through the glass cup between my lips “Kinda” I said as I set my cup down. 

“Okay, what’s your name?” Jacqueline asked. 

“Brino” I replied curtly. 

“So where do you work? HR? Because I barely know anyone in HR and I pretty much know everyone at Judisque-Allen”

“How is that? Are you a receptionist?” I asked. How could she know almost everybody in a whole company. 

“No I’m a secretary and I’ve worked for various people in various divisions” she replied. 

“Various divisions apart from HR, right?”

“Yes” she replied. 

“So where are you working now?” I asked, truly curious. 

“The Logistics Division” she replied. 

I nodded. 

“So where are you working?” Jacqueline asked. 

“Oh, me?” I replied self consciously “I’m a shareholder, not a staff”

Jacqueline nodded.

“Oh Brino!” 

I recognised Tinuade’s voice before turning to her. She approached me from behind with Vwaire in tow. 

“How long have you been here?” Vwaire asked, bending to whisper in my ear. 

“A couple of minutes now, maybe 10”

“Come on and sit with us at our table” Vwaire offered. 

I bit my lip, she hates rejection, I know that much “I’m sorry, I can’t, the Slave Master had to step out before we could be seated and I wouldn’t want him looking for me”

“Oh, you mean he’s here?” Vwaire said standing straight and looking around. 

I nodded “He should be back any second now”

“Then just come sit with us and keep an eye out for him” Tinuade suggested 

“The last time we were separated at an event, you kidnapped me. I would love to avoid any of such this time around”

“Okay” Tinuade deflated and Vwaire led her back to their seat.

I shifted in my seat as they left, keeping my eyes on the entrance. I understood the fact that he was antisocial, but the Slave Master had been gone too long, I didn’t even have his phone number to check on him. 

I sighed and turned back to my table as small chops came along and caught Jacqueline staring me, I managed a small smile in her direction as I stabbed a spring roll with my toothpick and led it to my mouth.

“You and Miss Odafe” Jacqueline began. 

“Who?” I asked. 

“Miss Vwaire Odafe”

“Oh, Vwaire” I said, acknowledging her confused expression “We are twins” I clarified. 

“Wow! You both look too much alike, I was just staring at both of you like an idiot when she came”

I smiled unsure of what to say. 

“So how come, you’re not active in the company?” Jacqueline asked. 

“What makes you think that?” I asked trying to steer her off track. 

“I told you, I’ve worked almost everywhere in Judisque-Allan, I know all the share holders by name and face and I never knew of any Brino Odafe”

I smiled like nothing was amiss “I’m actually Brino Enohor and I was away from my family for a while that’s why they never bothered to include me as a shareholder in the company”

Jacqueline looked like she was caught up between minding her own business and asking more questions, the Slave Master made up her mind for her as he took a seat next to me looking very ill.

“Are you alright?” I asked out of concern, I had never seen him like this before, he looked pale and awful and he was sweating unusually, despite the AC and the cool night time air outside.   

“Fine” he deadpanned. 

“Here have some puff puff, it makes everything better” I said, shifting my small chops plate to him, he looked at me like I was crazy before shocking me by putting one in his mouth. 

“How did you find me?” I asked. 

“The usher” he gave another clipped reply piquing my concern.

The party dragged on with the Slave Master going in and out, I was so concerned about him, I barely took note of what was going on around me. I tried to follow him once as he stood up to leave but he gave me one of his signature cold stares, I stayed glued to my seat. 

By the time the party was rounding up he was no where to be seen.

Vwaire came by my seat with Tinuade as it was time to mingle.

“Where is he?” Tinuade beat her to it. 

“He had to step out” I replied looking over at the entrance, he’d been gone for a long while now.

“Come on” Vwaire said “There are some people I’d like you to meet. Don’t talk to much and be polite”

We started of with the celebrant himself – Nosa Osaretin, walking up to the hight table where he was standing with his wife as he greeted his guests. Nosa Osaretin was a slim, light skinned man, with black and grey hair in a low cut atop his head, a matching beard coloured his upper lips and chin, he was not tall, 5’9 would be a bit much for his height, his black eyes crinkled most obviously as he smiled at one of his guests, his wife stood graciously beside him in a sapphire blue dinner gown which flowed to the ground, her complexion reminded me of dark chocolate, she was a black Amazonian goddess next to her husband, she couldn’t be up to 6 ft, but she probably stood that tall in her heels.

