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​Clap clap.

“Are you kidding me?” I said as soon as I got downstairs.

The Slave Master raised an eyebrow in response to my outburst.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“My dinner isn’t going to cook itself in case you didn’t realize and I’m hungry” he answered.

I could not even bring myself to give a reply; I focused on my breathing to stop my vision from turning red “You expect me to cook for you?” I managed a few moments later.

Damiloju shrugged “Why not? I’m hungry”

‘Calm Brino, calm’ I said to myself, still working on my breathing “You locked me out of the house, you left me in the rain to die! And I barely got time to warm myself up just now and you still expect me to cook dinner for you?”

“Either you cook dinner or it cooks itself, and I don’t see dinner cooking itself anytime soon” the Slave Master replied sarcastically.

It took all my willpower not to lunge at the Slave Master where he sat and give him a piece of my fist, all I could do was to groan out my frustration, after which I kicked the setee right next to me and every other thing in my path on my way to the kitchen.


“Why don’t you have dinner with me?” the Slave Master suggested as he sat down to have his meal.

“I’m not hungry” I replied.

“I insist”

“That won’t make me hungry” I deadpanned.

“Sit with me as I have dinner then”

“I’d rather not”

“Brino” the Slave Master said looking straight into my eyes, I stared right back at him with what I hoped was defiance “Sit” he said with his usual air of authority that could not be defied.

I reluctantly sat down “What now?”

“Do you always have to be so stubborn?”

“Do you expect me to answer that question?”

The Slave Master sighed “Just 3 days”

“What is just 3 days?” I asked.

The Slave Master looked up at me like he was going to say something, then bent towards his food and took another bite, ignoring my question.

“You were away from me for just 3 days” he finally said minutes later “now look at you, outspoken and bold, you’ve gotten your tongue and you can talk to me as you please now, so money really does that”

I groaned “How did you even know about my shares in Judisque-Allan?”

The Slave Master shrugged and continued eating “How about I make you a deal, you sell your shares to me and you’re free to leave my house. I’ll forgive your debt”

I laughed “Those shares are worth a whole lot more than the price of 6 Honda Pilots combined and you know that. But don’t worry; I’m going to be paying you in installments. Whatever returns I get from my shares, I’ll wire it straight to you till I give you back your last kobo”

“So you’re not selling then?” the Slave Master asked.

“Of course not, now if you’ll excuse me” I stood up “I’m very sure you’ve spoken on what you wanted to talk about, and since my shares are off the table, I’d like to go to bed. Good night” I turned on my heel and went up to my bedroom.

Happy Easter guys!

I’m not a promise and fail. Hurray (Although I didn’t promise)

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