Words On Marble

Àyànfé: The King’s Beloved


Dear Ugo,

I am beyond sorry for your loss. Words can’t express how deeply sorry I am. Receiving your letter was both shocking and exciting, but the message within really broke my heart. 
I know he was a really good guy from the way you described him and I know you loved him very much. I wish I was there to comfort you, but I know Holy Spirit is the greatest comforter and He’ll do that for me.

I can remember when you broke up with me, I felt like I’d never get over you, but I did. Time heals all wounds Ugo, give yourself time to heal. 

I know that God is in control even though it doesn’t seem so and this is the best time to go to him because he loves you and he cares about you. Go to God the same way you wrote your last letter to me, go to Him like a long lost friend and lover and tell him all about your grief. We can never know why Bolupe died. God’s ways are unsearchable, you know how he says in Isaiah 55 that his ways aren’t our ways and his thoughts aren’t like ours. All I know is that He can mend your broken heart and fix you back up, He’ll even make you better than you were before if you make Him the love of your life. Hold unto God’s promises for you in the Bible and I am certain that everything is going to work out for your good.

At least you have a consolation that Bolupe is with Jesus in Heaven, he’s probably rejoicing and singing with the angels serving God for ever and ever. I see no reason why you should let his death hold you back from serving God when that is what he now does 24/7. What do you think Bolupe will want you to do at this point? 



Isaiah 55:8-9 KJV

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord . [9] For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Not everything in life will go in the way that we originally planned. There’s someone up there who controls everything that goes on down here and He has said that His ways are higher than ours. Stop trying to make things work when they don’t want to work, God sees everything and he’s in absolute control. Sit back, relax and let him take the wheel. His plans for you are always better than those you have for yourself. 

👑 Àyànfé. 

my renaissance


I don’t want to be an average person,
I don’t want to be too predictable,
I’ll leave an air of mystery around me,
And pick at your tail feathers,
While you pick your brain,
As you try to figure me out.

I don’t want to be an average friend,
Who just laughs with you,
Neither do I want to only play, jest and cry,
I don’t just want good times,
I want to imprint on you, so the world will see.

I want to be emblazened on your heart,
To stamp myself on you so you never recover,
From the rare phenomenon that is me,
I want to leave you better than I met you,
I don’t want to be just a friend,
I want to impact your life for good.

Talking about impact, I don’t just want to make impact on the world,
Neither do I want to make optimum impact,
No, I want to be a head-on collision,
To take up the world by storm,
I want to be a revolution,
A shining beacon of change.

I don’t want to be the kind of person you simply get over,
I want everyone to be hung up over me when I’m gone,
You can forget my face, forget my name, even forget me,
But I don’t ever want you to forget the things I did.
Thats the kind of person I want to be,
That’s my kind of person.


Jesus Christ walked this earth and he was no ordinary person. He was unique, he was a story teller, very worded, a little sarcasm, a lot of parables. And I’ve been reading all about his lifetime for the past month. He was no ordinary person. He was so extraordinary, 2017 years after his death he’s still relevant.

Now, that’s the kind of person I want to be.

Who do you want to be?

EXP #1 coming in tomorrow, can I get a whoop!


👑 Àyànfé



I learnt from a TV show that most teenagers and youths face the problem of identity as they develop, and there is, in fact, a study of this struggle in modern day psychology. I heaved a sigh of relief when I found this out. 

So there is nothing wrong with me!

Sometimes, I just get confused over the most untrivial things because I am not sure as to whether it is a true reflection of myself or not. 

At some point in my life, I was totally confused on how to sign my name in informal letters or texts. I couldn’t put my full name-Oluwamurewa, it’s just too long and I only spell my name out like that for formal purposes, so I was stuck with either Murray (my secondary school pseudonym), Murewa or Mure (further shortened versions of my name) and believe you me, I could spend over 10 minutes staring at my phone screen after haven typed my text, pondering which form of my name was best to adopt. 

The problem of identity takes various forms in various people, but one thing I’ve learnt from a very great Friend of mine is to first get it right with God, then get it right with my conscience. 

Do you and be proud of it! 


Hi there guys, I promised and delivered! I’m so proud of myself, I’m going to be updating my blog every Friday and Sunday, so feel free to hit the link this Sunday and expect something new. 

I’ve realised its kind of hard to comment on WordPress posts when using browsers sometimes, it’s usually best to use the app, so if you’ve ever had trouble commenting on any of my posts, my apologies. I’d really love to hear from my readers, so if anyone wants to contact me you can send me messages by email (newmure@yahoo.com)

Adios muchachos (is that correct Spanish? *shrugs* Dunno) 

🍔 Cheeseburger out.