Vwaire and I waited for our turn till he looked in our direction “Uncle Nosa” Vwaire said “Happy birthday. Congrats” she hugged him at this point, Nosa Osaretin, or Uncle Nosa held Vwaire and spoke in a booming voice that did not match his size “Vwaire, my baby. You’re a big girl now, what of your aunt?”

“She’s a bit ill, I left her at home” Vwaire replied. 

“Madam, doesn’t even fancy events like this” Uncle Nosa began looking up from where he held Vwaire, he stopped short when he saw me and blinked. 

“Good evening sir” I said with a small smile and a mini courtesy, bending my knees a bit. 

Uncle Nosa held Vwaire away from himself and began to look between the both of us, I looked up at his wife who looked just as confused, but still elegant and gracious in her confusion. 

“Uncle this is my sister” Vwaire said. 

“Sister?” Uncle Nosa asked “From where?”

“She lived with our father till he died, while I lived with Aunty Juliana”

Uncle Nosa nodded, he probably had an understanding of Aunty Juliana’s private life, to whatsoever extent that may be. 

“Ohhh, she is the one that Madam split the shares for”

Vwaire nodded. 

“Young lady nice to meet you. How do you do?” Uncle Nosa said as he extended a hand to me. 

I shook it and replied in a small voice. 

“Very nice to meet you” he said once again shaking my hand vigorously.

“Yes sir” I said with a nod. 

“Uncle, we have to get going now, you know the way my Aunt gets if I stay out too late” Vwaire said, trying to bail me out. 

“Of course” Uncle Nosa said with a laugh diverting his gaze from me “Do have a nice evening, the both of you”

“Likewise” Vwaire replied, leading me by the arm as we made of to see other people. 

I was introduced to the Managing Director and other major stakeholders in Judisque-Allan. Vwaire took me about as we socialised and mingled.

“Where is Tinuade?” I asked suddenly realising her absence, Vwaire shrugged beside me and turned, probably looking around for her friend, I looked up in that moment and instantly found the Slave Master in my line of sight, he saw me less than a heartbeat later, shifted his gaze to Vwaire whose arm was linked in mine, and did the most unexpected thing. 

As he caught my eye he looked as though he was coming to meet me, but looking over at Vwaire whose face was turned away from him, his expression morphed into something I couldn’t quite decipher in the 2 seconds I saw it and the Slave Master turned on his heels, a complete 180 degrees, instantly changing course away from Vwaire and I. I watched him totally nonplussed and unconsciously called out to him, stretching out my hand in the process and catching Vwaire’s attention. In a matter of seconds, his long strides had him caught up in the throng of people around, so I could barely make him out. 

“What?” Vwaire asked looking at me. 

I couldn’t even reply, I detached my arm from hers and went after him. 

What just happened? 

Why did he turn away from myself and my sister? 

Where was he going to? 


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EXP #1

EXP #1.21

Saturday came by in a blur and on the set day, Henshaw took me to a salon where I got my nails fixed and my hair and make-up done, my dress was brought along and so I pretty much dressed up there. 

The event was to start by 7pm and I was currently sitted with the Slave Master at the back of one of his smaller cars, with Henshaw on the wheel as we made our way to the island in slow moving traffic. I drummed my fingers against the door of the car to occupy myself, I was feeling kind of nervous; I’d been to a good deal of parties time and again, but this type of party with its calibre of people, I would need to get used to it. I smoothed my hand out on the dream I was wearing, this gown was just so beautiful, I couldn’t get over it. I exhaled. 

God! I’m nervous! 

“Why are you fidgeting?” the Slave Master asked all of I sudden. 

I stilled myself, I didn’t know that I was fidgeting “Nothing, I’m fine”

“Don’t tell me you’re nervous?” he kept on in his usually dead voice. 

“Like you care” I snapped. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked. 

“Why is it so important to you that I get to know these people? Why do you care if people know me and already hate me because of my shares? How do you have access to all the information that you do?” I burst out unable to contain myself, my voice higher than I originally intended, my breathing was already laboured and I worked to control myself “Why is it so important to you that I go to this party?” I asked in a much calmer voice.

The Slave Master maintained his poker face, but he was obviously uncomfortable. 

I continued to stare at him waiting for an answer that would never come. He’s the Slave Master for that reason, he gives answers when you least expect it; unfortunately, I was expecting an answer right about now. 

I was so confused. I’d been trying to piece all this together for the past week and it was driving me nuts. Yes, the dress and make-up and pampering was fun, but… why was all this so important to him? From the little I understood already, the Slave Master did not like public events or social gatherings. Why was he then so hellbent on getting me to be a guest at Nosa Osaretin’s party? 
I huffed as the silence prolonged, I was driving myself crazy. I blinked my eyes, trying to clear my mind then turned to look out my window, the traffic had not subsided and we inched our way along the road. There was nothing to look at that held interest to me so I turned back inside, the Slave Master was already staring by the time I turned to look at him. I expected him to turn away or at least for his gaze to waver. 

No such luck though. He held my gaze most unashamedly. 

“What?” I asked, getting tired of the staring contest. 

He turned away at this point. I groaned. 

“How much longer till we get there?” I asked tapping Henshaw

“Like 20-25 minutes” he answered. 

I groaned again and leaned back against my chair closing my eyes.

“Brino” I opened my eyes and turned to face the Slave Master “we’re here” he said. 

Henshaw opened my door for me a few moments later. I stepped out feeling very self conscious, the Slave Master was by my side in no time. Linking his arm in mine, he led me towards certain death. 

“Remember, I’m your boyfriend” he whispered in my ear. 

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. 

We got to double doors and people who resembled Henshaw in build and even dressing (with shades to go, and it’s night time.)

Who wears shades at night?!

Before they could speak, I held my phone out to show them my invitation. The one closest to me nodded and they let us in. Myself and the Slave Master made our way onto the hall, the MC was standing on an elevated platform in front cracking a joke or so, I felt the Slave Master stiffen in my arm as an usher in a cute black dress approached us

“Good evening” she greeted us with a smile. 

I replied her after which she asked whose guest I was and from where. 

“I’m Nosa’s guest, from Judisque-Allan” I replied.

The Slave Master was fidgeting next to me, he did a good job of downplaying it but I watched him tug at his bow tie on his neck next to me in discomfort. 

“Follow me this way please, so I can sit you at a table” the usher said. 

“One second please” I answered, then turned to the Slave Master “Are you alright?”

He picked at his tie again “No”

I raised my eyebrow expecting a further explanation, remember what I said about the Slave Master and your expectations? 

“I have to excuse myself” he said finally, detaching his arm from mine and turned around. 

“Shall we?” the usher who had been awkwardly watching our little moment asked. 

“Yes we shall”


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EXP #1


Let me introduce you to the Slave Master.

Name: Damiloju Rotimi-Savage

Date of birth: January 12, 1993

Parents: Demola Rotimi-Savage (father)
Yemi Rotimi-Savage (mother) DECEASED
Helen Rotimi-Savage (step-mother)

Sibling(s): Damilare Akinbode (step-brother) DECEASED

Studied: Law at Harvard

Hobbies: Work.

Likes: His Solitude

Dislikes: Social Gatherings


The Slave Master is one of the main characters of an ongoing story series on my blog titled EXP #1, to better acquaint yourself with the Slave Master click here for EXP #1

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EXP #1, novella

EXP #1.20

The invitation to Nosa Osaretin’s birthday party came in during breakfast the next morning and I promptly informed the Slave Master who came back that evening with a bag from a well known boutique in town. 

“Go check if it suits you” was all he said as he flung the bag in my direction when he stepped into the house. 
It was a red floor-length dinner gown with a silvery lace bodice, alongside silver heels and jewelry. I breathed Wow at the sight of  the bag’s content. 
“Wow! I love this dress” I practically yelled as I burst into the living room, to show myself off to the Slave Master in my new attire. 
“Good” he replied, his straight line lips curving up just a little bit.
I twirled once in my gown, then decided to give it another try. 
“I think it would be nice if you take the gown off now” the Slave Master said in a firm tone. 
“I know, I know” I replied with a smile “I just love it” I breathed. 
“Point noted. Go pull it off” the Slave Master deadpanned.
I sighed at the tone of his voice and turned to the stairs “Thank you” I turned towards him before ascending “Thank you very much. I’m really grateful”
The Slave Master gave a curt nod and I went back to my room.
I’m in so much pains now. My eyes hurt. 

Next post tomorrow. 


<<EXP #1.19


EXP #1

EXP #1.19

“Have you seen this?” the Slave Master asked as he came down that evening, holding a magazine in his hand. 

He’d been in his office all day with occasional visitors dressed in suits carrying books and suitcases, going in and out. I’d just busied myself around the house and only stepped in twice after the first time, first to give him his already cold breakfast and second to ask what he’d have for dinner. 

“Your dinner is getting cold” I answered, gesturing towards the dinning room.

“Look at this” the Slave Master said before thrusting the magazine into my hand, I scanned the article he pointed at then looked back at him.

“How does this have any thing to do with me?” I asked. 

The article was concerning some elite who was going to be celebrating his 50th birthday during the weekend. 

“Look at the name” the Slave Master said impatiently as if he was waiting for me to suddenly be concerned about some random rich person in a magazine. 

“Nosa Osaretin” I said and looked back at him still confused.

The Slave Master groaned due to obvious disappointment before finally saying “Nosa Osaretin is on the Board of Directors in Judisque-Allan”

“So? How is this any of my business?” I asked. 

The Slave Master groaned again, this time due to exasperation “This party is going to be filled up with everybody who is somebody in the society and it’s going to be a great opportunity for you to meet all the movers and shakers in Judisque-Allan”

“Why must I know them? They have their lives, I have mine”  

The Slave Master slapped his palm against his forehead in sheer frustration at this point. 

“What?!” I asked totally confused at this point “It’s not a must I get to know them na!”

“It’s like you don’t understand”

“Make me understand”

“You have already made enemies even beyond Judisque-Allan just because you are one half of the highest share holders in the company. This party gives you the best opportunity to network and make friends and informally introduce yourself to society. See it as your coming out party, it is the perfect opportunity.”

I shrugged “Okay”

“Do you have an invite?” the Slave Master asked. 

“No. Do you?”

“Of course not” the Slave Master answered as if he’d be the last person with an invite to such an event. 

“Why?” I asked, at my question, his expression cleared and all guards were put back up “Oh, I remember, you’re antisocial”

I gave me a sort of curious expression at that point “Call your sister and ask for an invite. I’m sure she’ll have one”

“I don’t have Vwaire’s number”

The Slave Master looked at me for like a second before turning on his heel and heading back upstairs. He came back less than a minute later with a piece of paper in his hand which he stretched out to me. 

“What’s this?” I asked. 

He didn’t answer, his hand was still outstretched, I collected the piece of paper and he immediately turned to the dinning room. 

On the piece of paper boldly written out was a phone number with the name Vwaire under it. 

What does this guy not know exactly? I thought to myself as I dialled the number.

“Hello?” Vwaire spoke

“Hey Vwaire, it’s Brino, how are you?” I replied. 

“I’m okay, I’m even meant to be asking you. How is your Slave Master? Hope he’s not harassing you?”

“He’s… he’s just there jare, but no, I’m perfectly fine”

“That’s nice to hear”

“Yeah, I called to find out if you’re going for Nosa Osaretin’s birthday party this Saturday”

“Yes, me and Tinuade are planning to go. Why?”

“Well, since he’s a big person at the company I guessed lots of others would be present also and I’d like to get an opportunity to meet as many people as possible that are involved with the shipping company”

“I see”

“So could you please get me an invite?” I asked

“No problem, I’ll tell Aunty, it should be sent to your mail before the end of tomorrow”

“Okay, thank you” I said, right after which I hung up. 


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